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Wrangling on the Range #78

Double it up

                        WRANGLING ON THE RANGE #78


Riding with a more experienced horsman will help you move up to
the next level.


DO YOU OFTEN RIDE ALONE, or with friends who share your
confidence issues? Try riding with a confident, more experienced
rider on occasion to help you advance to the next level.
You'll benefit in two ways: Observing. By watching how this
person rides and interacts with her horse, you can "absorb" some
of her expertise. Note details-how she mounts, the fall of her
legs, how she holds the reins, plus how she handles any
nervousness or wayward behavior in her horse. With your
imagination, try to "feel" how she melds with her mount, then
strive for the same balance, ease, and connection with your own
Being observed. By asking her for feedback on your riding, you
can get a fresh, objective perspective, plus she can offer tips
to help you improve your weak areas.

In addition to the insights you'll gain by watching and being
watched, simply being in the company of someone relaxed and
confident will help promote a more relaxed and confident you.
How to ask? Say, "I really admire the way you ride and how your
horses work, and I'd appreciate any advice you may have for me."
Horse people are surprisingly willing to help, assuming their
schedules allow.

Julie hosts the popular RFD-TV program "Horse Master with Julie
Goodnight." She also presents clinics nationwide; home base is
Goodnight Training Stables near Salida, Colorado


To be continued

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