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Wrangling on the Range #76

Buying a Horse or Pony

                        WRANGLING ON THE RANGE #76




From "Horse and Rider" - July 2010

I fully support the points made in "Green Is Not My Color" (Your
Stories, May '10). I can only hope that more new horse owners
will adopt the same positive, willing-to-learn attitude expressed
by the reader who submitted that article!

As an experienced horsewoman, I sold a gentle Quarter Horse mare
- one I'd put a lot of time into to make solid - to a green 4-H
family that promised me they were going to take lessons and learn
all they could. When I was able to visit my former prized horse a
month later, I was horrified to see that she was disrespectful
and looked at her new owners as nothing more than servants who'd
hand her a treat if she felt the need to nudge and almost knock
them over. They hadn't been getting the help they needed, and
didn't follow through even after I came and spent my own time
with them. I had to walk away from the entire situation, as it
hurt to watch this mare come undone so fast.

Unfortunately, some people are slow to learn their own
limitations, and in the meantime, they put their horses and their
own safety in jeopardy.


E-mail your letters to Or, send
them to Horse&Rider, 2520 55th St., #210, Boulder, CO 80301. To
be considered for publication, your submission must include your
full name and your state. Published letters are subject to
editing for brevity, clarity, and accuracy.

My how sadly true this can be. When I talk to people who are
interested in having a horse (for themselves or their children) I
tell them to make sure they buy and study the book "Horse Care
for Dummies" before they become horse/pony owners. It is a huge
undertaking, not at all like having a dog or cat.

Keith Hunt

To be continued

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