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Wrangling on the Range #61

Just me and Goldie

                        WRANGLING ON THE RANGE #61

     November 29th 2009. It was a nice day for weather to be at
the Ranch. There was to be 7 or 8 coming to ride, no guided rides
today, just member rides. So Goldie and I would go it alone. It
is nice just to be her and I at times.
     Paul was in the main barn, on the box-stall side, nobody
else around, a few members out riding and Sandi had gone for a
lunch break.
     "How you doin' Paul?" I called out to him, as I walked into
the box-stall section.
     "Doin' good Keith," he replied.
     "I see you have your horse back .... and Kasper; he's okay
by the look of it," I said with a question in my voice.
     "Yes, the vet stitched up his face and he's doing fine."
     "So what is new with you Paul?"
     "Well I'm thinking I should go for my coaching license. I
went up to that Olds (the name of the town north of here
called 'Olds') Horse School the other day, but was not too
impressed. I need to get 20 hours under a pro horse Coach and I
can then challenge the exam. My horse is already up to the
training level they desire for a person to get their 'coaching
license' - so I think I'll go for it."
     "Yes, if you want to be employed in the horse world and make
your living at it, then go for it, do it, and get that piece of
paper to hang on the wall. Yes, I think you should go for it,"
was my reply to him.

     We chatted a little more and then I departed to go back to
barn "B" and get Goldie saddled up, after eating her mash.

     We were on our way, Goldie and I. "Well girl today it is
just you and I, how about that, maybe a little canter, but no
race track running, you've got your winter coat on you'll sweat
up like crazy, if I race track you."
     We headed to the north valley. On the way down I spotted a
couple of riders out by the tire arena where I keep the jumps.
"Let's head over there Goldie and see how the jumps are and who
the two riders are. We cantered over and the riders were Donna
and Wendy, two ladies that used to come out on a pretty regular
basis, but in the last two years only now and again. "Do you two
ladies want to joint me on a ride into the north valley," I asked
     "No thanks Keith," replied Donna, "we've been out for two
hours and we're now heading back in."
     "Well okay, see you both some other time," I answered as I
turned Goldie around to head back to the road that leads to the
north valley.

     It was a nice ride into the valley, but getting to the north
end of it Godlie did not want to go any further. She is a very
expressive horse, she probably did not want to think of running
up the slight hill that I sometimes do with her. She stopped and
wanted to turn around. I had to put her into some circles before
she would go any further. Finally getting the message that
walking straight forward is better than going in fast circles,
she got over whatever was going through her brain, and walked on.
Up to the gate and through onto the Alberta Government land we
went and slowly down into the valley that leads to the "race
track" but turning onto the trail that leads to what I've named
"the little big dipper." I was not going to the race track today.
I could tell Goldie was happy that we were heading on the trail
that does the big loop around and back to the Ranch land gate.
Getting to the little big dipper, I told Goldie there would be no
speeding down and up because some snow was there, and probably
ice under the snow. "Just a walk down today girl, just a walk," I
told her. She knew, she could see the snow, and being an out door
horse (with the rest of the herd) she well knew that underneath
that white stuff could be ice and slippery. She was more than
willing to walk down and up the little big dipper very slowly.

     We had a nice ride along the fence line and back to the
Ranch land. We caught up to a three-some - husband, wife, and
child, out for a nice Sunday afternoon trail ride. We chit-
chatted as we made our way back to the main barn. 

     For the evening meal I had been invited to Betty's ranch,
and she served a great beef roast and vegetables. She has a great
strong friendship with the owner of the Ranch, of course growing 
up with him and his Dad for many decades. Betty has been around 
the Ranch for at least 35 years. I asked her to talk to the owner about 
that new palomino horse that Tom had bought recently and was
looking so thin. She said she would do so. And she did, two days
later she emailed me to say they had brought the horse into one
of the box stalls in the main barn. But never did see it again, so who
knows what ever happened to it.
     She also asked if I would be interested in putting Goldie
out on a range much closer to me, where she had 5 of her horses.
She had found the range being advertized for horses, had had no
animals on it for two years. She thought for the months of
January and February it would be a good place for Goldie - $1 per
day the people were charging. I replied that it sounded a good
deal, and if Applejack could come (Goldie's friend) I would pay
for the two of them, and maybe that new palomino could come also.
I told her I would pay for all three horses for two or three
months. So it may be a deal. I know the land where she has the 5
of her horses and it is only 10 to 15 minutes away from me. I did
ask the boys about Applejack, but they said they needed him for
trail rides; certainly a very good horse for those who are new to riding.

     The week went by quickly. Friday the 4th of December in blew
a snow storm, with "white-outs" all over the place. The weather
people say we are in for a very cold week coming up, arctic air
coming down from the north. So the Ranch will be closed down.
There will be no going out there Sunday 6th. May not get out
there for another week.


To be continued

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