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Wrangling on the Range #48

Day before flying South-east

                        WRANGLING ON THE RANGE #48

     It was the Thursday before flying out to Branson, MO. USA to
observe the Feast of Tabernacles in 2009. Time spare to go and
have a few hours with my horse. The temperature for today was
about 60 F. with sunshine and a white puffy cloud here and there,
very pleasant, of course warmer in the sun.

     I arrived at the Ranch at 11 am. Not much activity, well
none that I could see. I went and got Goldie's halter and jumped
on Betty's quad and headed down to the range in the valley to
bring up my horse. When I got there, Sandi was already down there
in the truck moving all the horses up to the barn. I was helping
her when I remembered I'd left the gate open by the barn, so the
horses could go straight through passed the barn. I had to get
back to that gate and close it. Around the herd I went and hit
the gas on the quad. Sandi must have wondered what I was doing,
after I told her I would help her bring in the herd. I got the
gate closed and headed back to finish helping. 
     Sandi told me there was some people coming out to ride. I
told her I was out to spend a few hours with my horse before
flying out very early (up at 3 am Friday morning to fly out at
6:30 am) Friday, the 2nd of October.
     I did not see the boys anywhere, and did not ask Sandi where 
they were.
     Brought Goldie in and did the usual, but added rubbing her
four hoofs with the "hoof flex" cream.

     Out we went to the main outdoor arena. Did some figure
eights at a walk, then trot, then canter. Goldie was in good
form, and was doing it all at the nice dressage speed.

     "Okay girl, you've done very well today," I was telling her
as I came around the circle that faces back to the gate, "Let's
go home girl." She knew what I was saying and moved out of the
circle and straight to the gate of the arena. Coming up the road
back to the barn, I could feel Goldie just wanted to have a run.
She was ready for a full flat out gallop!
     "Yes I know you would like to fly, but not today girl, and
not on this road, but .... okay a little faster lope." She moved
into her line between a fast lope or a slow gallop, however you
want to think of fit. She was on that edge but I kept her
collected, and she realized I was not going to let her go over
that edge into her blinding speed gallop. 
     Back inside the main barn I did the long back-up work, and
then one right side step. Both she does now like an old pro.
Worked a little on the bowing trick. 

     Time was up, as I still had students to teach today at the
Music Studio. Then packing time, and  to be up at 3 am in the
middle of the night.

     I have not been outside of Canada for 12 years now, so it
will all be a nice change, as the saying goes, a change is as
good as a rest. Branson and the Roy Rogers Museum here I come!

     I will though look forward to coming back to the good music
students I have, and of course my golden palomino horse.
     Those of you travelling to observe the Feast of Tabernacles,
safe and happy trails.


To be continued from time to time

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