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Wrangling on the Range #31

Camp Six!

                        WRANGLING ON THE RANGE #31

     Sunday August 2nd. Arrived at the Ranch at 3 pm. Brushed and
gave Goldie her feed; I was not in the frame of mind to ride; did
clean Goldie's box stall and walk-way. The boys decided to move
the herd up to the owner's house to eat down the grass around
that area, which turned out the following day to be a mistake,
nothing serious just a round up morning very time consuming, as a
dozen horses or so decided to wander away, the boys and others
had to ride out and find them. Lesson learned, they put them all
week in a much closer range.
     I bought the 3 disc DVD of "How the West was Won." Disc 3 is
"Cinerama Adventure" which is the story of how "cinerama" was
invented and its 10 year history (1952-1962). It was done with 3
cameras and a wide curved screen. It was as if you were right
there in the very scene. It was very expensive to produce a movie
in cinerama and was also very difficult for actors to play their
skill; they explain why in the documentary. The last movie to be
made in "cinerama" was "How the West was Won" in 1962. Cinerama
was not used after 1962. It is not used today, but the wide
screen did remain but not as "curved" as the original. Very
interesting 2 hour doc. on "cinerama" and the people involved
with it during its time of a 10 year life span.
     We had a HUGE lightning thunder storm during the night. It
hit the city of even more than out on the Ranch, with trees down all 
over the town. They said the weather from Monday to Thursday 
evening was rain and more rain. They were right on the mark. 
I do not think we have had such a 4 day rain in August for decades. 
Betty  who has been involved with the summer camp at the Ranch for 
35 years said she could not remember such a straight bad stretch of 
weather in August.

     Monday. Rain, mist, has set in. 7 children in pony group
this week, only 31 in the entire camp. Some horses and ponies
will get the week off. Teaching for pony group was as normal,
very good children once more, learned fast. At 2:30 pm gave them
hot chocolate and pony coloring/question/answer flyer. By the end
of the day we knew which horses and ponies would be used for this
week. The others were separated and sent out on to a range to
have the week off.
     In the evening I finished watching "How the West was Won."
It is a very fine movie. Some spectacular scenery and some nice
music here and there.

     Tuesday. Before the children arrived on the two school
buses, I got the wood fire at the roofed picnic area a blazing
away. They were all glad to gather around it before the camp day
started. It was rain and mist - well drizzle and mist, is more
accurate - all day drizzle and mist. Groups had to work inside
with just short trail rides between the drizzle. 
     Audrie, a young lady of 17 years, arrived at the local town from
B.C. Batty has bought a number of ponies and horses from her over
the last 3 years. Audrie and her Mom have been buying and
training ponies and horses since Audrie was 4 years old. Betty
got to know her over the Internet, when looking to buy horses and
ponies for the summer camp. Audrie is here to partake in a "horse
event show" in the local town on the 8th and 9th of August. 
     Audrie is bunking down next door to me, we'll use the same
kitchen and washroom. I moved Betty's TV and DVD player from the
"school house" into the kitchen area, where it is much warmer
during this 4 day cold and wet spell they say is going to stick
around until Thursday evening. So we watched the true race horse
movie called "Ruffian." A most remarkable Mare race horse,
probably the greatest Thoroughbred race horse of all time. Yes,
you read correctly what I said, there is mighty good reason why
she can go down in history as THE greatest flat running
thoroughbred race horse of all time. She was indeed most
remarkable. You can still order this movie of Ruffian through
BlockBusters, or perhaps online. The movie "Seabiscuit" was
great, and "Ruffian" is just as great a movie. If you collect
horse movies, then the movie "Ruffian" is a must!!

     Wednesday. Got a nice log fire going before the children
arrival at the Ranch. It was rain and mist, drizzle and mist, a
stops from drizzle rain now and again. Teaching for all groups was
as yesterday, mainly inside, now and again a short trial ride
between the drizzly rain. Audrie tried out three ponies and
decided on "Buck" for the week-end horse/pony show. Some simple
"western" classes and one "English jumping" class, with only 2
foot max for jumps.
     As Audrie had not seen the race horse movie "Dreamer" that
is the one we watched in the evening.

     Thursday. Rain, drizzle, mist, finally over. Out we went on
a nice trail ride. Kate and Jess led the kids on some nice funny
songs that have been around the pony group for a few decades, and
handed down to new leaders as the years went by. After lunch we
practiced the "pony dance" for the Friday show, then a short
trail ride. Back at barn "A" we showed them how to unsaddle their
pony, then had them groom the pony. Wow, after 20 minutes the
ponies looked super good.
     After the children had left for home on the school buses,
Audrie and I did some jumping in the arena in barn "B" - I on
Goldie, she on Buck. Paul was our audience and pole set up man
when we knocked one down. Ah, after a while Goldie decided she
just would not jump any more, so I had to take the crop and
remind her on her bum that I was still in charge. She then co-
operated once more. There is a time for "tough love" as the
saying goes, if you do not continue to be in charge of your
horse, then it will most certainly rule you. Some horses never
need discipline, that is great, but the fact is some at times do,
and you need to know when and how hard the discipline will be.
Goldie is a great horse, beautiful and talented in many ways, but
now and again she wants to close her mind, and I have to tell her
in no uncertain way that it is not yet "mind closing" time.

     God is a loving Father that would like us to not have to
have harsh discipline, but if we as stubborn and shut Him out,
then in love He will have no choice but to discipline us, as we
read in Hebrews 12:3-11. The end result is to produce good in us.

     The end result in Goldie after her discipline was that she
jumped real well once more. 
     Buck jumped 2'4" and Audrie knows in her competition on
Sunday afternoon Buck does not have to jump more than 2 feet. 
     We both finished well pleased with our horse.
     We watched a couple more of my horse movies in the evening -
"The Derby Stallion" and "Virginia's Run" - both very nice

     Friday. It was back to sunshine and warmth. Yet the outdoor
arena where the kids put on their show in the afternoon was way
too mushy-mud for any safe riding. The children went on a long
trail ride in the morning. I did my Roy Rogers show at lunch
time. For the parent show we went to a grassy area and the four
groups did their "drill" - the pony group doing their pony dance
routine, which they performed very well. 
     You are perhaps wondering what this pony dance is. It is not
dancing per se as Trigger could do to the Sambo beat music. The
ponies are going in a circle; they turn half a turn and circle
the opposite way; then half a turn again and keep walking; then a
full turn and keep walking; then a "do-sy-dow" - two or three
pull out of the circle and do a small circle within themselves
and then come back into the large circle as before, still
walking. Looks very nice when done without any stopping.

     Again, it was wonderful to see children enjoying riding and
controlling their horse or pony. A wet week except for a sunny
Friday, but all went well.

     Audrie packed up her things, loaded Buck into Betty's horse
trailer, with Paul and I helping. Off we went to the local town to get
Audrie and Buck settled in. I went into the McDonald's and got
Audrie a Big Mac. I was served by a young lady new on the job.
     "Are you Keith," she inquired.
     "Yes I am," I replied.
     "I did some riding with you," she continued.
     "Was that a few years ago," I asked.
     "Yes it was. Do you still have Goldie?"
     "I do indeed."
     "I must come and ride again with you."
     "For sure, I'm still at the Ranch. It is nice to meet you again," I said.
     "And me you," she replied.

     I took Audrie her Big Mac, as well as some blue-berries and
chocolate bar.

     And it was off home to do my laundry and buy food for next
week, and enjoy a Sabbath of rest and spiritual refreshment as I
continue to upload to my Website.


To be continued

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