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Wrangling on the Range #27

Last day of Calgary Stampede!

                        WRANGLING ON THE RANGE #27

     It was a warm and sunny day this Sunday July 12th. was at the 
Rodeo show.

     It is always fun just looking at all the vendors,
exhibitions, livestock barn, horse barn, and the free shows of
entertainment, various horse shows, the brass bands, and the food
places all over. They do not tempt me per se, I'm not a big fan
of big eating at such shows as many are. I do enjoy an icecream
and a fresh squeezed lemon drink.

     The first few hours I spent just walking around and enjoying
all the above. 
     The "art" show or exhibitions area of art was just unreal -
the skill and talent of various arts from painting to needle work
to quilting to wood carving to 3D paper art, is awe inspiring.
The effort and time that goes into such art is incredible. The
art that people can do blows away the idea we evolved from
monkeys. You could give monkeys a billion years, how about 10
billion years, and they could never evolve into being able to do
such masterful works of art. The skill of different forms of art
is one HUGE proof that God exists, of course, for He is the
greatest multi-talented artist of all.

     Then it was on to the "Super-Dogs Show" - they've been a
part of this 10 day event for years now, and is still one of the
main attractions that goes with your ticket into the Stampede - a
free fun of games and races with man's most popular animal
friend, and visa-versa. 

     Then time to look around some more, and stop and listen to
some of the brass bands, swinging away with toe tapping music,
and all decked out in the traditional snow white Stetson Cowboy hat. 

     At 6 pm the Stampede Show girls with their horses did a fast lope 
routine, and very well done it was. After them we  had a family of three 
girls and one 6 year old son giving us a thrill with "trick riding" - 
something that is especially dear to my heart as I did trick riding in 
my late teens and early 20s.

     Of course there is the worlds highest money pay day in Rodeo
and Chuck Wagon racing. Only the world best are allowed to
compete at this famous Rodeo. Some rodeo events like calf roping
have come under fire in recent years from the "animal safety
activists" and I must say they do have a point to a point. I
guess there is some risk in any man/animal sport, risk to the
human and the animal; where you draw the line is much debated. I
suppose the skill of calf roping could be revamped somehow; in
the real cowboy ranch work calf roping is not done as in a rodeo;
neither is steer wrestling. As for fast work on a horse (hence
running, jumping, racing) there is always a risk to horse and
human in anything over a walk. To be sure, the greed of humans to
win at all costs has led to breeding finer and finer boned
Thoroughbred horses, raced in my opinion, way too young. So yes
indeed, some things do need to be changed in some areas, but
taking away 100% risk in the sporting world of horse and rider is
for the human impossible, unless you are going to just have a
horse as an ornament for your back 50.

     Yes, I had an enjoyable time all told, then headed home and
got my gear ready the third camp at the Ranch.

     Tomorrow is the start of camp number three of eight. So up
early and out there until Friday, when I'll report in with how
the week went.


To be continued

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