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Wrangling on the Range #18

Great Horse Movies!

                        WRANGLING ON THE RANGE #18

     If you love horses there are some DVDs you must have. A few
years back I found in a Blockbuster store a DVD called "Ruffian." 
I had never heard of Ruffian, who was a Filly of unbelievable
graceful looks and indeed without question, the greatest female
thoroughbred race horse in history. Her time was 1973-75. I do
not follow the race horse world that much, and certainly was not
back in 1973-75, hence no surprise I had not heard anything about
her, and at the time during those years I had gone back to
Britain, was working in the thoroughbred horse stud farm
industry, but the North American race horse track is hardly
mentioned over in Britain and Europe; they have their own world
of Thoroughbred horse racing; in Britain at least they run on
grass tracks that are not nice and level and so neat looking as
North American tracks. Unless a famous race horse from North
America comes to run in Britain (they just about never do), the
two worlds of horse racing never really get much attention in
each others respected domain. And it is a little arrogant of some
in the USA to boast "The Kentucky Derby is the Greatest horse
race in the world." Horse racing in Britain and the USA is like
trying to compare apples with oranges.

     Well I got off the main topic some. The movie "Ruffian" is a
wonderful true life movie, of a wonderful horse, that was one of
the greatest race horses ever. Her life ended when she broke her
led and had to be "put down." She was so great, she was buried on
the inside field at Belmont.
     The "special features" on the DVD are wonderful also. If you
love horses you need this movie called "Ruffian." Go to  or try a Blockbuster store to order it
for you.

     As we are on the topic of race horses, you of course should
have "Seabiscuit" - another famous race horse from way back when.
Truly inspiring. Go to or  or  again  maybe  Blockbusters can
order it for you.

     Another fine horse movie is "The Horse Whisperer" with
Robert Redford. A Touchstone Home Entertainment production.
Blockbuster store usually have it, or will order it for you.

     There is the well known horses movies of "Flicker" - "The
Black Stallion" - "Black Beauty."

     There is the true life movie of "Hidalgo" - the famous long
distance event Mustang horse from way back. The basic story is
true though Hollywood has added some fantasy scenes for effects.
Once more Blockbusters will either have it or will order it for

     There is the true movie "Dreamer" - another race horse movie
that shows the up and down racing life of another very fine
Filly. The popular Dakota Fanning stars in this one, when she was still
just very young (my she still is very young - in 2009). A great
movie by DreamWorks Pictures. Blockbusters should be able to
order it for you. 


     For your home collection there are FOUR Roy Rogers and
Trigger movies you must have if you love horses.

* MY PAL TRIGGER - was the one that Roy said was his personal
favorite movie he made (and he made about 90 full feature movies)
Yes, one of my favorite Roy and Trigger movies.

* TRIGGER, JR. - a great color movie - horses - singing - the lot
in this one.

* THE GOLDEN STALLION - great horse movie.

* THE SON OF PALEFACE - a RCA/Columbia Picture (1952) with Bob
Hope, Jane Russell, Roy Rogers, and Trigger, but "Little Trigger"
as he was known. Laughs, songs, adventure, and a show case for
the greatest "tick" horse that has ever walked this earth. You may
have to do a little digging to obtain this movie. I'm not sure if
it is available on DVD, my copy is from years back as a VHS movie
(ya there was at one time VHS tape movies before DVDs).

I get all the Roy Rogers movies from



Now in 2012 we have the horse movies "Secratariat" (the great race horse) 
and the very latest horse movie "War Horse" - another two must have 
horse movies.



To be continued

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