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Lucifer sins - World under Water #3

The end of the first age - Gen.1:2

                            Part Thee


                            Finis Dake


Not only does the Old Testament teach that there that was
was a social order on Earth that was destroyed before Adam, but
many Scriptures reveal the same fact.

Jesus in Matt.13:35 used an expression, "from the foundation of
the world," which literally means, "from the overthrow of the
world." The Greek word for world here is 'kosmos.' It means
social system or social world, order, arrangement, and is the
opposite of chaos (vain), which God did not create (Isa.45:18),
but which was the condition of the Earth in Gen.1:2. The word
foundation in various New Testament passages comes from two Greek
words as follows:

1. The noun 'themelios' and the verb 'themelioo' are the ordinary
words for a foundation of a literal building, or of an
organization, or of the work of some person, as it is clear in
Matt.7:25; Luke 6:48-49; 1 Cor.3:11; Eph.2:20; Heb.6:1.
2. The noun 'katabole' and its corresponding verb 'kataballo' are
not the ordinary words for foundation as they are translated
sometimes in the New Testament. This much is clear from the
subject matter where these words are found. For example,
'katabolo' literally means to throw down or cast down and is so
translated in 2 Cor.4:9; Rev.12:10. In Heb.6:1 instead of "not
laying again the foundation," the rendering should be "not
casting down the foundation" that is already laid, but leave it
and go on to perfection. Accordingly, the noun 'katabole,'
derived from the verb, should be translated 'disruption' or
'ruin,' and this should be the meaning of foundation in Matt.
13:35; 25:34; Luke 11:50; John 17:24; Eph.1:4; Heb.4:3; 9:26;
11:11; 1 Pet.1:20; Rev.13:8; 17:8.

The remarkable thing is that in all occurrences, except Heb.
11:11, the word is connected with 'kosmos,' the social world. The
expression "foundation of the world" then should be translated,
"the disruption," "ruin," or "overthrow of the world," since it
clearly refers to the overthrow of the social world over which
Lucifer ruled, and which was destroyed by the flood, as referred
to in Gen.1:2; 2 Pet.3:5-7; Ps.104:5-9; Jer.4:23-27; Isa.
14:12-14; Ezek.28:11-17; etc. In Gen.1:1 we have the founding
(Greek, 'themehoo,' Heb.1:10) of the world, but in Gen.1:2 we
have the overthrow (Greek, 'katabole') of the world, as in the
passages below.

"The disruption of the world" is an event forming a great
dividing line in the ages and dispensations - between the
dateless past when Lucifer ruled the Earth and the present time
when man is given dominion of the Earth, or between the
dispensation or administration of the Earth by angels and the
dispensation or administration of the Earth by man. Note the
following expressions before and since the disruption of the
world. We read of God loving His Son, of choosing men in Christ,
and of Christ being foreordained "before the disruption of the
world" (John 17:24; Eph.1:4; 1 Pet.1:2). We also read of things
kept secret, of God planning a kingdom, of prophets being slain,
of a book of life being prepared, of the work of the six days,
and of Christ suffering in death only once "since the disruption
of the world" (Matt.13:35; 25:34; Luke 11:50; Heb.4:3; 9:26; Rev.
13:8; 17:8).

Thus Christ taught, as recorded by the Holy Spirit through
Matthew, Luke, and John, that there was a disruption or ruin of
the social order on the Earth. He mentioned such a doctrine four
times while on Earth (Matt.13:35; 25:34; Luke 11:50; John
17:24), and twice to John on Patmos after He had ascended to
Heaven (Rev.13:8; 17:8). He could not have had in mind the
partial destruction of the social system in the days of Noah, for
no change in God's plan was made at that time, as would be
required if the expression "disruption of the world" referred to
Noah's time. What was planned according to Matt.13:35; 25:34;
etc., was planned at or before the six days work of Gen.1. The
Bible says, "known unto God are all his works from the beginning
of the world" (Acts 15:18). The word 'world' in this passage is
from 'aionios,' which means eternity, or the dateless past, time
out of mind. It should be literally, "from eternity are all the
works of God known." The things Christ uttered that were kept
secret since the disruption of the world could not refer to
Noah's food; so they must refer to the disruption of Gen.1:2. At
least these facts prove that the world was disrupted and ruined
before Adam, for it has been ruined since Adam, and it was in
ruin in Gen.1:2 before Adam was created. If it was ruined before
Adam, then there was a social order on the Earth to be disrupted.

(I think Drake has a very valid point here. As he will say later,
but I'll say it now, there are THREE huge events that this earth
is to experience in the plan of God. The FIRST event was the
destruction and overthrow of the world BEFORE Adam was created, a
world ruled by Lucifer and other angels, a social structure, but
one of angels beings on earth. This was also when the great
Dinosaurs and some great gigantic plants and flying creatures had
domain of the earth, on the physical side of that social
structure. This was all destroyed and the earth covered with
water, when Lucifer and one third of the angels rebelled against
God and there was a cosmos battle - maybe a good part of the
universe had its "star wars." Then we have the RE-FORMING of the
earth and the creation of all that we read about in Genesis
chapter one.
The second HUGE event for this earth will be the coming of Jesus
in POWER and GLORY back to earth, and the WONDERFUL 1,000 year
reign, where so much will be RESTORED and changed all over the
The last and THIRD huge event for the earth will be the burning
up of the surface of this earth and the creation of the New earth
and New heaven, and the coming of God the Father and the heavenly
Jerusalem, that we read about in the last two chapters of

I believe Finis Dake is correct in the understanding of this. I
do indeed see the Bible verses we have studied so far in this
series, teaching what I have just outlined above - Keith Hunt)


In 2 Pet.3:6-7 we have a definite statement that there was a
social world before Adam, which is called, "the world that then
was." The Greek word for world is 'kosmos,' meaning social
This social order had to be before this one we now know, or it
could not be called "the social order that then was." That it was
one which existed before our social order since Adam, is clear
from the next statement about "the heavens and the earth, WHICH
ARE NOW." The two statements, "the world THAT THEN WAS" and "the
heavens and the earth, WHICH ARE NOW" prove there were two
separate social systems on Earth. One was BEFORE the one WHICH IS
NOW, and the other, AFTER the one THAT THEN WAS.
If it can be definitely proved that "THE WORLD THAT THEN WAS"
refers to a social order on Earth before the present heavens and
the Earth WHICH ARE NOW, then it would be forever settled that
there were inhabitants before Adam. (Yes, inhabitants of the
Dinosaurs and spirit angels and creatures, with Lucifer as
their captain - Keith Hunt). We submit the following points to
prove that it refers to a social order on Earth before Adam:

1.  THAT IS WHAT 2 PET.3:6-7 SAYS. It could not be expressed
more clearly in human language than it is here, "By the word of
God the heavens WERE OF OLD, and the earth standing out of the
water and in the water. Whereby the world [social order] THAT
THEN WAS [of old, and BEFORE the heavens and the Earth WHICH ARE
NOW], being overflowed with water perished: But the heavens and
the earth, WHICH ARE NOW [AFTER the world THAT THEN WAS], by the
same word are kept in store, reserved unto fire against the day
of judgment and perdition of ungodly men."

Why should one close his mind to such plain language? How could
one misunderstand such simple statements of two worlds - the one

2.  If "the world that then was" is the same as that between
Adam and the flood of Noah, then God made "the heavens and the
earth which are now" since the flood of Noah, but this the Bible
does not teach. There is no statement in any Scripture that the
heavens and the Earth which are now differ from what they were
between the times of Adam and Noah. On the contrary, we have a
clear record that in six days God made "the heavens and the earth
which are now," and there is no record anywhere of a change being
made in them by Noah's flood, so that they would have to be made
over again after the flood. What kind of change could a flood
make in the heavens and the Earth? No flood could change the
heavens, for floods on Earth can never cover the heavens. If a
change is to be made in the heavens, it must be by divine acts of
power other than by floods. At Noah's time no change was made
even in the Earth, much less in the heavens. All that happened
was that some men and animals on Earth were drowned. The Earth,
vegetation, etc., remained the same after the flood as before it.

3.  If "the heavens and the earth WHICH ARE NOW" could be proved
to be the same as "the world THAT THEN WAS" merely because we do
not want to believe that there was a social order before Adam,
then on the same basis we could prove that the present heavens
and the Earth will be exactly the same as the future New Heavens
and the New Earth of 2 Pet.3:13. All we have to do to make them
the same is to have the mere desire to make them the same, and
say they are the same. If wonders can be accomplished this
easily, we could do many other super acts by the mere desire and
by human words. If mere belief in one case could change facts,
then it could in the other.

4.  There are three distinct and separate periods of the history
of the Earth according to 2 Pet.3:5-13: first, "the world
[social order] THAT THEN WAS" before the heavens and the Earth
WHICH ARE NOW (vv. 6-7); second, "the heavens and the earth
WHICH ARE NOW," which are after "the world THAT THEN WAS and
before the "new heavens and a new earth" that will be (vv.5-7,
13); third, "we, according to his promise, look for new heavens
and a new earth, wherein dwelleth righteousness," which are after
"the heavens and the earth WHICH ARE NOW," which in turn was
after "the world THAT THEN WAS" (vv.5-7,13). Thus there were
and are to be THREE social systems: first, the one before Adam:
second, the one between Adam and the New Heavens and the New
Earth; third, the one in the New Heavens and the New Earth.

5.  Peter taught that there were two ends to two sinful careers
of the Earth: first, "the world THAT THEN WAS." There must have
been a sinful career of that social system, or it would not have
been destroyed by water to make room for the present one; second,
the end of the present sinful career of the Earth, for the
present heavens and the Earth "are kept in store, reserved unto
fire against the day of judgment and perdition of ungodly men" (2
Pet.3:7). If the destruction of the world THAT THEN WAS is the
same destruction by fire in the future; there could not have been
a social system which has already perished by water as stated
here. So the destruction by water in the past and the destruction
by fire in the future proves that two times the Earth has been
made perfect and inhabited, and that two times the Earth has had
sinful careers. The third time the Earth will be made perfect is
when the New Heavens and New Earth are made. There will be a
continued social system in them, for Peter added, "wherein
dwelleth righteousness."

6.  If we believe that the flood that destroyed the world THAT
THEN WAS is the same flood that partly destroyed the present
social system in Noah's day, we will have to believe several
false doctrines as follows:

(1) That man was created at the time of the original creation of
the heavens and the Earth in the dateless past instead of in the
six days of Gen.1, for scoffers referred to in 2 Pet. 3,
believed that there was no disruption of the world, since, they
say, "all things" continue the same since creation.
(2) That God created the heavens and the Earth WHICH ARE NOW at
the time of the flood, for if the world THAT THEN WAS referred to
the people between Adam and Noah, then there would have had to be
a creation of the present heavens and the Earth in Noah's day to
make "the heavens and the earth WHICH ARE NOW."
(3) That the first life on the earth was created about 6,000
years ago.
(4) That scoffers believed that man was created at the time of
the flood, for they say, "since the fathers fell asleep
[beginning of the race and death in the race] all things continue
as they were from the beginning of the creation" (2 Pet.3:4).
(5) That we are just as ignorant as the scoffers who think
that the heavens were created at the time the fathers began to
fall asleep (2 Pet.3:4-5 ).
(6) That the social system that was created in Adam's day was
totally destroyed by the flood of Noah, for all of it "perished"
by water (2 Pet. 3:6).
(7) That there is a difference between the social order on the
Earth between Adam and Noah and the one that has existed since
Noah. But there is no such difference, for Noah's family lived
both before and after the flood, and there was no difference
between them in the two periods.
(8) That Peter did not make it clear which flood he refers to,
the one in Gen.1:2 or the one in Gen.6-8. But always, without
exception, he makes it very clear when he refers to the flood of
Noah (1 Pet.3:20; 2 Pet.2:5). Since in 2 Pet.3:6 he states
that all the social system THAT THEN WAS perished by water, we
have to conclude that he is not speaking of the flood of Noah.
Surely scoffers would not be so ignorant as to believe that all
the social system perished in Noah's flood; else they themselves
would not be here to scoff unless God had made a new social order
in Noah's day.
(9) That scoffers were totally ignorant of Noah's flood, for they
were ignorant of the one that destroyed the social system THAT
THEN WAS. Peter makes it very clear that last day scoffers would
be willingly ignorant of that destruction (2 Pet.3:4-6). This
therefore could not refer to Noah's flood, for all scoffers know
of it. The Greek word for 'ignorant' in 2 Pet. 3:5 and 8 is
'lanthano,' translated elsewhere 'hid' and 'hidden' (Mark 7:24;
Luke 8:47; Acts 26:26) and 'unawares' (Heb.13:1). This proves
that the truth of the flood that destroyed the original social
system was hidden from them, while they all know about Noah's
flood. What was it that the scoffers were ignorant of unless it
is the destruction of a social world before Adam? This is the
thing of which men are still ignorant, or we would not have to
take so much time and space to get men to realize this truth of
the Bible. Peter said that the scoffers were willingly ignorant
of this truth, thus showing that it is a clear doctrine of
Scripture if men would decide to stop being ignorant of it. There
are many Scriptures that make such a doctrine clear; so "if any
man wants to be ignorant, let him be ignorant," as Paul expressed
it (1 Cor.14:38).

Peter said these scoffers of the last days would be ignorant of
the fact that the heavens were of old; that the social system on
the old Earth perished by water; that the heavens and the Earth
since the six days of restoration are kept in store to be
purified again - the next time by fire; that the Lord is not
slack concerning His promises of final restoration of the Earth
to its third perfect state; and that God was as longsuffering to
all men, not willing that any should perish, but that all come

That there was a great catastrophe that came upon the pre-Adamite
world is clear from many Scriptures as well as from facts of
geology, botany, and other sciences. Scientists assert that the
Earth went through JUST ONE great catastrophe; an unknown
period in the past; that animal remains show that they died in
great agony; and that some unexplainable something happened to
the Earth itself to cause it to be turned upside down. In the
Ferrar Fenton translation, Gen.1:2 reads, "the earth was
[became] unorganized and empty; and darkness covered its
convulsed surface; while the breath of God rocked the surface of
the waters." This shows the Earth went through a period of
convulsions, spasms, eruptions, earthquakes, and a great
cataclysm that destroyed all animal and vegetable life on Earth.
Accounts of the flood of Noah and the flood of Lucifer are so
dissimilar that we must believe there were two great floods on
the Earth. 

In Ps. 104:5-10 we have a vivid description of the
destruction of the social world before Adam and of the
restoration of the Earth out of that flood. First the flood is
described as having come upon the Earth after the foundations of
the Earth were laid, and the waters are described as standing
above the mountains. Then the passage tells how the flood was
taken off the Earth so it could be inhabited again.
The only other reference Peter makes to the pre-Adamite world is
in 1 Peter 1:20, and here he speaks of christ as being
foreordained BEFORE the foundation (overthrow or disruption) of
the world. This could never refer to the flood of Noah. Thus we
see that Peter taught that there was a social system before Adam
that was overflowed by water and perished.


1. Earth made waste (Gen. 1:2....)
a. Earth not made waste (Gen.8:11,12,22; Heb.11:7; 1 Pet.3:20)
2. Earth made empty (Gen.1:2....)
a. Not made empty (Gen.6:18-22; 8:16).
3. Earth made totally dark (Gen.1:2-5....)
a. Not made totally dark (gen.8:6-22).
4. No light from heaven (Gen.1:2....)
a. Light from heaven (Gen.8;6-22).
5. No day and night (Gen.1:2-5).
a. Day and night (Gen.8:1-22).
6. All vegetation destroyed (Gen.1:2; 2:5-6....)
a. Vegetation not destroyed (Gen.8:11,21; 9:3,20).
7. No continued abating of the waters of the earth (Gen.1:6-12).
a. Continual abating of the waters of the earth by evaporation
8. Waters taken off the earth in one day (Gen.1:10).
a. Months of waters abating off the earth (Gen,8:1-14).
9. Supernatural work of taking waters off the earth (Gen.1:6-12;
Ps 104:7).
a. Natural work of evaporation of the waters off the earth
10.No rebuke or miraculous work in fled away (Gen.1:6-12;
a. No rebuke or miraculous work in taking waters off the earth
11.The waters on earth in Gen.1:2 hasten away when rebuked
(Gen.1:6-12; Ps.104:9).
a. The waters on the earth gradually receded in Gen.8:1-14.
12.God set bounds around the waters in Gen.6:1-12; Ps.104:9.
a. The bounds were already eternally set for waters in Gen.8:1-
13.All fish were totally destroyed in the flood of Gen.1:2....
a. No fish were destroyed or created again after Noah's flood
(Gen.1:20-23; 6:18-22).
14.No fowls left on earth after (Gen.1:2....
a. Fowls were left after Noah's flood (Gen.6:20; 8:7-17).
15.No animal left after (Gen.1:2; ...2 Peter 3:5-6).
a. Some of all animals kept alive (Gen.6:20; 8:17; 9:2-4,10-16).
16.No man(creatures - Keith Hunt) left on earth in Gen.1:2....2
Peter 3:5-6.
a. Eight men and women left after Noah's flood (Gen.6:18; 8:15-
22; 9:1-16; 1 Peter 3:20).
17.No social system left at all in Gen.1:2....2 Peter 3:5-6.
a. A social system left after Noah's flood (Gen.8:15-22; 9:1-16;
1 Peter 3:20).
18.No ark made to save men in Gen.1:2;....2 Peter 3:5-6.
a. An ark was made to save and animals alive (Gen.6:8-8:22; 9:1-
16; Heb.11:7).
19.Cause: fall of Satan (Isa.14:12-14....Ezek.28:11-17; Luke
a. Cause: wickedness of men (Gen.6:5-13); and fallen angels
...(Jude 6-7; 2 Peter 2:4).
20.Result: became necessary to make new life on earth (Gen.1:3-
2:25; Isa.45:18; Eph.3:11).
a. Result: no new creations made for men and animals were not
destroyed (Gen.6:18-8:22; 9:1-16).


In Eph.1:4; Heb.4:3; 9:26, we have Paul's references to the
overthrow of the world THAT THEN WAS before Adam. In this first
reference he teaches that even as far back as before the
foundation (Greek, 'katabole,' from 'katabollo,' to throw down,
overthrow, disrupt, or ruin) of the world ('kosmos,' social
order), God planned To restore the Earth and provide redemption
through Christ, should the new creation fail. According to this
plan of redemption outlined in Eph.1:1-14, we have revealed that
God has blessed us with all spiritual blessings, chosen us in
Christ to be holy, predestinated us to be adopted as children,
made us accepted in the beloved, redeemed and forgave us by the
blood of Christ, abounded toward us in all wisdom, made known to
us His will, gave us an inheritance, and sealed us unto the day
of redemption.

In the second reference (Heb.4:3) we have one of the strongest
statements in Scripture that the six days work of Gen.1:3-2:25
was "since the foundation [disruption] of the world." It plainly
states that God did His works and that they were finished since
the overthrow of the world. The works referred to could not be
the original creation of the heavens and the Earth of Gen.1:1,
but the six-days work Of Gen.1:3-2:25, for the passage says, "God
did rest the seventh day from his works" (Heb.4:3-4). If the
works in this passage mean the six-days work and not the original
creation of Gen.1:1, and if these works were "finished" since
the disruption of the world, then the passage proves that before
the six days there was a world or social order on the Earth to be

In the third passage (Heb.9:26) we have the fact that Christ did
not suffer many Times "since the foundation [disruption] of the
world" or social system that lived before this disruption, but
that He suffered only once "in the end of the world ages," to
put away the sin of the second social order on Earth. That is,
Christ Came to redeem the present earth-rebels, who were created
since the overthrow of the first earth-rebels. (Which were angel
beings and Lucifer - Keith Hunt).


In Rev.13:8; 17:8 we have statements that the book of life was
prepared "since the foundation [disruption] of the world." There
would have been no need of the book of life for the present
earth-rebels until they rebelled. Now, since the fall, anyone who
conforms to the processes of redemption has his name written in
it (Ex.32:32-33; Ps.69:28; Dan.12:1; Luke 10:20; Phil.4:3; Rev.
3:5; 13:8; 17:8; 20:11-15; 21:27; 22:19).
Rev.13:8; 17:8 do not teach that the names of men are written in
the book BEFORE they are saved, as some teach, but that a book of
life was prepared as far back as "since the overthrow of the
world" that lived before Adam. Each person has his name written
in the book of life when he is born again (begotten again - Keith
Hunt)of the Word of God and the Spirit of God, and goes through
the process of adoption (actually 'sonship' - way more than
adoption - Keith Hunt) as a child into the family of God. Names
can be blotted out of the book according to Ex.32:32-33; Ps.69:
5-28; Rev.3:5. So don't let any man be deceived into thinking
that this is impossible.

You can see for yourself what these passages say. If they do not
mean what they say, then they are false; but if they mean what
they say, then they are true; so believe them rather than any

If the book of life was prepared "since the overthrow of the
world," and if it has been in existence all the time since Adam's
creation, there must have been a social world that lived holy for
a time, and then rebelled and was overthrown, before this present
human social system. 

We conclude, therefore, that since Moses, Isaiah, Jeremiah,
Ezekiel, Jesus, Matthew, Luke, John, Paul, Peter, and others
taught that there was a social world before Adam, there must have
been one; so it is just as easy to believe as anything else in
the revealed Word of God.


Yes, I must say that for me Drake gives enough Scriptural proof
to prove that Lucifer the "covering cherub" once ruled this
earth, and at some point in past time (not told us) he, with one
third of the angels REBELLED against the rule and ways and
commandments and love of the Godhead. There was then a star wars
war, Lucifer tried to break through into heaven and de-throne the
Godhead, but he was beaten back, thrown down, back to earth as
lightening, and the physical creatures and all physical matter on
earth was destroyed and the whole globe was covered with water.
Then God's Spirit moved upon the face of the waters and
said......Genesis 1:3....The earth and heaven that NOW IS came
into being in six literal days of creation, man and woman were
created and God looked at it all and said it was GOOD. He then
rested the SEVENTH day and BLESSED and SANCTIFIED it!!

Entered on Keith Hunt's Website, August 2003

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