Keith Hunt - Will the Earth be Desolate in the 1,000 year period? Restitution of All

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Will the Earth be Desolate?

Passages answered

                         DURING THE 1,000 YEARS

                                 AN ANSWER


                                Keith Hunt

JEREMIAH 25:30-31 
God will PLEAD with all nations - many WILL REPENT
(Jer.23:3-6; 16:14-21; Isa 25:7-9; 29:18-24) - the wicked who
will fight God, He will destroy.

EZEKIEL 9:1-6    
Is applied to the whole earth. If you read chap. 4:1,3 and chap.
9:8,9 you will see it applies ONLY to Israel and Judah, and   
dozens of other scriptures show us that not ALL of them will die.

ISAIAH 26:21     
This verse NOWHERE says every last single soul will be slain -
the whole context before and after disprove any such idea.

ZECHARIAH 14:12-14 
This only applies to the armies of the nations that come up
against Jerusalem to fight Christ. This chapter is one of the
greatest proofs against the "desolate earth" idea.

JEREMIAH 25:33     
This verse nowhere says every last single soul will be
slain - only there will be slain people all over the earth.
Isaiah was given the same prophecy, Isa.66:15-18. He was told the
slain of the Lord shall be many.

JEREMIAH 4:23-26   
This is not a prophecy against the earth AT LARGE but against
Judah and Jerusalem. See v. 5, 6, 10, 14, 16, 22. v. 20 says "the
whole land" yes, land of Judah. v. 23 the Hebrew word translated
"earth" can also be translated "land." The Amplified Bible
renders it "land" as in v. 20. v. 27 there will not be a
full destruction.


ISAIAH 24:1-6   
This is used by Ellen G. White in her book "The Great
Controversy." Is this a prophecy for the future? Yes indeed. And
so are chapters 25; 26 and 27. Verse 6 a curse devours the earth
- the inhabitants are burned, but look there are more words, "AND
FEW MEN LEFT." Mrs. White didn't see it. She forgot to put it in
her book - she ended with a full stop after "burned."  See the
chapter "Desolate Earth" in the book "The Great Controversy."

ZECHARIAH 14:5    
Used to refer to the new heavens and earth.
But v.1 tells you it is referring to "the day of the Lord" -
Christ's second return. And v.10-21 could not be in the new

ISAIAH 60:18    
Applied to the new earth - but it is a prophecy for Jacob
(Israel) see chap.59:20. v. 12 could not be in the new

ISAIAH 65:21,22 
Applied to new earth - but v.20,23 could not be in the new earth
- for there will be no death, pain or curses in the new earth
(Rev. 21:4).
This section of scripture takes place JUST BEFORE the new heavens
and earth - it is the same time as Rev.20:11-15.

ISAIAH 35:1 
Is again applied to the new earth - but v.5,6 will not take place
on the new earth. There will be only glorified saints on it.

ISAIAH 11:6,9   
In the book "The Great Controversy" this scripture is applied to
the new earth - but notice there are LITTLE CHILDREN and v.8
children will not be in the new earth. Verses 10-16 and chap.12
also go on to describe what will happen "in that day."
This will not happen on the new earth but when Christ returns the
second time.


MATTHEW 13:37-41   
Christ will START the harvest at His return with the battle of
Armageddon and will continue it through the 1,000
years (Isa. 66:15-24).

This is used to prove "the desolate earth." Christ is using
Noah's example only to show that His coming will be
UNEXPECTED. They will still be having meals and public meetings,
marrying, working, etc. right up to the day of Christ's return.
They won't be expecting it. In verses 40-42 Christ explains to
His followers to watch - watch how you live (v.45-51). Be ready
in your way of living (v.44) for He will come unexpectedly. And
when He does come THE RESURRECTION takes place - those living
will be CHANGED TO IMMORTALITY, in the blink of an eye (I Cor.
15:51, 52) and CAUGHT UP to meet the Lord in the air (1 Thes.
4:16). Yes a Christian will be grinding at the flour mill
(working alongside a non-Christian) he will disappear suddenly -
gone to meet the Lord in the clouds - the carcase (Christ) has
arrived and the eagles (Christians) are gathered to it (Mt.
24:28) but the others are LEFT - not destroyed.

Used to say every last person on earth is destroyed after the
resurrection. Is this a contradiction of Old Testament
prophecies? No! The scriptures cannot be broken.
Amplified Bible v.8, "To deal out retribution - chastisement and
vengeance - upon those who do not know or perceive or BECOME
ACQUAINTED WITH GOD, and (upon those) who ignore and REFUSE to
obey the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ."  Yes - vengeance on
those who "WILL NOT BECOME acquainted with God and who REFUSE to
obey God." Paul knew his Old Testament; he knew what the prophets
said about Christ's second coming. He knew that God said he would
PLEAD with all flesh (Jer.25:31, Isa.66:16) and he had read the
prophecies that said many would repent and acknowledge God in
that day (Jer.16:14-21; 23:5,6; Isa.25:7; 2:1-4).
LOOK! Notice v.10. The first half talks about the saints -
Christians - and Christ being admired because of the saints being
glorified - made immortal. (I Cor. 15; 1 Thes 4:16). AND Christ
will be ADMIRED by all them that BELIEVE IN THAT DAY.        
Yes. Paul understood his Old Testament, he knew the wicked who
refuse to obey God would fight Christ at His return (Zech.14) but
he also knew many at that day would repent - admire - and
acknowledge Christ.
Read Zech. 12:1-14; 13:1-6. God fights the nations at Jerusalem -
Judah is strong (v.6-9 and v.10-14; 13:1-6). God pours out grace
- salvation on the Jews - they will see the one they crucified -
they will cry - they will no loner reject their Savior.

Used for ALL wicked destroyed. Read v.3 and 4. Paul is telling us
a prophecy - that before Christ returns there will come ONE man -
a great false prophet - able to do great things, with satanic
power - signs and lying wonders (v.9).
Margin reference takes use to Dan.7:25; Rev.13:11. Other verses
are Rev.13:13-14; 19:20. These all tell us, about ONE great false
prophet that Christ will destroy at His coming.
John also tells us about ONE supreme anti-Christ to come. I John
2:18 Christ will not return until he - the anti-Christ, false
prophet, man of sin is revealed(v. 6) and then shall THAT WICKED
be consumed and destroyed by Christ (Rev. 19:20).

Used to say we go to heaven at Christ's return.
In verse 14, Paul is telling us - look Christ is going to bring
the saints WITH HIM - to this earth (Paul knew Christ was going
to again put His feet on this earth - he had read Zech.14; Job
19:25-26). For - v.15, Paul now explains how Christ will do it.
Through the resurrection and instantaneous change of those
living. Together we are caught up ONLY TO THE CLOUDS - in the air
- and yes we will then be with the Lord - but the question
is - where will the Lord go from there - this scripture does not
say. We must look to other scriptures to tell us.

JOHN 14:1-3     
Used to say we go to the mansions in heaven, when Christ returns.
v.2, father's house is the kingdom of Go d -the family of God.
And there are many abodes - rooms - mansions for us to have one
(the physical temple at Jerusalem had an inner court and around
it were many small rooms for the priests to abide in).
Christ said "I go" (he ascended to heaven) to prepare a place for
you (He is now our high priest in the heavenly temple interceding
for us).

Notice v.3 "...I will come again and receive you unto myself..."
Where will He receive us - Christ inspired Paul to tell us - 1
Thes. 4:16-17 - in the clouds. "...That where I am..." When he
receives us and comes again. " may be also". Yes, we will
be with Christ as Paul said from that time forth. We meet Him -
unite with Him - He receives us to Himself IN THE CLOUDS - we
shall stay with Him forever, BUT where will He be - that is the
Looks Christ knew His Old Testament He inspired it! He KNEW that
God's house (God's kingdom) was at His second return going to be
established on the earth. He had read - He inspired - Isa 2:1-4;
He is interceding in heaven for us - so we can be counted worthy
to be in that kingdom of God's house when Christ returns to bring
it to this earth and to rule all nations.

REVELATION 22:11     
Used to say there are only two classes of people on earth when
Christ returns and wicked are destroyed. Read carefully - does it
say ANYTHING about what will HAPPEN to them.
No! There are no words of ANY KIND to indicate their fate.
In verse 12, Christ says He will give every man according to his
work - so if we DO DEDUCT that unrighteous are destroyed and the
righteous given eternal life - we still have TWO other classes of
people left - those who DO ACKNOWLEDGE Christ on that day 
(2 Thes. 1:10; Jer.16:14-21; 23:5,6, Isa.25:7; Zech.12:1-14;
13:1-6) and those who have not heard of Christ's glory (Isa.
66:19; 2:1-4).
This verse cannot contradict the dozens of Old Testament
scriptures that show Christ will come to set up His government on
this earth at Jerusalem. And as a mustard seed it will grow until
all peoples, tongues, and nations will come under its rule,
guidance and protection.


First read Lk.4:16-20,21. Christ reads from the 61st chapter of
Isaiah, verse 1 and PART OF verse 2. He stopped reading in the
middle of verse 2 and closed the book. Why? Because only that
part of the chapter is about his first advent--the rest of the
chapter is a prophecy on His second advent. Read it carefully -
it can only be DURING the 1,000 years.


After READING and STUDYING all the foregoing Biblical passages -
after reading EVERY WORD written by the Prophets from Isaiah to
Malachi - God's teaching on this doctrine is plain:

1. Christ will literally return.

2. He will come to the Mount of Olives - His feet WILL touch this


3. The nations who oppose Him on his return He will destroy.

4. He will sit on the literal throne of David 

5. Jerusalem will become the capital of the world. 

6. Israel and Judah will be reunited and David will be
resurrected to be their king under Christ.

7. Israel and Judah will blossom as a beautiful garden.

8. Christ's kingdom will cover the whole earth.

9. God's law and word will go forth from Jerusalem - all nations
will come and worship God.

10. Those people and nations who have not heard of God's fame
will hear.

11. Many will acknowledge God when Christ returns - they shall
live on into the 1,000 year reign of Christ.

12. People will marry during  Christ's reign - children will be

13. There will be no more wars - all animals will be tame - no
more destroying - only peace.

14. Sickness, crippling diseases, blindness, etc. All be no more.

15. Spiritual blindness and paganism will be removed - salvation
will be offered to every single soul.

The NEW TESTAMENT teaching on the return of Christ and the
Kingdom can only be understood when we understand and BELIEVE
what God tells us about it in the Old Testament. Lk. 24:25-27.


Written 1980

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