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Our Daily Bread #5

To Inspire You

                        THE COST OF GIVING SUPPORT

Read: Exodus 17:8-16

Moses' hands became heavy....And Aaron and Hur supported his
hands. - Exodus 17:12

     In 1989, paraplegic Mark Wellman climbed the sheer granite
face of Yosemite's El Capitan. On the last day of his climb, The
Fresno Bee ran a picture of Wellman being carried triumphantly on
the shoulders of climbing companion Mike Corbett. The caption
read, "Paraplegic and partner prove no wall is too high to
climb." What the story did not say is that in helping Wellman
scale El Capitan once, Corbett had to make that difficult,
demanding ascent three times!
     Today's Bible reading focuses on Moses, whose upheld hands
brought God's help in a crucial battle. But there is much more to
that dramatic story. Don't forget Aaron and Hur. They had to
climb the same mountain themselves, and their support of Moses'
arms took time, strength, and commitment on their part. The
principle is this: People who serve the lord "behind the scenes"
often pay a higher price than those who are in the center of
public attention.
     Supporting a church, discipling a new believer, or standing
by a friend demands a price. Paul recognized that, and
acknowledged those who stood with him (Colossians 4:7-11).
     May each of us be willing to make a sacrifice so that we can
give support to another. - Dave Egner

To help another person grow, You have to pay a price; It takes
the giving of yourself And that means sacrifice. - D. De Haan



Read: Nahum 1:1-8

The lord is good, a stronghold in the day of trouble. - Nahum 1:7

     Days of hunger and hard labor gave way to sleepless nights
as Ly Lorn and her family struggled to survive 4 long years of
exile in the forests of Cambodia. Under the brutal rule of the
Khmer Rouge, Lorn saw her parents and her four brothers die of
starvation and disease. When she was finally allowed to leave the
terror of an almost animal-like existence, only she and her
sister Nan were still alive.
     During those years of horror, Lorn, a follower of Christ,
often wondered why this cruel group of men had been allowed to
inflict such inhumanity upon her family and her fellow
Cambodians. "These thoughts came to my mind many times, night and
day," she recalls. "Soon after, they were followed by God's
promise, 'I will never leave you nor forsake you.' It was to this
that I clung."
     Troubles of various kinds come to believers, Most are not as
indescribable as what Lorn suffered. Yet her testimony is
evidence that Nahum's words are still true. Even when absolutely
insufferable problems come our way, we can have the assurance
that "the LORD is good, a stronghold in the day of trouble"
(Nahum 1:7),
     No matter what the problem, God is still good, and He is our
refuge when trouble hits. To Him we cling. - Dave Branon

In the times of greatest struggle, When the angry billows roll, I
can always find my Savior, Christ, the Refuge of my soul. -


                           BURGLAR-PROOF  RICHES

Read: 1 Timothy 6:1-10

Godliness with contentment is great gain. - 1 Timothy 6:6

     Many people are confused about what is of greatest value in
life. They think they would be truly happy if only they were rich
and could buy anything their hearts desired. But, as those who
amass great fortunes discover, money and the things it can buy do
not bring lasting satisfaction and peace of mind.
     J. Oswald Sanders, in his book "Facing Loneliness," wrote,
"When Jeremy Taylor, the old Puritan, had his house burglarized,
all his choicest possessions taken, and his family turned out of
doors, he knelt down and thanked God that his enemies had left
him the sun and moon, a loving wife and many friends to pity and
relieve, the providence of God, all the promises of the gospel,
his faith ... and his charity toward his enemies!" Sanders added;
"With wealth such as this, no burglar could impoverish him:"
     Material things do not make a person wealthy, nor do they
bring lasting contentment. Jesus said in Luke 12:15, "Beware of
covetousness, for one's life does not consist in the abundance of
the things he possesses." Out greatest wealth is found in a tight
relationship to God through Jesus Christ .... Let's he sure we
have riches that can't be taken. - Richard De Haan

How we need a keen awareness Of the joys God wants to share!
Priceless treasures found in Jesus We are rich beyond compare! -
D. De Haan


                           DIGGING FOR TREASURE

Read: Proverbs 2:1-9

The Lord gives wisdom; from His mouth comes knowledge and
understanding. - Proverbs 2:6

     Profitable Bible study involves more than just opening to a
chapter and reading what's there. Here are seven guidelines to
help you make the most of your study of the Bible.

1. Set aside a regular time. Unless you schedule it, you'll
neglect it.
2. Before you start reading, ask God for help and understanding.
3. Carefully think about what you are reading. The treasures of
the Bible seldom lie like pebbles on the surface. To mine the
gold, you have to dig.
4. Try to understand what the author was saying to the first
people who read the book or letter before you decide what it
means for you.
5. Write down at least one truth or principle you can put into
6. Try different translations of the Bible. if you find yourself
skimming over familiar words, a new translation may focus your
mind on the passage in a new way.
7. Don't get discouraged. Some parts of the Bible are more
interesting than others, and some you may not understand at all.
But there's enough that you can understand, and if you apply that
much it will revolutionize your r life.

Now read again today's verses with the above principles in mind.
Then try it again tomorrow. If you do, you will begin to discover
the treasures of the Bible. - Haddon Robinson

When reading God's Word, take special care To find the rich
treasures hidden there; Give thought to each line, each precept
clear, Then practice it well with godly fear - Ann.


                       IF AT FIRST YOU DON'T SUCCEED

Read: John 18:15-18; 21:15-17

Jesus said to him, "Feed my sheep." - John 21:17

     What do you do when you fail? Maybe you said something you
shouldn't have said, you took on a project and it didn't go as
planned, or a relationship fell apart. At the next opportunity to
improve on our your past record, what do you do?
     My son Stevie brought home a paper from school that was not
up to his usual stellar performance - he had failed to color his
kindergarten paper completely and neatly. Mom talked to him and
explained how important it is to do his schoolwork well. Then,
expecting a promise of better things, she asked, "So, what are
you going to do about it tomorrow?" "I'm going to stay home!" he
replied. I guess he figured that would be easier than facing the
     Giving up may seem to be the easy way out for Steven, but
soon enough he will learn what Peter learned. Just before Jesus
was crucified, Peter denied that he was one of Christ's disciples
(John 18:15-18). But the story doesn't end with failure. Later,
Jesus encouraged Peter to serve Him faithfully. And what happened
to Peter? In the opening chapter of Acts we find him leading the
early church and boldly proclaiming the gospel.

     With God's help we don't need to give up. - Dave Branon 

When I have failed, I need You, Lard, To teach this lesson clear.
If I but learn and try again, Success is always near. - Branon


                             SWEET FELLOWSHIP

Read: Acts 2:29-42

They continued steadfastly in the apostles' doctrine and
fellowship. - Acts 2:42

     In his book "Why Christians Sin," J. Kirk Johnston tells
about a young Russian woman who, before the collapse of the Iron
Curtain, was allowed to visit her relatives in Canada. She was a
devout Christian, and her friends assumed that she would defect
and seek asylum in Canada or the US because of the religious
oppression in the USSR. But they were wrong. She wanted to go
back to her homeland.
     This Russian woman said that people in the West were too
busy acquiring material things and not concerned enough about
their relationships. In her homeland, Christian fellowship was
essential to their faith because it provided the support and
encouragement they so desperately needed.
     Genuine Christian fellowship involves much more than
visiting over a cup of coffee in the church kitchen ... It is
loving one another in the family of God, caring for one another,
sharing with one another, bearing one mother's burdens, and
rejoicing and sorrowing together. And, of course, there is
uplifting fellowship as we worship, sing, and pray together.
     Yes, one of the greatest blessings a believer can enjoy is
the fellowship of the saints. - Richard De Haan

We share our mutual woes, Our mutual burdens bear; And often for
each other flows The sympathizing team - Fawcett


                               TRY GRATITUDE

Read: Romans 1:21

They did not glorify Him as God, nor were thankful. - Romans 1:21

     In a counselling session with a rebellious teenager and his
parents, I was struck by his lack of gratitude. His parents,
school teachers, and people from church had gone far beyond the
call of duty to show the boy love, but to no avail. He has never
said thank you to any of them.
     In contrast, I recently heard about three missionary
children who lived  among tribespeople in Mexico without running
water, electricity, or other conveniences. But they were happy.
Why? Because they said they were thankful to God for their
parents, their Indian friends, and one another.
     According to Romans 1:21, thankfulness is important to God,
even from people who know very little about Him. The apostle Paul
said that the pagan world stood guilty before God because they
received His blessings without honoring Him or giving Him thanks.
They stifled the sense of gratitude that arises naturally when
one feels the warmth of the sun, the freshness of a gentle rain,
the inner glow of loving relationships. If they had done what
their innermost sense told them to do and given thanks to God,
they would have received more revelation.
     Do you want to please God and know Him better? Then try
having an attitude of gratitude. - Herb Vander Lugt

We thank You, Lord, for blessings You give us on our way; May we
for these be grateful, And praise You everyday. - Roworth


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