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Arguments Answered

9/11 Towers and the Planes!

                 THE USA CONSPIRACY ATTACK OF 9/11 IN 2001

I continue with the arguments by some that it was a USA
conspiracy on its own people (and others of the world) on the
attacks on September 11th 2001.

One fellow on Youtube bring in military stuff from 1962 - yes I
said 1962. Things that were going on between the USA and Cuba.
And how the USA military were planning all kinds of things to do
with how they could invade or attack Cuba. It was certainly the
days back then of the "cold war" - the USA in high circles had a
phobia - a drug addiction so to speak, with anything that was
"Russia." And we do know that the USA tried to invade Cuba - the
"Bay of Pigs" invasion, and they were beaten off - it was a
disaster of a failure. So yes, all kinds of military stuff may
have been going on back then, clandestine, secret, under-cover;
all kinds of war makings as the cold war increased with Russia
and Cuba. Here was a communists country, arm in arm with the big
bad bear of Russia - the USA leaders were paranoid with a nuclear
attack from just off its shore.
Those were the days and before that time, when "communism" was
the "black plague" of Europe. There was a time when any one in
Hollywood who was remotely thought to be anywhere close to a
communist in thinking was blacklisted - hounded and put on a
black list. Jobs were lost, talent was thrown on the garbage
heap, often it was a false claim this or that person was a
"communists" but it reaped havoc in many a person's life.
Yes it was a dark age, a paranoid age in the USA. But what and
how the USA military machine would fight against Russia and Cuba
in those days, if it came to a show down, is one thing, but to
try and connect it to 2001 and 9/11 is totally out of place and
grasping at straws, to try and make your case for a USA
Government conspiracy that says the USA planned or willfully
allowed 9/11 to take place, so the USA could "go after Iraq" and
its oil. But such reasoning is the stuff of the conspiracy

Then you have the same people trying to bring in other events
during the 70s or 80s or 90s to have you believing the USA has
always had a "conspiracy" mentality in its Government, planning
obviously for these people, years in advance, to dream up war
conspiracy programs that finally led up to 9/11 in 2001. Against
such thoughts and ideas their is really no answer, for the
conspiracy junkies are too entrenched in their conspiracy ideas
to ever leave go of them. Hence they come up with things like
folding the American money bill in such a way as the two towers
with smoke rising from them, is shown. Obvious such people who
figure this fold the money bill to produce that result, must be
figuring the conspiracy of 9/11 was in the plans even before the
twin towers were built - the money bill goes back before such
towers stood in New York city. Well, those are the far out
conspiracy people, the ones who live, sleep, and talk conspiracy
it seems every minute of their lives.

Back to the more normal conspiracy buffs. One fellow on Youtube
said, "I saw no windows in the plane."
Now there could be all kinds of reasons why he did not think he
saw windows. The sun could have been in his eyes. The sun and
position of the plane and himself, could have given that picture.
And it is possible that the high-jackers told everyone to close
the window blinds, so they would not see where they were and what
was going to happen to them.
I have seen the big TV news clicks of the planes hitting the
towers, and it looked to me like all the windows were there. The
no window idea is of course trying to say, these were not the
planes that everyone knew left the ground, with the loved ones of
the people killed, inside of them. It is the conspiracy idea that
the conspiracy extended to not the planes at all, that we are
told were high-jacked, but USA planned planes to smash into the
Such people who jump on one person saying, "It did not look to me
like there was any windows in the plane" are jumping on a wild
horse that cannot think logically, that's in a wild state of
mind. For if they were not the planes we can all see on the news
clips, then there were no passengers, only someone paid by the
USA to kill themselves (the money I guess going to their loved
ones or friends) as they plunged the two planes into the two
tower buildings.
Hence, many names of passengers were made up, put on a flight
list, at the airport. And on top of all that, the USA had to find
all kinds of so-called relatives and friends and working co-
workers, who would claim (I suppose for some large amount of
money) they knew the persons killed on the two planes, that were
not really killed, for they did not exist, for the passenger
planes did not really exist either, for the planes used had no
windows, for they were some other planes, for it was all a
conspiracy to begin with by the USA Government, to smash into the
two towers, by supposed Islam fanatics, who were really just paid
whoever, to sacrifice themselves, for the overall "good goal" of
getting an excuse for the USA (and Britain) into a war in Iraq
and Afghanistan, so the USA and Britain could have the "oil" that
they so badly needed to run their societies.

Now, you should be having a good laugh by this time, with what I
have just related. I mean to believe such a type of conspiracy
could actually be dreamed up and what's more pulled off, with all
those "paid off" lying people, to remain silent for the rest of
their lives, and not EVER speak of a masterful, and HUGE (in the
number of people paid to lie and cry and tell you how they loved
and miss their loved one or friends killed in the two planes)
planned conspiracy, is so far out, it is truly from planet Pluto,
which they say now is no planet at all; and that fits, for no
such crazy conspiracy ever existed, with dummy planes and made up
people, who were supposedly killed, with all their supposedly
relatives crying on the TV news stations.

Then we move on to the guy on Youtube who shows you the one plane
crashing into the tower and puts a circle around a "dark spot"
under the plane, and says, "You see it had something attacked to
it, that is not under such planes."
The inference is that this was part of the conspiracy by the USA
Government to make sure the plane had extra "blow up" whatever
when it hit the building. So this guy might admit there were
innocent passengers on the plane, that it was the plane that was
the commercial flight everyone says it was, but .... ah, the
Government had put something under it, for that extra
"conspiracy" pull off it was undertaking.

Weeelll, you still would have had to have a person/s who could
literally fight their way to the cabin of the aircraft and take
it over, or the very pilots themselves that the airline company
knew, and had employed for ex years, to fly this huge commercial
plane (and you do not get to fly such planes unless you come up
through the ranks - I have a father of one student who flies such
planes, and I know what he must go through over the years to ever
get to fly those huge planes) would have had to be bought off,
given some massive amount of money to be given to their loved
ones, for they would die that day - give their lives for a USA

And if it was all to be a secret conspiracy by the USA
Government, why, oh why, would you want to strap a huge something
under the plane, where people that day would see it, photo it,
get it on camera? And then think about the plane at the airport -
there are ground crew, that fuel the plane, put the luggage in
the bottom of the plane. They are walking under the plane, around
the plane. Something so massive as what the guy on Youtube puts a
circle around, was not any small black spot. Why do such a silly
thing before the plane takes off, knowing the ground crew would
see that it was something never usually there. I mean, if you are
going to arrange a conspiracy, you sure would not do some silly
thing like strap a large black whatever under the belly of the
plane so everyone can see it. How DUMB could you be if you did
such a thing, when you could conceal it during the night in the
cargo hold, where no ground crew would ever notice it.
How dumb could you be if you were going to strap it to the under
belly of the plane, you would have to "buy off" the ground crew,
give them lots of money to say NOTHING for the rest of their
lives, say nothing about a VISIBLE strange object strapped to a
plane that never has such an object strapped to its underbelly.
These planes would be known by the ground crew, they worked them
day after day. To think someone would not notice a black (why
black - why not silver or the color of the plane, if you are in a
conspiracy? So at least it would look like part of the plane)
addition to the underbelly is utterly stupid, and logically

Then there is the guy who says he saw some "circle" on the plane,
and to him that meant it was not the commercial planes we are
told about, or we can see for ourselves as caught on the camera.
Now, we are back fully circle (pun was not intended on such a
serious matter) - that the planes were other planes, not the ones
we are told were commercial passenger planes. So we're back to
"made up passenger names" - people acting as parents, brothers,
sister, friends, of all those who died on those planes - oh I
guess getting paid real well by the USA, to so act and cry, but
such would have to be the case IF this was all a USA conspiracy
to get into a war with Iraq over the oil it needs from that part
of the world.

CRACKED, NUTTY, OUT OF YOUR HEAD, ideas and thoughts of people
about two planes, that were either not the commercial passenger
planes we can see, or were "paid off" pilots or high-jackers,
hired by the USA Government to kill themselves and all people on
the planes and in the towers they were to crash into.

Some relatives to those paid off people who were to kill
themselves, would eventually come forward to reveal the nutty
conspiracy of the USA, just to get "oil" from the East. The whole
thing is mind-blowing to think some believe a "conspiracy" was
done by the USA and Britain. They sure did not need to go to such
lengths, for later when the USA and Britain wanted war with Iraq,
they used "stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction" in Iraq, to
prove (but there was no proof in the end) they should declare war
on Iraq and Ben Laden who was in Afghanistan.

They could have used that excuse right away. They did not need to
kill thousands of USA people and others from around the world, in
some conspiracy of 9/11.

All right I'm finishing this segment with the "lease" of the
property that was the whole World Trade Center complex. We have
those who say the lease changed hands not long before 9/11 and
they want to tie this in somehow with people who were working
hand in hand with the USA Government on this "great conspiracy"
to take place on September 11th 2001.

Here is what Wikipedia has to say:


In 1998, the Port Authority approved plans to privatize the World
Trade Center. In 2001, the Port Authority sought to lease the
World Trade Center to a private entity. Bids for the lease came
from Vornado Realty Trust, a joint bid between Brookfield
Properties Corporation and Boston Properties, and a joint bid by
Silverstein Properties and The Westfield Group.  By privatizing
the World Trade Center, it would be added to the city's tax rolls
and provide funds for other Port Authority projects. On February
15, 2001, the Port Authority announced that Vomado Realty Trust
had won the lease for the World Trade Center, paying $3.25
billion for the 99-year lease. Vornado outbid Silverstein by $600
million though Silverstein upped his offer to $3.22 billion.
However, Vomado insisted on last minute changes to the deal,
including a shorter 39-year lease which the Port Authority
considered non-negotiable. Vornado later withdrew and
Silverstein's bid for the lease to the World Trade Center was
accepted on April 26, 2001, and closed on July 24, 2001.

Nothing unusual here, just the routine work-a-work world of doing
such things as leasing. All in a day of work as they say. And
obviously anyone taking the lease would be crazy in the mind if
they did not take out a huge insurance on the deal. Yes insurance
running into the billions. That is good correct business, or you
should be in a different business.


I've got more to come, don't go away!

Keith Hunt

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