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The Fall of 7WTC in 9/11

The Rest of the Story!!


by Keith Hunt

Here is the first of a list sent to me from a local lady in the
town I live in.

"Tower 7. 3 WTC buildings fell that day. Tower 7 was not hit by a
plane, but came down in a controlled demolition fashion like the
other two that were supposedly weakened by heat because of jet
fuel burning and weakened the steel structure."

If you go on Youtube, sure enough you will see some who ONLY show
the building falling. 

Now sounds pretty good, as they put it, as they want you to
believe it. But this is where slippery deceivers work their dirty
work of deception, to trick you. They are like many religious
people - they leave out the CONTEXT and leave out other texts to
do with the same subject, hence they give you half truths,
misguided information, which leads to total wrong end results,
hence wrong beliefs or leaps of mind that jump right into the
sticky pot of "conspiracies" - in this case, the USA Government
was behind all this - to kill its own people, so it could then
blame Iraq and Afghanistan, and go to war with them (over "oil"
many of the con.geeks want to tell you).

Now I'll give you a little from "Wilkipedia - the free
Encyclopedia" (and they have much to say about the whole 9/11
episodes of that day).


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

The World Trade Center (WTC) was a complex of seven buildings in
Lower Manhattan, New York City that were destroyed in the
September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. The site is currently being
rebuilt with six new skyscrapers and a memorial to the casualties
of the attacks.

(Did you note "7 buildings" - Keith Hunt)

The original World Trade Center was designed by Minoru Yamasaki
in the early 1960s using a tube-frame structural design for the
twin 110-story towers. In gaining approval for the project, the
Port Authority of New York and New Jersey agreed to take over the
Hudson & Manhattan Railroad which became the Port Authority
Trans-Hudson (PATH). Groundbreaking for the World Trade Center
took place on August 5, 1966. The North Tower (1) was completed
in December 1970 and the South Tower (2) was finished in July
1971. The construction project involved excavating a large amount
of material which was used in making Battery Park City on the
west side of Lower Manhattan.
The complex was located in the heart of New York City's downtown
financial district and contained 13.4 million square feet (1.24
million m2) of office space. The Windows on the World restaurant
was located on the 106th and 107th floors of 1 World Trade Center
(the North Tower) while the Top of the World observation deck was
located on the 107th floor of 2 World Trade Center (the South
Tower). Other World Trade Center buildings included the Marriott
World Trade Center; 4 World Trade Center; 5 World Trade Center; 6
World Trade Center, which housed the United States Customs. All
of these buildings were built between 1975 and 1981. The final
building constructed was 7 World Trade Center, which was built in
1985. The World Trade Center experienced a fire on February 13,
1975 and a bombing on February 26, 1993. In 1998, the Port
Authority decided to privatize the World Trade Center, leasing
the buildings to a private company to manage, and awarded the
lease to Silverstein Properties in July 2001.

(Try to remember that last point - in everyday normal life things
often get leased to private managing companies, just normal life
in such a world as "buildings" - nothing sinister about such
moves - but con.geeks try to make it sinister, they have to have
a number of to them are "sinister" events - to add it all up to 
the word "conspiracy" - Keith Hunt)

On the morning of September 11, 2001, AI-Qaeda-affiliated
hijackers flew two 767 jets into the complex, one into each
tower, in a coordinated suicide attack. After burning for 56
minutes, the South Tower (2) collapsed, followed a halfhour later
by the North Tower (1), with the attacks on the World Trade
Center resulting in 2,750 deaths. 

(Note the tower 1 and 2 collapsed relatively early in the morning 
- got it - remember this - Keith Hunt)

7 World Trade Center collapsed later in the day and the other
buildings, although they did not collapse, had to be demolished
because they were damaged beyond repair. The process of cleanup
and recovery at the World Trade Center site took eight months.
The first new building at the site was 7 World Trade Center which
opened in May 2006. The Lower Manhattan Development Corporation
(LMDC), established in November 2001 to oversee the rebuilding
process, organized competitions to select a site plan and
memorial design. Memory Foundations, designed by Daniel
Libeskind, was selected as the master plan, which included the
1,776-foot (541 m) One World Trade Center, three office towers
along Church Street and a memorial designed by Michael Arad.

(Did  you catch it? The 7 WTC collapsed LATER in the day -
remember that - I'll come back to it all shortly - Keith Hunt)

Other buildings

Five smaller buildings stood around the 16 acres (65,000 m2)
block. One was the 22-floor hotel which opened in 1981 as the
Vista Hotel and in 1995 became the Marriott World Trade Center (3
WTC) at the southwest corner of the site. Three low-rise
buildings (4 WTC, 5 WTC, and 6 WTC) in the same hollow tube
design as the towers also stood around the plaza. 6 World Trade
Center, at the northwest corner, housed the United States Customs
Service and the U.S. Commodities Exchange. 5 World Trade Center
was located at the northeast corner above the PATH station and 4
World Trade Center was at the southeast corner. In 1987, a 47
floor office building called 7 WTC was built north of the block.
Beneath the World Trade Center complex was an underground
shopping mall which in turn had connections to various mass
transit facilities including the New York City Subway system and
the Port Authority's own PATH trains connecting Manhattan to
Jersey City, Hoboken, and Newark.

One of the world's largest gold depositories was stored
underneath the World Trade Center, owned by a group of commercial
banks. The 1993 bomb detonated close by the vault held. Seven
weeks after the September 11 attacks, $230 million in precious
metals were removed from basement vaults of 4 WTC which included
3,800 100-Troy-ounce registered gold bars and 30,000 1,000-ounce
silver bars.


Main articles: September 11 attacks, American Airlines Flight 11,
United Airlines Flight 175, and Collapse of the World Trade

On September 11, 2001, terrorists hijacked American Airlines
Flight 11 and crashed it into the northern facade of the north
tower at 08:46, impacting between the 93rd and 99th floors.
Seventeen minutes later, a second team of terrorists crashed the
similarly hijacked United Airlines Flight 175 into the south
tower, impacting between the 77th and 85th floors). The damage
caused to the north tower by Flight 11 destroyed any means of
escape from above the impact zone, trapping 1,344 people. Flight
175 had a much more off-centered impact compared to flight 11,
and a single stairwell was left intact; however, only a few
people managed to successfully pass through it before the tower
collapsed. Although the south tower's floors of impact were with
the Statue of Liberty in the lower, a smaller number, less than 700, 
were killed instantly or trapped,  foreground because evacuation of 
the south tower was ordered immediately after the north tower strike. 
At 9:59 a.m., the south tower collapsed due to fire which caused steel
structural elements, already weakened from the plane impact, to
fail. The north tower collapsed at 10:28 a.m., after burning for
approximately 102 minutes.

(Note, the two towers fell in the MORNING!! - Keith Hunt)

At 5:21 p.m. on September 11, 2001, 7WTC collapsed due to
uncontrolled fires causing structural failure. 

(Note: 7WTC building fell at 5:21 in the AFTERNOON - Keith Hunt)

3WTC, a Marriott hotel, was destroyed during the collapse of the
two towers. The three remaining buildings in the WTC plaza
sustained heavy damage from debris and were ultimately
demolished. The Deutsche Bank Building across Liberty Street from
the World Trade Center complex was later condemned due to the
uninhabitable toxic conditions inside; it is undergoing
deconstruction. The Borough of Manhattan Community College's
Fiterman Hall at 30 West Broadway was also condemned due to
extensive damage in the attacks and is slated for deconstruction.

In the aftermath of the attacks, media reports suggested that
tens of thousands might have been killed in the attacks, as on
any given day upwards of 50,000 people could be inside the
towers. Ultimately, 2,750 death certificates were filed relating
to the 9/11 attacks, including one filed for Felicia Dunn-Jones,
who was added to the official death toll in May 2007; Dunn-Jones
died five months later from a lung condition linked to exposure
to dust during the collapse of the World Trade Center. Cantor
Fitzgerald L.P., an investment bank on the 101st 105th floors of
One World Trade Center, lost 658 employees, WTC site, April 2010,
considerably more than any other employer, while Marsh and
McLennan Companies, located immediately below Cantor Fitzgerald
on floors 93-101 (the location of Flight 11's impact), lost 295
employees, and 175 employees of Aon Corporation were killed. As
well, 343 deaths were New York City firefighters, 84 were Port
Authority employees, of whom 37 were members of the Port
Authority Police Department, and another 23 were New York City
Police Department officers. Of all the people who were still in
the towers when they collapsed, only 20 were pulled out alive. 


Now DID YOU GET IT? The complex of it all was NOT just two
towers, but a number of OTHER buildings within the same COMPLEX.
They were close to each other. The two 110 story towers were
HUGE, I mean huge!! They were MONSTER towers!! Now do you know of
any "scientist" that has set up two such towers in his "lab" and
flown two massive planes into them to see how it would all end
up? No! Some of the scientists on Youtube are truly egg-heads -
they bleat out this supposed fact of some "steel" or "concrete"
BUT THEY HAVE NOT EVER built two 110 towers like those and
smashed two huge panes into them, in the comfort of their lab,
or some open field out on the range somewhere in Montana.

Well I'll have more to say on that and them, when I talk about
the falling of the two huge 110 story towers.

Right now I'm pointing out that you have just read that many
buildings in the same complex of the two towers were partly
destroyed or weakened so badly they had to be condemned. Now I
suppose our con.geeks have it figured that the USA had planted
bombs in those buildings, hoping they would all come down and
many more killed, who were in those buildings. It NEVER happened!
The people in those buildings GOT OUT! As far as I can tell no
life was lost in the other damaged buildings. Only PARTS of those
buildings came crashing to the ground, and the one building had
to be condemned because of toxic fumes or air. So if the USA
Government was behind all this, then all I can say is they are a
bunch of grade school kids who do not even know how to demolish
buildings correctly (obviously going with this conspiracy idea,
the "experts" the Government used ... well they sure picked a
bunch of dummies, who had no idea how to bring down a bunch of
buildings. They should have taken some night school classes on
"demolishing building with explosives" - they did not do their
homework if they were out to bring down all those buildings in
that Trade Tower complex.

I speak with globs of sarcasm!

Now lets get to 7WTC building. It looks impressive, SOME Youtube,
who show it coming down as in a well planned "im-plosion" - but
they tell you no more.

If you look at further Youtube accounts - not the con.geek stuff,
you will find recorded one fireman telling his chief "Sorry, we
cannot save this building" (7WTC)

Why could they not save it? BECAUSE TWO OF THE LOWER FLOORS WERE
COMPLETELY ON FIRE!!! The floors on fire were not next to each
other. The one floor on fire was not the first floor, and the
other floor on fire was a few floors above the first one on fire.

Do I have to repeat it again? Read it once more, what I just said,
sink it into your mind!

The building came down at 5:21 PM.

Now two things could have happened.

One: the firemen had time to lay charges on the first floor or in
the basement floor, to bring the building down under control - a
controlled im-plosion, so no other buildings nearby would be smashed 
into when it fell.

Second: the two fires on a full two floors, acted as dynamite im-
plosion would act, and so when the building was fully weakened
from corner to corner with those two floor fires, the building
fell AS IF it had been brought down by an im-plosion.

We know by this time of the day (5:21) there were no people in
any of those buildings that made up the Two Tower complex, except
the firemen and such like, who were probably also by 5:21 pm
keeping a pretty good distance away, incase other buildings would
come down.

When you just, with some simple LOGIC, think about, or try to
think about the outward destruction of the coming down of those
two tower buildings, the power and energy and force of destruction,
blasting out on all four sides of those two towers; seeing it on
film cannot give you the immense power of what was actually
taking place. I guess other buildings nearby were damaged in
different ways. The air-pressure alone would have blow parts of
close by buildings to the ground, and structural damage to some
buildings should be just a "given" - you do not have MASSIVE
buildings of 110 stories coming down without damage to other
nearby buildings. And depending on many factor (that cannot be
produced in a "lab" by somebody who thinks he's a scientist, and
reads form the "text book") - all kinds of things in life can have
odd twists to them. Real life is not a small "lab" - neither is real
life a text book - real life doesn't always follow a text book - or
what some so-called "scientist" with just "text book" theory to proclaim.
Real life often ignores this rule of thumb or that rule of thumb,
or this strength of metal or that "way it should have gone" or
"can't do that because of x or y" - real life often laughs at
script writing "lab" scientists.

With 7WTC you now have the rest of the story, as the late Paul
Harvey would say.

I teach guitar and when a student drops his pick, you would be amased
how it can roll - distances you would never expect at times. There is
no textbook that can tell you the outcome of dropping a guitar
pick. One student dropped his pick and neither of us could find it -
we looked for about 45 seconds - both of us - could not see it. Then
I said, "Surely it did not go under your amplifier next to you." The
amp has 1/4 inch button type legs on each four corners. I tilted back
the amp, and sure enough there was the pick, could not see it, till I
tilted the amp back. Who would ever of thought a guitar pick could fall 
and go under a quarter inch space, go under far enough that you could not
see it until the amp was lifted up!

Real life is often stranger than fiction, things happen in real life
that defy the science lab or the text book.

So the rest of the story throws out the window, the conspiracy
guys idea that 7WTC was one of the successful buildings, besides
the two towers that the USA Government had conspired to bring
down to the ground - the others that only suffered damage ....
well they, the USA Government, sent in their trainees on them,
and so those "not yet qualified blowing-up buildings" geeks, they
made a mess of it, and only managed to bring down parts of the 

I speak with big gobs of sarcasm once more.

This alone, proving the utter silliness of some USA conspiracy on
7WTC, should be enough really to silence the conspiracy geeks,
and see that as wrong as they are on this argument, so they are on all
of their arguments that to them sounds like "conspiracy."

But for the sake of the argument I will continue to answer more of
the "conspirators" arguments in the next segments.


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