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The 9/11 Twin Towers Conspiracy?

Nothing new under the sun....

                         THE 9/11 CONSPIRACY IDEA?

It is needful I expose the somewhat popular idea floating around,
and is being accepted by some Christians, as to the 9/11 Twin
Towers attack, as being a "conspiracy" by the USA Federal
Government, or they at least knew it was going to happen and
allowed it so, as they wanted an excuse to go to war with Iraq
and Afghanistan.

I've spent many hours looking at the various Youtube "conspiracy
geek" guys in the last little while.

I thought it was like looking at a good comedy by Dean Martin and
Jerry Lewis or Bud Abbott and Lou Costello or maybe the Marx
Brothers or Red Skelton, then again maybe like the Beverly
Hillbillies. I had a good laugh, if it was not so serious a

"Conspiracy geeks" have been around since the USA was a nation.
Some geeks (I'll call them "con.geeks" from now on) say the USA
founding fathers were "masons" and "evil secret society" guys,
working in the dark to lead the USA off into "diabolical un-
Christian wickedness." There's probably some con.geeks out there
who teach the USA civil war was some "conspiracy" of some kind by
someone. To be sure, you'll have some con.greeks who teach the
assassination of Abraham Lincoln, was some USA government
conspiracy. You'll probably find somewhere, those who teach the
entering into the Second World War was a conspiracy by the USA
government to enter the battle of that world war, you know the
Japan planes at Pearl Harbor were really USA planes in Japan
dress; Britain had wanted and asked for the USA to come into the
war, so the USA government conspired to bomb their own ships and
kill hundreds, in the disguise of Japan planes, so the USA people
would get mad enough to want to fight the Germans. Why you
probably have some con.geeks who say it was not the USA, but
Britain who conspired to dress up their planes as looking like
from Japan, bombing the USA ships in Pearl Harbor, so the USA
would enter the war.

Oh yes, you do have con.greeks who teach it was all a conspiracy
by the USA and Britain and the Jews, that 6,000,000 Jews were
killed by Hitler and his gun-men. Those con.geeks want you to
believe it was only 100s not millions of Jews killed by Hitler.
Then no doubt you'll have some out there who say the Second World
War never happened, it was all just a conspiracy.
Ah, there will be others that will teach, nearly 30 million
Russians never died in the Second World War, just 30 thousand -
the 30 million is just a conspiracy by Russia, so we can cry with

Yes indeed, you have con.geeks who say the assassination of
President JFK in 1963, was by the USA federal government. It was
all just a conspiracy that it was by one man called Oswald,
shooting from a window at the top of a deserted warehouse.

You'll have some teaching the assassination of Martin Luther King
was also a conspiracy, by the "white" USA government.

If President Ronald Reagan had been killed and not just wounded,
when he was shot, I'm sure you'd have con.geeks telling you that
was also a conspiracy by the government, be it USA or Russia.

Can't forget the "first men on the noon" landing in 1969 - you
still have some who tell you such never happened - it was all
just a conspiracy by the USA government.

And I would bet you if John Lennin (of the Beatles fame) had been
a USA senator, you would have people telling you his
assassination was all a conspiracy by the USA government, because
they did not like his new "religion" or his long hair, or his

There are those con.geeks who still tell you the USA has "space-
ships" from another planet, and the bodies of dead aliens from
another world, all locked up in some secret hideaway, in a secret
location, in a secret state, in a secret USA, that does not
really exist, as even the USA is a conspiracy.

You get the drift?

Some people are like some "religious demon geeks" - they see a
demon behind everything bad, from slipping on a banana peel, to
stubbing their toe, to hitting their finger with a hammer, to
rolling over in a car accident.

And I'll tell you this, some who are into "conspiracy" ideas get
DRUNK on it! It is like becoming a druggy - like being on
cocaine, terribly hard to ever got off it!


In the early 1990s I was living in Florida. There was this "week-
end" seminar on "prophecy" (mainly Bible prophecy). I went to see
what and who was telling their scenario about end times. The
first lecture I sat down to hear, was from some "professor" of
some University in the USA. He was boldly teaching that Russia
had NEVER had, and did NOT have, the Atomic bomb. It was all a
conspiracy by the Russian government. He went on to say that all
the photos we saw of Russian rockets and war machines of mass
destruction, were rockets and machines MADE FROM CARDBOARD!!
He had a BOOK! He had written a 100 page plus BOOK you could buy
from him, that gave you the "documented" proof the everything you
saw in photos from the Russian military were MADE OF CARDBOARD!!

Now you do not write a 100 page plus book and put NOTHING in it
but blank pages! He had his proof for what he taught in his book.
I never did go to the table to look at his book. When I heard
what I've just told you, I walked out of that seminar never to
return. But this guy had his book - I mean he had the so-called
"documented" proof, or enough "strange" questions about what the
Russian government was claiming, that he had built up enough
evidence that "a conspiracy is going on here" - Russia is
conspiring to say one thing, while lying and covering up, and
even forging pretend cardboard rockets and war machines of mass
destruction, to make out it was as much a super power as the USA.

And I (and my wife at the time) was the only ones to walk out on
his lecture, when I heard such off the wall language, such crazy,
silly, insane, daft, mad, demented, and deranged talk from this
egg-head professor from some USA university. People actually sat
there to hear the rest of his lecture, and I suppose many paid
the $20 to buy his book on what he claimed was the truth of the

So it is with this 9/11 conspiracy teaching from the conspiracy
geeks. I'll get into the nitty-gritty of it all, and show you
have nutty some can be, and how mad-as-a-hatter their common
logic is, that they do not have, in the next segments.

For now: all kinds of things were said by all kinds of people
during those 5 and 6 hours of that morning of September 11th 2001
(my birthday by the way), and many, as you can hear on Youtube,
were "I think" "maybe" "it seemed to me" "I didn't see" "I saw"
"it could be" etc. But to be sure the con.geeks will pick up on
what fits their scenario of "it was a conspiracy by the Federal

On such a day with such an event of horror on September 11th
2001, you will get conflicting talk, from just about everyone,
from those on the street and from those reporting on TV and
radio. You'll get conflicting eye witnesses, some saw this, some
saw that, some saw something else etc. 
Oh, there is one Youtube, where the sender shows you a "face" in
the clouds of fire and smoke from the one plane hitting one
tower. He/she put a circle around the spot where the "face is."
Wow, I looked and looked, and could see no face, it's a good job
he/she was kind enough to circle it for us, for me, I would have
been all my life trying to find it. It reminds me of all the
people and things are up in the stars. As a kid in England (where
you get unbelievable starry nights) I could never figure where
they got "scorpion" or "bear" or "cupid" or whatever and whoever
from the stars. I could see the "big dipper" but anything else
.... I used to look at the pictures in books of the starry heaven
and how they joined them together to make "this" or "that" thing
or person, and shake my head, and say, "Well thanks for pointing
it all out to me, for I sure would have never seen it, and thanks
but I still don't see it. I think your all a little nutty in your
line drawing to come up with this and that thing or person."

Recently, someone I know, who was passing through Calgary (where
I live) presented me with a few papers that showed the twin
towers on an American dollar bill (it may have been a one, two,
five dollar bill, the number on the bill I've forgotten) - you
"fold it" a certain way, and behold there is the two towers with
smoke coming from them. Wow, the inventors of that bill, from way
way, and more way back .... they knew the two towers were going
to come down; Oh, they also knew they would be built! You talk
about "prophecy" - those inventors and printers of that American
bill, what prophetic teachers they were.

I think, or I hope you are gathering, I'm SPEAKING WITH LOTS OF

Well this is just the start, I've got lots more to come!


Keith Hunt (May 2010)

To be continued

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