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Adam - made from RED earth?

Could have been....BUT

ADAM - WAS HE FROM "red earth" as come contend?

by Keith Hunt (June 2000) from a "forum" I was on at the time.

     Just for the record, as we have had a thread or two about
the "races" or the colors of us human race.

     In part, from the "Theological Wordbook of the Old
Testament," vol. l, pages 10,11.

('dm) 1. assumed root of the following. 25a ('adam) man, mankind,
Adam. 25b (adama) ground, land.

'adam..... Although the etymology of 'adam cannot be explained
with certainty (cf TDOT,I,p. 78), the word probably relates to
the original riddiness of man's conplexion (cf, F. Maas, 'adam
TDOT, 1, pp. 78-79......
'adama. Ground, land, earth ..... Originally this word signified
the red arable soil.....
...('dm) 2. Assumed root of the following. 26a ('adorn) ('adem)
be red. 26b ('adorn) red. 26c ('odem) carnelian. 26d (edom) name
of condiment. 26e ('edom) Edom. 26f (adomi) Edomite. 26g
(adamiddam) be reddish. 26h ('admoni) red, ruddy.
'adom, 'adem. To be red.....
Ugartic 'adm is the rouging done by the nobility after bathing.

Also note Old Akkadain 'adamu "dark red," as of a garment.
Akkadian adamatu "dark red soil" and adamu "red blood," and
Aramaic 'adam, as of blood......

     It would seem indeed that the evidence *strongly* points to
the first man being formed from the red soil. Well there is
shades of brown soil to black soil and shades of red soil on this
earth, but I ain't seen any "white" soil. Maybe the "red" Indian
looked more like Adam than anyone ... well whatever, it would
seem the white, black, brown and yellow of us came after the
first "red soil" version.

     But what's that to God, we are all going to look very much
like Him and His Son, whatever color they are (1 John 3: 1-3).

     Whatever color we are, we do know that we all come from that
first man and woman God created. Besides genetics or DNA in them,
I personally feel the Eternal also worked some specific miracles,
certain DNA miracles that were for then and for His purpose at
the beginning, certain miracles that are not being performed by
Him in the same way today. Yes it could well be that Adam and Eve
had all kinds of colored sons and daughters, and they also
likewise. If that was so then to them that was normal and very

     God performs His different miracles for different ages, His
will to be done. Look at the length of age they lived up to
Noah's time, then it would seem a huge change in that part of
human life God enacted. 
     At the beginning people were marrying their brothers and
sisters, without any DNA problems. God works different miracles
for different times for His purposes.

     But the biggest one of all is for us humans of any color or
nationality is to become LIKE Him, to be His  VERY  LITERAL
children! (1 John 3:1-3)



	I am fully aware of what Strong's Concordance has to say and 

	So whatever red "flush" or "color" Adam was we know this. God 
made him "good" - all that God made He looked at and said "that is good."
Adam was naked, so with a perfect climate, it would not have been 
long before he would have had a great sun-tan, white is not always
beautiful by any means, in fact some white people look like death
warmed over (because they are not following the laws of health).

	Adam was a caucasian type, yes. He was not a Red Indian from the
Western race of Indians, or a Chinese man. Yes, the Bible is an 
Insraelite book, from Abraham through the 12 tribes of Israel. God does
use certain "nations" or "peoples" to work His work on the physical side
of things on this earth, for His overall plan. But, when it comes to
salvation, as Paul said, there is no Jew or Gentile, there is no male 
or female, ALL are on the same playing field, to inherit the Kingdom 
of God. 

	Adam was a robust red flushed type caucasian with a great sun-tan.
Many who pride themselves (with the wrong kind of pride) that they are
caucasian, would do well to get themselves in Adam's health shape, though
sun-tanning, because we have damaged the ozone, is not that good for you
any more. The main point of this short study, is that outward looks are not
important in the long run of salvation, even in the short run. What God 
does through certain races, or nationalities on this earth in the physical
working of His plan is one thing, but salvation for all of mankind, is 
another thing, that does not depend on color of skin, race, shape of nose, 
shape of eyes etc.
	When people inherit the Kingdom of God, there will come a CHANGE, 
as Paul put it in the resurrection chapter of 1 Corinthians 15. We are to 
eventually look like Christ (ref. 1 John 3:1-3 with Revelation 1:13-16).
In the glorified form we shall not look white, black, yellow, green, 
blue, or whatever, we shall all be different than we are today. We shall
look like Christ!

	Do not make the mistake of getting hung up on "race" or "color" or 
even nationality - Jesus was a Jew from Judah while in the physical, 
not a Chinese man, but the end result is what is important - inheriting
the Kingdom of God, as He did, and as we can.
	Adam was a physical man, yes from the type that produced Noah, who
down the line produced Abraham, who down the line produced the 12 Tribes 
of Israel, but Adam may have had blond hair, or red hair, or brown hair, 
or black hair, and he may have gotten himself a super deep sun-tan. 
	So what ..... knowing and walking with God, finding and keeping 
on that straight narrow road to salvation, and being eventually changed
into the appearance of the glorified Christ, inheriting the Kingdom of God,
is the MOST IMPORTANT thing of all. And finding and walking that road is
EQUAL for all peoples at all times.

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