Tracts and Books

AS early as 1871, "The Bible Student's Assistant" was available to Advocate subscribers, as a compilation of Bible references on subjects as the Kingdom of God, the Millennium, the Resurrection, Sabbath, Ceremonial Sabbaths, Faith, Repentance, Baptism, State of the Dead, Destruction of the Wicked, Restoration of the Jews, name of the church, Daniel's image, etc. It was the predecessor of the Bible Home Instructor.

The tract, "The Bible Sabbath Defended," first printed around 1880, was still available in 1963. In the 1890's, tracts under the "Bible Truth Series" were printed, among them, "The Two Kingdoms, " which was about the "Kingdom of Grace" and the "Kingdom to Come." During this period, some 30-35 tracts were printed by the Church of God.

The tract, "Visions of Ellen G. White Not of God" by B. F. Snook and William H. Brinkerhoff, was advertised (price: 10$ in the Advent Christian paper, World's Crisis, from October 10, 1866 until the end of 1868. Other anti-White tracts, such as the one of Carver, have previously been noted.

"The Two-Horned Beast of Revelation 13," by A. C. Long, refuted the Seventh Day Adventist view that this beast represented the United States, instead identifying it with a religious and ecclesiastical government, probably the Catholic Church.

Tracts, Circa 1907

Tracts, with their authors, pages and price, as advertised in 1907 issues and the Bible Advocate are as follows:

Baptism -- J.T. Williamson 

20th Century Truisms  -- W.C. Long

Is it a Literal Fact?   (about  Lazarus and the Rich Man)  -- A. F. Dugger

Tithing System  --  B. F. Purdham

The Two Kingdoms  --  B. F. Purdham

An Old Habit  --  C.S. De Ford

 Meat in due season  --  J.W. Mrash

Introduction to Open Letter  No. 2  --   S.D. Heady 

Reasons for Embracing and Observing Jehovah's Sabbath  --  Almon Hall 

The Two Laws  --  A. C. Long

A Talk to the Children -- A.F. Dugger

The Thief on the Cross --  A. F. Dugger

Modern Prophets and Prophecies -- Harlan P. Peck

The Restitution -- A. F. Dugger

The Future Home of the Saints --  W.C. Long

The False and the True on the Law -- Eld. W. L. Crowe

The Holy City of God  --  sermon by W.C. Long

The King of the North, who, or what is it?  --  E.S. Sheffield

The Week -- A. J. Eychaner

Bible Lessons, No. 1 --  J.R. Goodenough

The Desolation of the Earth  --  A.F. Dugger

Examined and refuted  

The Two-Homed Beast of  Revelation 13, Showing its Application to the Papacy  --   A. C. Long

Second Coming of Chris--  Jacob Brinkerhoff

God's Sabbath Day from Eden Until Now  --  W.H. Ebert

The Two Covenants  --  W.C. Long

Mrs. White's Visions  -  Jacob Brinkerhoff

The Restoration of the Jews to their own Land  -  W.C. Long

Jews to their own Land  --  W. C. Lang

Thoughts on the Lord's Supper or The Christian Passover" --  W. C. Long  

Thoughts on the First Day of the Week -- A.F.Dugger

The  True Sabbath  --  W.C. Long

Crucifixion and Resurrection --  C.S. De Ford  

The Ten Commandments  --  W.C. Long

Change of the Sabbath  — Who Authorized It?  --  A.C. Long

Christian Materialism --  Jacob Brinkerhoff

Sunday verses Sabbath  --  Albert D. Rust

The Bible Student's Assistant

Points of Difference between  The Church of God and Seventh Day Adventists.

--  A. F. Dagger

Begotten Again, or Born Again     Which?  --  David Nield

Songs of Truth

The Gospel of the Sanctuary  --  E. P. Dexter

The Good Friday Problem --  David Nield

Conditional Immortality  --  E. E. Rogers

The Importance of Keeping the Sabbath  --   L. Niel

Additional Tracts, 1913-1916

Future Punishment --  S. P. Whitney

Thoughts on Mart. 24  --  S.S. Davison

Repentance  --  H.T. Whitehall

The Two Kingdoms  --  B. F. Purdham

The Word Made Flesh  --  Minnie Presler

A Sermon Submitted to Opposers of God's Law  --  E.G. Blackmon

Why I Observe the Sabbath, the 7th day of the week  --  Jacob Brinkerhoff

Meat for Thinking Minds  --  H.T. Whitehall 

Is the Soul Immortal?   And,  What is the soul?  --   S.P. Whitney

The Coming King; Watchman, Where are we? Second Coming of Christ  --  S.S. Davison

The Bible or Roman Catholic Catechism, Which? --  E.G. Blackmon 

Bible Teaching of Future, Life in Kingdom of God, and a History of the Temple in Jerusalem  --  Alpheus Davison

The Bible Student's Assistant, Doctrines of the Church of God

Rome in Prophecy  --  I.N. Kramer

The Bible Sabbath Defended   (3rd edition)  A. F. Dugger

Truths, Past, Present, Future  --  E.S. Sheffield

Law and Order, Disorder and  Gospel  --  J. F. Flory

Comparison of Early Wrtings of Ellen G. White with Later Publications  --  A. G. Long

Power for Witnessing  --  Albion F. Ballenger

The Reformation  --  Alonzo T. Jones

The Turkish Tangle  --  Alonzo T. Jones

An Appeal to Skeptics   (Is the Bible true?)  --  A. D. Rust

Are We Duty Bound to Keep  the Sabbath in this Age?  --  L. O. Van Nostrand

The Twelve Tribes Scattered Abroad  --  Loretta Reynolds 

Parable of Ten Virgins  --  G.S. De Ford

The Plan of Redemption  --  J.R. Goodenough

Liberty of Thought in School,  or What is History  --  Lloyd Shanklin


Babylon, The Great Systematical City of Confusion  --  W.S.Ward

The Worship of the Beast  and his Image  --  Elder Willis Logan

The Passover and the Lord's  Supper  --  H.T. Whitehall

Destiny of the Wicked  --  J.R. Goodenough

The Bible a Much Misunderstood Book  — Why?  --  Alpheus Davison

The Spirits in Prison  --  J. Nuesch

New Tracts, 1920

The Battle of Armageddon  --  A. N. Dugger

The New Testament  --  J. R. Goodenough

Justification by Faith  --  J. R. Goodenough

The Divine Paternity of Jesus  --  E. G. Blackmon

The Intermediate State and  Judgment Age  --   I.N. Kramer 

The Resurrection of Christ  -  Which Day Did it Occur?  --   A.N. Dugger

The Name Church of God  --  A. N. Dugger 

Present Truth  --  J. Neusch

A Glimpse of The Closing Work of God in the World and Its Relation to the Sabbath and Seventh-Day Adventists  --  G.E. Fifield

1924 Tracts

Counterfeit and Genuine Sabbath,  my experience with Both  --  G. W. Sarber

Conditional Immortality  --  E.E. Rogers

Future Punishment  --  S.P. Whitenew

How to Tithe and Why  --  a lay man

In Memory of Our Beloved Dead  --  H.C. Killgore

Plan of Salvation  --  Mary E. Eastman    

Proclamation of Liberty         

The Four World Empires  --  A.N. Dugger

The Death Penalty  --  A. N. Dugger

The Sign of Jonah  --  John Kolvoord

The Sanctuary  --  M. Yvonne Hastings

The Seal of God and the Mark of the Beast  --  A. N. Dugger

Priest Enright's $1,000 offer; an offer by a Catholic priest for Bible evidence of Sunday sacredness

Destiny of the Wicked

The Name Church of God

Does the Bible Teach Church Organization?

Vision of the late Mrs. Ellen G. White

The Two Laws

The Future Home of the Saints

Ten Commandments

Sunday and Sabbath

The "Gems of Truth" Series

To accompany the sale of Bible Home Instructors, a series of tracts were printed in the 1920's to outline more fully Church of God doctrines.

The purpose of the tracts was to build up churches and add members.

Colporteurs would call on homes, leaving tract #1, come back a week

later, and if the response was favorable, leave tract #2, and so on.

They sold (probably to the colporteurs, who gave them, free) for 2 cent 3 each, or $1.00 per 100 and $5.00 for 1,000. 

Tracts listed in the series in 1925 Included the following:

The Return of the Jews

The Signs of Our Times

The Battle of Armageddon

The Bible Name for the Bible Church

The Two Laws

Has Time Been Lost?

Bible Baptism

The Resurrection of Christ, Which Day?

The New Testament Sabbath, $10,000 offered for opposing


The Third Angel's Message

The Mark of the Beast

The Number of the Beast is 666

Where Are the Dead?

The Spirit, Eccl. 13:7, Explained

Bible Facts About Hell

Justified by Faith

In His Image

Laying On of Hands

A 1925 Advocate by Mrs. Rosa Frazier stated that laying on of hands after baptism is "plainly taught in Scriptures," and is part of the gospel, as believers who are baptized should have this done for the receipt of the Holy Spirit.