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July/August 2018

Christian ABC's

A. Is for 'answers' given by a Loving merciful God, 

As this sin laden road of life I daily trod.

B. Is for 'belief and for God's Holy 'Bible' too 

For God's Word is the truth, nothing else will do!

C. Is for 'Christ' and for 'Calvary's Cruel Cross.' 

For without either one, all HOPE would be loss!

D. Is for 'darkness' encompassed on every-hand, 

But for the light of Christ, in which I daily stand!

E. Is for 'Eternity,' which indeed awaits us all
Whether in the lying Grave, or awaiting Jesus' call!

F. Is for the 'future,' while we await that final Call!

I pray, "Lord, please uphold me," lest I surely fall!

G. Is for 'Grace,' and that, from 'God' of course,

Without His gracious love, there's only future remorse!

H. Is for 'Help,' OR 'Hell,' by the changing of one letter, 

But, by obedience to God, things do get better!

I. Is for the focal point of All mankind's sin

IN the middle of S.I.N, capital T, thus enters in!

J. Is for 'Jesus' who died on Calvary's tree 

For there He paid the price, to ransom you and me!

K. Is for 'King' Jesus and for His 'kindness' extended to us. 

For He paid the price for sin without complaint or fuss!

L. Is of course for 'LOVE' that motivates it all, 

Beginning in Eden, the hub of the Gospel Call!

M. Is for the 'Mercy,' He extended to all mankind. 

And every time we pray, it's there, us, to remind!

N. Is for 'Noah,' who was truly obedient to God in LOVE! 

An Ark he faithfully prepared, cause of Word from above.

O. Is for 'Old Testament,' given in days of old. 

A Guide for all the Saints, and all the prophets bold!

P. Is for 'prayer,' for 'peace' and the 'price,' Jesus paid, 

At the end time of His life, till in His tomb he was laid!

Q. Is for the 'quest' for souls, Christ performed while here 

The price he paid upon the Cross, showed souls were very dear!

R. Is for God's 'righteousness' and for His Son's too. 

Was passed on to His children, this we know is true!

S. Is for 'Salvation,' that makes this life worthwhile, 

So thru life's tribulations, we can still muster up a smile!

T. Is for 'Truth' and heavenly 'Treasures' without which all is lost 

For Satan's lies to Eve, we're still paying the awful cost!

U. Is for 'Understanding,' of our Lord and of His will 

So at the end of days, we'll be walking in it still!

V. Is for 'victory,' which comes thru Christ our King 

For His mercy and marvelous Love, may we forever sing!

W. Is for 'Worthy,' which we can NEVER truly BE! 

Yet John 3:16, took Christ to Calvary's cruel Tree!

X. Is for 'Xerxes,' King Ahaseurus, in days of Esther as Queen. 

Who saved the Jews, when Mordecai's hatred turned mean!

Y. Is for 'Youth,' the lifeline of any kind of professing Church 

Yet, sadly, they're left in an awfully precarious perch!

Z. Is for the 'Zeal!' of the Lord our King and God!

For thru His Zeal, into His Kingdom I one day hope to trod!

By Lloyd Walker