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Big step Forward - December 2007

                            BORDERLESS EUROPE!!

by Keith Hunt

You may have missed it - on December 21st 2007 the United Europe
became "passport" no longer and "borderless Europe" - a very
LARGE mile stone in the rising to a unified Europe that is
destined to play the most significant role in world history,
leading to the end of this age and the return of Jesus Christ.

It's taken DECADES of work to bring Europe to this point in
history. It's been two decades or so since the Berlin Wall that
divided East and West Germany, fell to the ground. A couple of
decades to us is a significant amount of time - about one forth
of our lifetime. But to God it is as nothing. 

It's taken 50 years or so to get Europe to be a no passport, free
borders, united nations of Europe. 

They have their own central Government, their own money (the
Euro), and now they have done away with passports and borders. 

The religion of this now more powerful and more united Europe, is
very much more Roman Catholic, than any other religion. The Roman
Catholic church now claims over ONE BILLION members worldwide -
at present that is one in every six persons on earth.

It's been written for thousands of years - it is taking shape -
the last resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire in Europe, the
SEVENTH and last one, is FORMING MORE AND MORE each and every
day, month, and year. It's taken 50 years to get to this point in
its resurrection. There is much YET that needs to form before it
takes its place as being the MOST powerful economical power, the
MOST International "trading" power, the world has ever seen. More
is yet to develop with the Woman Mother Roman Catholic church, as
she mounts up on this United Europe.

It's been 50 years or so, but prophecy has been taking shape in
Europe. The land-scape of Europe has CHANGED DRAMATICALLY in 50
years, since I was 15 years old (I'm 65 at present).  50 years
for us is a long time, for the Most Holy One it is as a fraction
of the blink of an eye.

Some now laugh at the prophecies proclaimed by the Church of God
in the last 50 years, because of the mistake of setting dates and
proclaiming the end of this age would take place before the year
2,000. Date setting is not new or just a mistake by the Church of
God, many others in the past partook of the same mistake. I well
remember "fundamental" Protestant books on "prophecy" coming out
in the 1980s claiming the 1980s was the last decade of this age
and Jesus would return before the 1990-2000 decade was here.

It is an old mistake - date setting. God is the only One who
knows the movement of prophecy, and He can prolong it or shorten
it, as He wills.

But make no mistake about the prophecy of a last resurrected Holy
Roman Empire, the Beast power of Europe, who will have a Woman
Whore Church (the Babylon Mystery Religion church) riding it. In
God's time, it will all come together. I will dogmatically and
with full assurance tell you that a united, Roman Catholic led
Europe, is forming, will continue to form, and will finally, one
day, one period of the future, for the last 42 months of this
age, control the Western world. It will control it economically,
religiously, and militarily. All will have to submit to its will,
to its prescribed life, to its prescribed religion, or face its
anger with no mercy.

A BORDERLESS/NO-PASSPORT Europe is just one more step in the
direction of marching towards the future as Jesus proclaimed it
in His book "The Revelation of Jesus Christ" - the last book of
the Bible.

Are YOU WATCHING WORLD EVENTS? Jesus said His followers were to
watch. Depending on the TV news station or daily paper you read
or tune into, you may or may not have caught the news that Europe
is now "borderless" and "passport" free, as of December 21st

I said recently that it would seem "prophecy" in this decade of
2000 -2010 has come to a stand-still. Well, ONE large event in
the chain of prophecy for this decade, will go down as a Europe
marching towards power and might, with no more borders or
passports needed.

While the USA marches towards having more border control and
passports (or the equivalent)  -  Europe marches in the OPPOSITE

You need to keep your eyes on Europe and the Roman Catholic


Entered on this Website December 22nd 2007 

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