Keith Hunt - Bitterness - a Killer Restitution of All

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Bitterness - a Killer

In humor I get SERIOUS!


Keith Hunt

     There once was a place called "Grumpy-Bitter-Peeve" and the
king of the hill there was a man called Steve (COULD BE ANYONE)
He moaned and groaned and complained all day, everyone knew he
had no play.
     For, he was too busy grumping about his one time Church, who
according to him, those coming from it, were the world's worse.
     Now, he had no theology for his bitterness had turned him
away, and as he did his stuff here and there he'd puff and huff
and make it a grumpy old day.

     Oh, how he could give it out to others in his complaining
tone, but if someone else gave it back to him, wow, you should
have heard his mouth pick a bone.

     Now, Hollywood came by to "Grumpy-Bitter-Peeve" for to show
the world how miserable life can be. Who did they get for the
starring role, but the king of the hill who had become a
grumpy-bitter old mole.

     Bitterness is not only a pain-in-the-neck, the ultimate is
to be out of the Kingdom, but what the heck, without such people
life would be a breeze, but for now they are a thorn in the side,
not bothered if their attitude one day in hell could get them

     Funny though some of this may be, I'm very serious in saying
BITTERNESS can kill both you and me. So for those who will
listen, before I do leave, better make sure you stay away from

"Follow peace with all, and holiness, without which no man shall
see the Lord. Looking diligently, lest any man fall from the
grace of God, lest any root of BITTERNESS springing up trouble
you, and thereby many be defiled" (Hebrews 12:14,15).

If you are bitter towards a church organization, don't get bitter
towards the truths of God.

Written August 1999

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