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Beginning Creations of God

From past Eternity to Gen.1:1



                         Finis Dake

Foreword: by Keith Hunt: On this study subject of the Scriptures
I agree with Finis Dake about 98% so I will not try to re-invent
the wheel, but will present you with 98% of Dake's study on God's
original creations, as he wrote in 1949.


PART 1: The Origin of All Things. Earth's First Sinless Career
(Gen 1:1; Ezek 28:15)


The original creations of God include the heavens and the Earth
and all things therein as first brought into being. This period
is summed up in Gen.1:1 thus: "In the beginning God created the
heaven [Hebrew, heavens] and the earth." This refers to the
dateless past, and takes in only a part of the creative ages....
that is, from the beginning of creation until the chaotic period
of Gen.1:2 when the Earth and its first inhabitants were
destroyed by the first flood. There are many other passages in
Scripture that refer to this period (Job 38; Ps.8:3-8; 19:1-6;
Prov.8:22-31; John 1:3,10; Acts 17:24-26; Col.1:15-18; Heb.
1:1-12; 11:3; Rev.4:11).


Just what God did in the eternal dateless past no one knows, for
He has not seen fit to reveal His activities from all eternity
(Deut.29:29). All we know is that God existed from all eternity,
and that sometime in the dateless past God brought into existence
the heavens and the Earth and all things that were originally
made therein. The present things that are on Earth were brought
into existence in six days AFTER the destruction of the first
creation of free moral agents that lived on the Earth (Gen.
That God existed from all eternity is very clear in Scripture:

"Before the mountains were brought forth, or ever thou hadst
formed the earth and the world, even from everlasting to
everlasting, thou art God" (Ps.90:2); "Thy throne is established
of old: thou art from everlasting" (Ps.93:2; Prov.8:22-31; Micah
5:2; Heb.9:14; John 1:1-3; Rev.1:4-8; 4:8; 22:5,13).

That God also created the heavens and the Earth and all original
creations in them sometime in the eternal past is also clear: 
"In the beginning," whenever that was, and as there is no date
for the beginning, it must refer to the dateless past. Any man
who sets a date or a time for the beginning is simply adding to
the Bible, and therefore, we refuse to even tolerate a statement
of such a date in these lessons. If God wanted us to know when
the beginning was, He would have told us. Since He did not give
even a hint, then let us leave it like it is. It could have been
millions and billions of years ago, or it could have been a
shorter period in the past. If geologists can prove the age of
the Earth to be as old as they claim it is, why disagree with
them. If they are right they are right, and if they are wrong
they are wrong. Either way it would not contradict the Bible, as
it does not set any time element in connection with the original
creation of the heavens and the Earth.
One thing is certain, according to Scripture, and that is the
Earth is more than 6,000 years old, and there were inhabitants on
the Earth before the days of Adam, as will be abundantly proved
from many plain Scriptures.... It must be kept in mind that the
heavens and the Earth were created in the dateless past as in
Gen.1:1, and that the Earth was cursed and flooded because of sin
as in Gen.1:2 before the six days of re-creation as in Gen.
1:3-2:25. Lucifer was already a fallen creature when he came into
Adam's Eden. He had already ruled the Earth and had rebelled, and
caused the first flood on the Earth before Adam was created....

Another thing is certain, God made His plan for the heavens and
the Earth and all things therein, before He began to bring them
into existence. Then, too, it is also certain that God brought
them into existence, and that they are not a product of evolution
as taught by many foolish men in their opposition to the Bible.
The Bible begins with "God" as the Creator of all things, and
ends with "God" reigning over all things after rebellion against
His moral government has been put down (Gen.1:1; 1 Cor.15:24-28;
Eph.1:10; Phil.2:9-11; Rev.21-22).


....God's plan was made for, and is being worked out by ...
separate and distinct persons. We have statements in Scripture
which prove that all ... planned together, the plan that is now
revealed in the Bible. The ... members of the Deity consulted in
various places in working out this plan. In Gen.1:1 and in about
2,700 other places in the Hebrew Bible the word for "God" is
Elohim, which is a uni-plural noun meaning "Gods" and is so
translated 239 times in the King James Version (Gen.3:5; Ex.
22:28; 1 Sam.4:8; Dan.2:11; 4:6-9; 5:11,14; etc.). It is the
plural of Eloah meaning "Deity" or "God." Translating this word
literally in the English it would be "In the beginning Gods
created the heaven and the earth." Sometimes it is used with
plural pronouns as, "And Gods said, Let US make man in OUR
image," thus not only showing plurality of persons, but that all
persons had the same kind of image and likeness, and that not
just one of them had a spirit body.

In Gen. 3:22 it is expressed thus: "man is become AS ONE OF US,"
showing that all ... persons in the Deity were alike. The phrase
"AS ONE OF US" means "like each one person of several, persons of
the same kind," as proved wherever it is used in Scripture or in
any other literature. It could not mean anything else in English.
In Gen.11:7, the Gods said, "Let US go down, and there confound
their language." Plural pronouns are used of God in other places
in both Testaments (Isa.6:8; Ps.2:3; John 14:23; 17:11,22). It is
perfectly scriptural to use the plural word "Gods" when we speak
of ... separate persons in the Godhead .... There would be no
sense to the meaning of one in unity if there was only one person
in the Godhead.
It is perfectly natural, therefore, if there be ... persons in
the Deity that all of them would have a part, and would consult
each other in the drafting of the plan. Where the Godhead dwelled
in all eternity, and what they all did is not known. When and
where the plan was drafted is not known, but it is stated in
Scripture that God planned the worlds (ages) by Christ (Heb.
1:1-3; 11:3), and by Him all things were brought into being (Col.
1:15-18; Eph.3:9; John 1:1-3,10).
The following passages prove that the plan was made and known
unto God from the very beginning: "Declaring the end from the
beginning, and from ancient times" (Isa.46:10-11); "This is the
purpose that is purposed upon the whole earth" (Isa.14:26-27);
"Thou hast established the earth, and it abideth. They continue
this day according to thine ordinances" (Ps.119:89-91); "Known
unto God are all his works from the beginning of the world" (Acts
15:18). See also Eph.1:4-11; 2:7; 3:5-11; 1 Pet.1:20.


The following points will give the student a gist of the whole
plan of God as revealed in the Bible from the eternal past to the
eternal future....It would be profitable to study the plan...
so that a general idea of God's program from eternity to eternity
could be gained, and the student could begin to rightly divide
the Word of Truth by associating the various Scriptures with the
proper periods, or ages and dispensations.

1.  God in the eternal past (Ps.90:2; 93:2; Mic.5:2; Heb.9:14).
2.  The drafting of God's plan (Heb.1:3; 11:3; Eph.3:11; 1 Pet.
3.  Creation of the heavens, including the-sun, moon, and stars
(Gen.1:1; Col.1:15-18; Ps.8:3; 90:2; 95:5; 102:25; Isa.40:12, 26;
45:12; 48:13).
4.  Creation of the spirit-world (Job 38:4-7. Col.1:15-18).
5.  Creation of the Earth. The Earth made perfect the first time
(Gen.1:1; Job 38:4-7; Isa.45:18; Heb.11:3).
6.  Creation of "the world [kosmos, social order] that then was"
(2 Pet.3:5-9; Isa.14:12-14; 45:18; Jer.4:23-26; Ezek.28:11-17).
7.  Lucifer's reign over "the world that then was" (Isa.14:12-14;
Jer.4:23-26; Ezek.28:11-17; Col.1:15-18). The length of his rule
is unknown.
8.  Other thrones, dominions, principalities and powers placed
over other parts of the universe (Col.1:15-18; Eph.1:21; 3:10; 1
9.  The Kingdom of God universal; God the Supreme Moral Governor
of the universe, and all in harmony with Him (Job 3:8; Dan.4:17,
25,32,35). The length of the rule of the universal harmonious
kingdom, before Lucifer started his rebellion is unknown.
10. Lucifer, the original ruler of the planet Earth, conceives
the idea that he can get the co-operation of other angelic beings
of the universe, dethrone God, and become the exalted supreme
ruler of the universe (Isa.14:12-14; Ezek.28:11-17; 1 Tim.3:6).
11. Lucifer carries out his plans, and through pride falls and
foments rebellion by slander and accusations against the
Almighty. He causes his own earth-kingdom subjects and over
one-third of God's angels (Rev.12:7-12) to rebel against Him. The
Earth enters its first sinful career (Isa.14:12-14; Ezek.
28:11-17; 1 Tim.3:6). The length of the uprising is unknown.
12. Lucifer instigates rebellion and persuades everyone possible
to rebel. He openly breaks relations with God and His government,
and leads his rebels from the appointed place of mobilization on
Earth into Heaven to dethrone God; but he is met by Michael and
the faithful angels, and is defeated and cast as lightning back
to the Earth (Isa.14:12-14; Ezek.28:11-17; Luke 10:18).
13. God completely destroys Lucifer's kingdom on Earth, and
curses the Earth by destroying every bird, animal, fish, city,
inhabitant, and all, vegetation. He then turns the Earth upside
down and by means of a great flood makes it empty and a waste
(Gen.1:2; Ps.104:5-9; Isa.14:12-14; Jer.4:23-26; Ezek.28:11-17; 2
Pet.3:5-9). The length of the pre-Adamite flood on the Earth is
14. The Spirit of God begins to move upon the flooded Earth and
in the darkness which covered the waters to restore the Earth to
a habitable state, and to create new land animals, fish, fowls,
vegetation, and Adam as the new ruler of the Earth (Gen.1:2; Ps.
104:6-9). Length of the re-creation is six days (Gen.1:3-2:25;
Ex.20:8-11; 31:13).
15. The Earth is made perfect a second time and all things in the
universe are again in harmony with God as before Lucifer's
rebellion; except Lucifer and his spirit rebels are still at
large in the heavenlies to further God's plan in the probationary
periods of the human race should man fall (Gen.1:3-2:25; Eph.
2:1-3; 6:10-18; Job 1:6; 2:1; Rev.12:7-12).
Innocence.... (Gen. 2:17-3:24).
17. Lucifer (now the devil or adversary of God and man called
Satan) enters the restored Earth, tempts man and causes his fall,
thus regaining dominion of the Earth and all things therein (Gen.
3; Luke 4; John 12:31; 2 Cor.4:4; Rev.11:15; 20:1-10).
18. Rebellion starts again on the Earth by the second ruler of
Earth. Man is judged, the Earth is again cursed and enters its
second sinful career, and all creatures are brought under the
bondage of sin and corruption (Gen.3; Rom.5:12-21; 8:19-23).
19. "The heavens and the earth which are now" since the
restoration work of the six days, and since the new curse on the
Earth await the time of the second renovation, (or restoration of
all things - the curse on earth from Adam and Eve into sin, is
the curse of sin and what sin bring - Keith Hunt) and the third
perfect state of the Earth, called the New Heavens and the New
Earth (2.Pet.3:5-13; Rom.8:19-23; Heb.1:10-12; 12:24-28; Rev.
Conscience (Gen.3:1-8:14)....
21. THE THIRD PROBATIONARY PERIOD - The Dispensation of Human
Government (Gen.8:15-11:9)....
22. THE FOURTH PROBATIONARY PERIOD - The Dispensation of Promise
(Gen.11:10-Ex.12:51). The length of this period was 430 years
(Ex.12:40; Gal.4:30).
23. THE FIFTH PROBATIONARY PERIOD - The Dispensation of Law (Ex.
13:1; Matt.4:1; 11:11; Luke 16:16). The length of this period was
over 1,718 years from Moses to Christ.
24. THE SIXTH PROBATIONARY PERIOD - The Dispensation of Grace
(John 1:17; Matt.4:1-Rev.19:21). The length of this period will
be from the first advent to the second advent of Christ, and the
binding of Satan in the abyss at the end of this age. It has
already lasted 1,948 years (when Dake was writing this - Keith
25. THE SEVENTH PROBATIONARY PERIOD - The-Dispensation of Divine
Government or Millennium (Rev.20:1-10). The length will be 1,000
years (Rev. 20:1-10).
26. At the end of the Millennium Satan will be loosed from the
abyss to deceive the nations on the Earth; then will come the
last rebellion on the Earth, and the destruction of all human
rebels (Rev.20:7-10).
27. The second resurrection and final judgment at the end of the
Millennium (Rev. 20:11-15).
28.  The end of the Earth's second sinful career by the
renovation of the immediate heavens and the Earth and the removal
of all the curse and its effects (2 Pet.3:10-13; Rom.8:19-23;
Heb.1:10-12; 12:24-28).
29. The confinement of all spirit and human rebels of all ages in
the lake of fire forever (Matt. 25:41, 46; Rev. 14:9-11;
20:10-15; Isa. 66:22-24) (the blackness of darkness forever -
Jude 13 - Keith Hunt)
30. The New Heavens and the New Earth - the eternal perfect state
with God all-in-all again, as before rebellion started in the
universe with Lucifer and Adam (1 Cor.15:24-28). The Earth will
be made perfect the third time (Isa.65:17; 66:22-24; 2 Pet.3:13;


By the creation of the material universe we mean the creation of
the heavens and of the Earth, and all things originally created
therein. The heavens were created first, then the Earth, as
proved in Gen. 1:1; Job 38:4-7.
The word beginning, as we have seen, refers to the dateless past
when there was as yet no material universe, or the heavens and
the Earth could not be spoken of as being created or brought into
existence at that time. There was as yet no day and night, and no
time on the Earth or in Heaven, for they were not yet created.
Whether there was day and night or times and seasons where God
lived before that, is not stated, and all speculation is
valueless as to proof of the fact one way or the other.
The word created is from the Hebrew word 'bara,' meaning to
create, to make new or bring into existence without the use of
pre-existing material. This latter idea is certainly true of the
materials out of which the heavens and the Earth were formed. In
Heb.11:3 we read that the "things which are seen [the visible
things] were not made of things that do appear" or that were
visible. If the heavens and the Earth were brought into
existence, then it is certain that at one time they were not in
existence. 'Bara' is found forty-nine times in the Hebrew Bible,
and is translated 'create' eight times: 'created' thirty-three
times; 'make' four times; 'Creator' three times; and 'createth'
one time. The primary idea is to bring into existence something
new, even if the something new is to be made out of already
existing material. Perfection is generally implied, and is always
implied when anything is a creation of God. Moses said, "His work
is perfect" (Deut.32:4) and David said, "His way is perfect" (2
Sam.22:31). Solomon said that God "made everything beautiful in
his time" (Eccl.3:11). In fact, a perfect God could not make
anything imperfect.
'Bara' is used only seven times in Gen.1:1-2:4, the passage that
records all the creative ages. It is correctly translated created
in each case. In all other verses of this passage the word 'made'
is used. It is from the Hebrew 'asah,' meaning to 'make something
out of already existing material,' as explained in Point VII

In Gen. 1:1 the heavens and the Earth are created or brought into
existence; in Gen.1:21 the sea creatures are created or brought
into existence; and in Gen.1:28 man is created or brought into
being. Thus 'bara' is reserved for the introduction of each of
the three great spheres of existence; the world of matter, the
world of natural life as in all living creatures, and the world
of spiritual life represented by man. The heavens and the Earth
were brought into existence "In the beginning," while the living
creatures and man were brought into existence on the fifth and
sixth days of the restoration of the Earth to a habitable state.
All other accomplishments in the six days were not of a creative
nature but were things made out of already existing material
which had been created, in the various periods or ages "In the
The Hebrew word for heaven is 'shamayim,' meaning lofty, sky, the
higher ether where the celestial bodies revolve. It is found 657
times and in most places it should have been translated heavens.
God created the heavens, which includes the sun, moon, stars, and
all inhabitants of Heaven and all things therein. (He actually
HAD created all these in timeless past, now they were appearing
again ,visible as from standing on the earth as god was making
visibility once more - see the Fenton translation of the Hebrew
here in Genesis one - Keith Hunt).
Then He created the Earth and its inhabitants and all things
therein. That the heavens are inhabited is clear from Rev.12:12;
13:6; Col.1:15-18; Dan.4:35. There are at least three heavens,
and all were created and inhabited "In the beginning." The third
Heaven is God's dwelling place....

It is interesting to note that astronomers have discovered
planets about 150,000,000 light years from the Earth. This is
about 14,690,062,800,000,000,000 miles from the Earth, or the
distance light can travel in 150,000,000 years at the rate of
186,000 miles a second. Astronomers say that there may be other
universes beyond this one. They also say that each star is a sun
to other planets, but they are so far distant from our planetary
system that they appear as small lights. Also, about
6,000,000,000 stars have been discovered and they are all suns to
other planets. If this is true, then the universe is vast beyond
conception. All this is no doubt true, for it is hard to conceive
of God existing from all eternity as a lazy Being; not doing one
thing until a few millenniums ago when He finally decided to do
something, and He then made the heavens and the Earth. It is easy
to conceive that God has been making things in all the eternal
past. What we have revealed in God's plan for man proves that God
has always been busy doing things. The Bible says that the
heavens cannot be measured and the host of Heaven cannot be
counted (Jer.31:37; 33:22-25).

The Hebrew word for earth is 'erets,' meaning dry ground: "And
God called the dry land Earth" (Gen.1:9-10), so we can read Gen.
1:1, "In the beginning God created the heavens and dry land." In
Gen.1:2 the dry land is then wet land, proving it was flooded
after its original creation (Ps.104:6-9; 2 Pet.3:5-6). 'Erets' is
translated 'Earth' 708 times; 'land' 1,523 times; 'ground' 102
times; 'country' 102 times; and 'countries' 53 times. Thus the
heavens and the Earth were completed and inhabited, and then the
Earth was flooded as in Gen.1:2 before the beginning of the six
days of Gen.1:3-2:25.


It is clear from Job 38:4-7 that the spirit-world of angels,
seraphims, cherubims, and other spirit beings were created before
the Earth, for the "sons of God",were present and shouting when
God laid the foundations of the Earth. It is also clear from this
passage that the heavens, including the sun, moon, and stars were
created before the Earth for "the morning stars" sang together
when God laid the foundations of the Earth.
It is not stated whether or not the spirit beings were created
before the heavens but if we take God's work in creating the
Earth as a pattern for His work in the heavens, then it is clear
that the heavens were first created and then the inhabitants of
Heaven. This would be the logical order of creation - make the
place before creating the inhabitants to live on the place. Since
the inhabitants were a part of the creation and not part of the
Creators (Col.1:15-18), they naturally would have to be created
after the places were created on which they were to live. This is
the way it happened on Earth in the six days of the restoration
of the Earth from chaos to a second habitable state (Gen.


Undoubtedly, God created and made the different parts of the
material universe and each thing therein, using the same care and
time as in the six days when He restored the planet Earth to a
habitable state and made a new order of Earth creatures. In the
work of the six days, it is stated that God with His hands FORMED
each of the living creatures and man out of the dust of the
ground (Gen.1:20-27; 2:7-25; Job 26:13; Rom.9:20; 1 Tim.2:13).
It is not only clear that God created the heavens and the Earth
and all things "In the beginning," or each in its own period, but
it is also clear that God FORMED all things with His hands. God
FORMED both light and darkness (Isa.45:7). He did not do this in
the first day of Gen.1:3-5, for at that time He merely divided
them. Therefore they must have been created and formed before the
first day. It is also stated that God with His hands FORMED the
Earth (Ps.8:3,6; 90:2; 95:5 ); the heavens (Ps.8:3; 19:1; 102:25;
Isa.40:12); the planets (Ps.8:3; Isa.40:26; 45:12; 48:13; Heb.
1:10) and all things (Prov.26:10).
From a study of all these Scriptures and those on the creation of
all things, it is clear that by the Word of God the materials
were brought into existence, and then by His hands He formed the
materials into the various parts of the universe. That is, as God
spoke, the materials came into existence and as fast as they
materialized He used them to form all things with His hands (Ps.
8:3; 2 Pet.3:3-9; Prov.26: 10).


In answer to this question the Bible says, "In the beginning
[literally, by periods or ages] God created the heaven [Hebrew,
heavens] and the earth," not "Six thousand years ago God created
the heavens and the earth," as is generally taught. Can we say
just when was the beginning? If we can, then we know more than
God has revealed. If we cannot, then it stands to reason that we
do not know, and therefore, should not teach that the beginning
was 6,000 years ago. As far as we know it could have been six
billion years as well as about 6,000 years.....

In no Scripture are we told to believe that the heavens and the
Earth were originally created during the six days and at the time
of Adam ....

Some use Exodus 20:8-11; 31:17 to prove that the heavens and the
Earth were created in the six days of Gen.1:3-2:25, and
therefore, that they were created about 6,000 years ago. However,
nothing is said of the original creation of the heavens and the
Earth in these passages. In these Scriptures the Hebrew 'asah,'
meaning to make out of already existing material, is used instead
of the word 'bara,' to create. These verses picture the
re-creation work of the six days, and not the original creation
"In the beginning." 'Asah' never means to create. It is
translated 'made' 659 times; 'make' 449 times; 'maketh' 59 times;
'madest' sixteen times; 'maker' thirteen times; 'making' eleven
times; and 'madest' three times. When God said, "In six days the
Lord made heaven and earth," He had in mind the restoration of
the heaven (firmament, or clouds) and the Earth to a habitable
state as it was before the destruction of Lucifer's kingdom by
the flood of Gen.1:2.... 


Judging from what was done in six days, it took, or rather God
took, a long time to originally create or bring into existence
the material and use it to form with His hands each sun, moon,
star, planet, and each creature that inhabits the vast universe.
God took one day to merely divide the light from the darkness on
this one little planet, Earth. How much time He originally took
to bring into existence all the darkness and light of the vast
universe is not known, but evidently He took a longer time than a
day. God took one day to divide the waters which covered the
Earth and restore the firmament and one day to restore the Earth
and set bounds to the seas, therefore, He naturally took a much
longer period to originally bring the materials into existence
and form the waters, the firmament, and the Earth with its many
mountains and valleys.
God took one day to complete solar regulation in connection with
the restored Earth, but He evidently used a much longer period to
originally bring into existence and form with His own hands the
vast heavens and all the suns, moons, stars, and planets that are
without number. God took two days to form the bodies of the fish,
fowls, beasts, man, and woman. He naturally took a much longer
period to originally create and form each inhabitant of the vast
heavens and the many animals and inhabitants who originally lived
on the Earth during Lucifer's kingdom, long before the chaos of
Gen.1:2 and the six days of Gen.1:3-2:25.
In other words, if God took six days to restore one little planet
to a habitable state and form new inhabitants for the Earth, He
would naturally take a much longer time to originally create and
form the vast universe with all of its innumerable suns and
planets along with their inhabitants.

(Well that is merely Dake's deductions, for God can take as long
or short a time as He wants to take. He can merely "speak" if He
likes and "it is done." But as Dake did point out the Hebrew in
Genesis one verse one is : "And by PERIODS" - see Fenton
translation - God it would seem did choose to use "periods" -
whatever they may have been - to create the entire universe. Even
today science says "new" stars are being born all the time out
there in the universe - Keith Hunt)


God created the material universe to be inhabited with
intelligent, free moral agents, to whom He could reveal Himself,
and who could enjoy all the rich blessings of life and the
goodness of the Creator forever. Then too, God created plant and
animal life as well as all other things necessary for sustaining
life in the universe (Ps.8:3-8).
In Isa.45:18 we read, "For thus saith the Lord that created the
heavens; God Himself that formed the earth and made it; he hath
established it, he created it not in vain [Hebrew, tohu,
desolate, as in Gen.1:2] he formed it TO BE INHABITED." Paul
said, "All things were created by him, and FOR HIM . . . THAT IN
come he might shew the exceeding riches of his grace in his
kindness toward us through Jesus Christ" (Col.1:15-18; Eph.
1:3-11; 2:7; 3:9-11). In Rev.4:11 we read, "Thou hast created all
things, and FOR THY PLEASURE they are and were created."


For an unknown period, there was an original social system on
this Earth ruled by Lucifer, before the time of the social system
that was created in Adam's day. This may be a new idea to some,
so we shall give plenty of scriptural proof in Lesson Seven. It
is sufficient at this point to say that there had to be a social
order on Earth, for Lucifer to have a kingdom here, as is proved
in Isa.14:12-14; 45:18; Jer.4:23-26; Ezek.28:11-17. 2 Pet.3:5-7.

Along with this social system there were land animals, birds,
fish and other creatures created ... Gen.1:2; Ps.104:5-9; 2 Pet.
3:5-7. It is to this original period that all fossils and remains
of animals belong, as well as the geologic formations of the
Earth. (In the main I would agree with Dake, but some fossils and
remains of course can be from the time of Adam's creation - this
is only logical - Keith Hunt). The demons also belong to this
period, for they are not the souls of human beings ... (Well they
became 'demons' during some period of that age, when Lucifer and
one third of the angels rebelled against God's government, and
made war against God in heaven, and much destruction took place
in the universe and all over this earth, when the earth became
covered with water - Gen.1:1-2 - and the age of the Dinosaurs
came to an end - Keith Hunt).

Between these original creations of God and the creations of the
six days, we have revealed in Scripture: the rule of Lucifer on
the Earth for an unknown period, his rebellion against God, the
Earth's first sinful career, the defeat of Lucifer by God, and
the overthrow of his kingdom by the first recorded flood on the
Earth in Gen.1:2. Lucifer was the first ruler on the Earth and he
already had his period of Earth rule and his fall by the time of
Adam, for he was already a fallen creature when he came into
Adam's Eden....


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