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The Beasts of Daniel and Revelation #2

All about them!


He - this second beast causes a MARK to be given
to - (Rev. 13 I 16).

1. Small or great people, rich or poor people, free or bond
(slaves, servants).
This MARK knows no class distinction - it is upon kings or

2. This MARK is received either in the HAND - what you do
physically or in the FOREHEAD - what you believe mentally.

3. (v.17) This MARK effects being able to BUY or SELL - it
effects your job, or livelihood.

4. This MARK belongs to the FIRST BEAST but is forced upon people

The FIRST BEAST is the civil military ROMAN EMPIRE. The SECOND
BLAST is the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH with its head spokesman and
finally its greatest miracle working false prophet of all time.
What in history has the CATHOLIC CHURCH acquired from PAGAN ROME
to give and force people to accept - people of all walks of life
- that effect what they do physically (the hand) or what
they believe mentally (the forehead) - something that could very
well effect buying or selling. This MARK would be so worldwide
and so obvious to tell those who had it, and those who refused to
have it.
There is only ONE answer - SUNDAY observance - the first day of
the week as opposed to the seventh day. The keeping of Sunday as
the Sabbath of God has NO Biblical foundation whatever. The first
day of the week was observed by pagan Rome in B.C. times. The
Catholic Church adopted it from Rome and enforced it on the world
at the Council of Nicea in 321 A.D. See your history books.

Prophesying about the emergence of the CATHOLIC church, Daniel
was inspired to write,"And he shall speak words against the Most
High and shall wear out the saints of the Most High, and THINK to
CHANGE the TIMES (of sacred feasts and holy days)and the LAW..."
(Dan.11:25, Amplified Bible).

The law of the SABBATH(4th point of the 10 commandments)was
CHANGED by the sanction of the Catholic church from SATURDAY to
The sacred feasts of God(as given in Lev.23) were CHANGED to
different dates and days or supplanted with other festivals of
PAGAN origin i.e. Easter in place of PASSOVER - ChristMass in
In a larger sense ALL of these false PAGAN days and festivals
constitute the MARK of the Roman empire, which the IMAGE of the
BEAST has caused ALL but the very elect of God to receive either
in their MIND (forehead) - what they mentally receive and honor
as truth AND/OR in their HAND - what they physically DO.
Those Who REFUSE to follow the 7th day Sabbath and festivals of
God have RECEIVED the MARK of the BEAST. He is a part of the
Pagan Roman empire - and unless REPENTANCE is forthcoming, will
suffer the WRATH of God (Rev.14:9,10).


(v. 17), The beast - this is the first beast - CIVIL MILITARY
ROMAN EMPIRE - has not only a MARK that brands people as
belonging to it, but also a NUMBER that identifies who this beast
(v. 18), This number is also the number of a MAN - one SPECIFIC

The number of this MAN must also be the NAME of the BEAST. NOTE:
This number is NOT the number of a TITLE or OFFICE or RELIGIOUS
ORDER. It is the NUMBER of a MAN - a man that identifies the
beast - a man that gives his name to the beast, as it is also the
number of the beast's name.
If the beast (first beast of Rev.13) is the resurrected ROMAN
EMPIRE - can we find in history a man who gave his NAME to the
empire. Oh, indeed we can!

The founder of ROME and the ROMAN EMPIRE was a man - ROMULUS -
this is what the history books say on him:


ROMULUS AND REMUS in Roman mythology, were twin brothers who
founded the city of Rome. The Romans considered Romulus their
first king.
According to tradition, Romulus and Remus were born in the
ancient Italian city of Alba Longa. King Numitor ruled Alba Longa
until Arnulius, his younger brother, deposed him. Amulius killed
Numitor's sons and forced Rhea Silvia, Numitor's daughter, to
become a Vestal Virgin. Vestal Virgins were priestesses who by
law had to remain virgins. Amulius hoped that Rhea Silvia's being
a Vestal Virgin would prevent her from bearing children who might
threaten his rule. But the god Mars seduced Rhea Silvia, and she
gave birth to Romulus and Remus. Amulius had Rhea Silvia executed
and ordered the babies placed in a basket and thrown into the
Tiber River.
After floating downstream, the twins were washed ashore. A female
wolf found the infants and nursed them. Romulus, Remus, and the
wolf became popular subjects for Roman artists. Several ancient
statues show the babies with their animal protector.
A shepherd named Faustulus discovered Romulus and Remus.
Faustulus and his wife raised the boys as their own children.
After the twins became young men, they learned their true
identity. They overthrew Amulius, killed him, and restored
Numitor to the throne.
Soon, Romulus and Remus set out to found their own city. However
the brothers quarrelled over the site where the city should be
built, so to settle the argument, they agreed that the one who
saw the largest number of vultures in flight should choose the
site. Romulus claimed he saw 12 vultures, which he declared was a
sign from the gods that his location was the proper one. Remus,
who saw only six vultures, thought his brother had cheated. After
Romulus began to build a wall around his chosen site, Remus
leaped over the ditch that was to hold the foundation of the
wall. As he did so, he mocked Romulus. For this act of
disloyalty, Remus was killed, either by Romulus himself or by one
of Romulus' followers. Romulus then became the sole ruler of the
city, which he named Rome, for himself.
Rome prospered, but only men lived there. To provide wives for
his subjects, Romulus had women kidnapped from the neighboring
Sabine tribe (see Sabine). Romulus was a wise and popular ruler
and a fine miliary leader. He expanded Rome until it became the
most powerful city in its region.
After reigning for 38 years, Romulus disappeared mysteriously
during a storm. According to a later Roman myth, he became the
god Quirinus. 
C. Scott Littleto
See also Mythology (Roman Mythology); QUIRINUS 

End Quote

The city of Rome was named after ROMULUS - the empire was named
after the capital city ROME - if you were part of that empire you
were a man of Rome - a ROMAN - a ROMULUS MAN. 

We are told to COUNT - add up - the man - it will come to 666.

The New Testament was written in Greek - the Greek for
          L is worth  30 
          A  "   "     1
          T  "   "   300 
          E  "   "     5      
          I  "   "    10 
          N  "   "    50 
          0  "   "    70 
          S  "   "   200 

A total of 666!!

LATEINOS in Greek means "Latin Man" - a man of Italy - a man of
Rome - a Roman - a Romulus man.

ROMULUS in HEBREW (which the Old Testament was written in) is
Romiith - this also totals 666.

There is no question - what John sees as the FIRST BEAST of
Revelation 13 is the RESURRECTED CIVIL ROMAN EMPIRE after 554 
A.D. - it is Daniel's fourth beast of Dan.7 after the first three
horns have gone.
The ten horns of John's beast of chapter 13 are the ten toes of
Daniel's image of Dan.2 and the ten kings of Rev.17 that will
fight Christ on His return.

The SECOND BEAST of John in Rev.13 is the LITTLE HORN of Daniel 7
- the PAPACY - the Roman Catholic Church - the IMAGE, the
spiritual image of the civil Roman empire - the Church that
caused people to be killed, that made war with the saints of God
if they did not worship it - the Church that has a man as its
eyes and mouth - a man that blasphemes the name of God, calling
himself "father". The Church - the beast that will finally bring
forth the greatest false prophet of all - the man of sin - the
antiChrist - the miracle worker - that Christ shall consume with
the spirit of His mouth upon returning to this earth.

The Catholic Church is the little horn that "thought" to CHANGE
THE LAW of God (Dan.7). It is the beast that caused the world to
receive a MARK - a mark derived from pagan Rome - SUNDAY
OBSERVANCE - it changed the FOURTH POINT of God's law, from the
SEVENTH DAY of the week to the FIRST DAY of the week. It CHANGED
the SACRED FEASTS and HOLY DAYS of God (as given in Lev.23) and
borrowed from PAGAN ROME the feasts of Easter, Christmas, Lent,
New Years, All Saints Day, Valentines Day, etc.


v. 1 
Great whore - a woman prostitute sitting on MANY WATERS - people,
multitudes, nations, v. 15. She rules, guides MANY nations and

v. 2 
Kings have been part of her lewdness and the earth has been made
drunk - can't see straight, can't direct its path straight.

v. 3 
A WOMAN - chapter 12.1-5, tells us a woman in prophecy represents
a CHURCH - the Church of God brought forth Jesus who is to rule
all nations when He returns, but is now on God's right hand in
heaven. See v.5-17 of chap. 12. This Church - woman, is a fallen
woman, a prostitute. She sits on a beast that - is red and:
     1. blasphemes
     2. has seven heads 
     3. and ten horns
Compare this to Rev.12:3 (Satan - red and seven heads and ten
horns) and Rev.13:1-5 - the beast of John has:
     1. seven heads
     2. ten horns
     3. the dragon (Satan chap.12:3,9) controls 
     4: it blasphemes
The first beast of Rev.13 is the civil military power of the
resurrected Roman empire.
The beast that John sees here - the beast the woman or Church
rides and controls is the SAME BEAST - the Roman empire.

v. 4-6    
Is a description of this woman - this Church.
     1. Very rich and wealthy - serving abominations. 
     2. She is full of mystery derived from ancient Babylon - she
is the foremost proponent of great Babylon mysteries.
     3. She is a mother - other Churches came out of her.
     4. This Church is responsible for the killing of true
followers of God.

The second beast of Rev.13 also is responsible for killing anyone
who would not worship it.
This WOMAN and the SECOND BEAST of Rev.13 are the one and same -

1. There is no Church wealthier than the Roman Church.
2. Many of her doctrines and practices can not only be traced
back to Rome but can be found to ORIGINATE in Babylon - the first
world ruling empire (See The Two Babylons by Alexander Hislop).
3. Which Church has been responsible for the martyrdom of
thousands of individuals who refused to worship its way?
THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH (see your history books).

The woman rode the entire beast with ALL of its seven heads and
ten horns.

What are these seven heads and ten horns? We shall see.


v. 9 
Seven heads are seven mountains.
A mountain represents KINGDOM (comp. Mic.4:1; Dan.2:34-35). See
also v.10. Kings with Dan.2:37-39. The woman sits on all seven of
these kingdoms. Are these kingdoms simultaneous or consecutive? 
The answer is given - FIVE have gone - ONE is, (the time that
John sees this vision is when the sixth kingdom is in existence)
and ONE more is yet to come.

These kingdoms are consecutive.

Can we find in history at least five, possibly six kingdoms or
empires that arose OUT OF the old Roman empire - in the same
geographical area - and controlled or sanctioned by a woman - a
Church? Yes, indeed:

A history book titled "Western Civilization" by Edward McNall
Burns, gives us six and SIX ONLY (so far in our history) civil
church empires.

I will quote from the aforementioned book.



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