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The Beasts of Daniel and Revelation #1

How it all fits together


                         Keith Hunt




Dan. 2:31,38
Head of Gold - Breast of Silver - Belly of Brass - Legs of Iron
v. 38
God tells us what this means - Nebuchadnezzar (v.28) and the
Babylonian empire is the head of gold.
v. 39.
Three more kingdoms to arise who would rule the earth--there have
only been four world ruling powers in history: 1. Babylon 
2. Persia 3. Greece 4. Rome.
v. 41     
The fourth kingdom was divided (two legs) - the Roman empire was
divided between Rome and Constantinople. See your history books.
v. 34     
A STONE was cut out "without hand" (no human power) and smote the
image on its FEET and it was gone forever. 
v. 35     
The stone becomes a mountain and fills the WHOLE EARTH.
STONE - MOUNTAIN - EARTH? Can we put it together? Christ is
referred to as a stone (Mt.21:42,44, Eph.2:20, Acts 4:10, 11).
Mountain - God's house, His kingdom is referred to as a mountain.
(Jn.14:1-3, Isa.2:1-4).
Filling the earth--upon Christ's return God's kingdom will be
established on this earth.
(Mic.4:1-4; Isa.11; Zach.14).
v. 42     
Also gives us the answer to v.34,35.
v. 44     
The stone (Christ) smashes the feet and toes and then the God of
heaven sets up a kingdom.
There are ten toes on a pair of feet - Christ smashes the
TOES - plural - not toe, or last toe or tenth toe. He smashes the
FEET NOT FOOT (v.34). The toes represent kings (v.42 with 44).
In the days of THESE (plural) KINGS (plural), more than one, God
sets up his kingdom.
These kingdoms or kings of ten are all existing at the same
time - they are not (consecutive) one after the other, but
simultaneous, one with, alongside the other.
Christ smashes them--all at the same time.

Does God give us another scripture to prove this? Yes!
Ten kings unite to fight the LAMB; Christ is referred to as the
Lamb (Jn.1:29), He overcomes them.
Also describes this same time and event. 
The toes on the feet of Daniel's image are the ten
kings - horns - of John's beast of Revelation 17.


v. 4 
Like a LION with eagles wings. 
v. 5
Like a BEAR - three ribs in its mouth. 
v. 6 
Like a LEOPARD - with four heads.
v. 7 
Fourth beast - INDESCRIBABLE - very terrible. God interprets for
v. 17     
These beasts are four kings - they represent four kings.
v. 23     
The fourth beast IS the FOURTH KINGDOM upon earth to rule the
earth. King and kingdom then are used interchangeably.
What does history tell us?

There have been ONLY FOUR world ruling empires! BABYLON (625-538
B.C.). A man's heart given it - Nebuchadnezzar was converted to
God (Dan.4:28-37). PERSIA (558-330 B.G.). Three ribs in its mouth
- it came to power by conquering three empires, Media, Lidia,
GREECE (333-330 B.C.). Four heads - the great king of this
empire, Alexander only reigned a few years and died. His empire
was divided into FOUR PARTS by four of his generals.
ROME (46 B.C.-476 A.D.approx.). It truly was strong with iron
teeth - it ruled and conquered and stamped under foot more people
and lands than the other three empires.


v. 7 
The fourth beast was ROME as we have seen. Notice! IT the fourth
beast had ten horns.
v. 8 
A LITTLE HORN comes up - notice AMONG them (among the ten horns),
yes, ALONGSIDE the ten horns.
v. 9 
The expanse of TIME that the TOTAL HORNS endure
for (the ten horns and little horn) is until the ANCIENT OF DAY
DID SIT (cross ref. this with Rev. 1:13-18; 20:4, Dan.7:13-14;
Ps.90:2; 104:2), Christ sitting on His throne ruling this earth
(Lk.1:31-32; Zech.14:1-9; Rev.3:21; 2:26-27; Dan.7:13-14).
The horns represent kings or kingdoms - see Dan.8:20,21.
Ten kingdoms were to arise OUT OF the fourth beast and another
kingdom ALONGSIDE them - from the rising to fall was to last
until Christ returns to reign as king (see also v.20-22).

There is no history that states Rome was divided into ten pieces
upon its collapse, and the area of the old empire has NOT been
ruled by ten nations from its original fall until now. THESE ten
kingdoms are NOT SIMULTANEOUS BUT CONSECUTIVE. God makes it plain
in v.8.

Notice! It says three of the FIRST horns. If there is a first -
is number one- second is number two- third is number three, etc:
If we say the FIRST THREE runners in a race have pulled out, we
mean runners number one, two and three, not runners seven, eight
and nine.
If the FIRST THREE HORNS are plucked up then there is a fourth,
fifth, sixth, etc. IN THAT ORDER.

Does history show us that there were three consecutive powers
that arose to bring down and at that same time continue the Roman
Yes indeed!

"In 378 THE VISIGOTHS, angered by the oppression of imperial
governors, raised the standard of revolt. They overwhelmed a
Roman army at Adrianople and then marched westward into Italy.
In 410 under Alaric they captured and plundered Rome, later
moving on into southern Gaul." Western Civilization p.261 "In 455
ROME WAS SACKED BY THE VANDALS ... other Germanic nations also
made their way into Italy, and before the end of the fifth
century the Roman empire in the west had passed completely under
the domination of the Barbarians." Western Civilization p.261
Theodoric....until nearly the end of his reign of thirty-three
years, Theodoric gave Italy a more enlightened rule than the
country had known under many of the caesars...not until 552 was
the power of the Ostrogoths finally broken." Western Civilization

The Lombards then held most of the peninsula under the rule of
semi-independent dukes until the late 8th century. Western
Civilization p.263.

Rome it would seem had finally been wounded to death. THREE HORNS
(kingdoms) had come and gone by 552 A.D. There are still SEVEN
HORNS left, and they must extend over a period of time that ENDS
when Christ returns.


Here is what Daniel tells us about it:

1. It comes up AMONG or ALONGSIDE the other ten horns. It is in
existence at the same time as all the other horns, v.8.
2. It plucks up the first three horns- indicating that it does
not come to great power and influence until AFTER 552 A. (After
the Visigoths, Vandals and Ostrogoths had fallen.), v. 8.
3. It is likened to a MAN who speaks great things - indicating
that it has a man as a spokesman for itself, v. 8.
4. It continues until Christ returns, v. 9.
5. It comes out of the fourth beast (Rome), v. 7,8. So it is part
of and exists in the geographic area of the original Roman
Empire. It is Roman.
6. It makes war with or against the saints of God, v. 21,25.
7. It speaks against the most high (God) - it is blasphemous,
8. It changes - it thinks "to change the times (of sacred feasts 

   and holy days) and the law..." Amplified Bible.
9. It continues in power and might for one specific length of    

   time, 1,260 years. (cross ref. v.25 with Rev.12:6,14 and Ezek.
   4:3-5), v.25.
10.It is a horn - so it is a government - kingdom type empire,   

v. 8
What in all history from Rome till now and beyond (for it must
exist at Christ's return) could answer to all of those ten
points. It must be something so large and powerful as to
be unmistakable in the history books. There HAS BEEN and IS only

1. The Catholic Church itself and the Pope claims direct descent
from Peter (the apostle of Christ). It was therefore in existence
alongside the horns of v.8. It was already in existence before
the Visigoths, Vandals and Ostrogoths took power of Rome. See a
History of Christianity book.
2. The Catholic Church did not come to GREAT power and influence
until AFTER 552 A.D. after the first three horns had fallen.
3. It has a man - namely the Pope as its spokesman- he is the
voice of the Church - he claims to be God's representative on
earth- he claims infallibility at times.
4. The Catholic Church is still with us today with no sign of
dying out.
5. It is called Roman - its capital is Rome - the same city that
was the capital of the old pagan empire - it is living in the
same geographical location of the original Roman empire.
6. What Church or power has directly ordered or sanctioned other
people to death for being followers of Christ MORE THAN the
Catholic Church. See your history books.
7. The Priests are called "FATHER" Christ said nobody was to be
called in religious titles FATHER. It is God's name ONLY, 
(Mt.23:9.). Doing so is speaking against the most high.
8. The Roman Church has done MORE than anyone to CHANGE the
seasons - it introduced CHRISTMAS, EASTER, ALL SOULS DAY
(HALLOWEEN),THE NEW YEAR, the present calendar we use, and many
other saints days - all derived from PAGANISM not God.

It changed the LAW of God - namely the fourth point of the law -
it changed it from the SEVENTH to the FIRST DAY.
See a book called "Christian Feasts and Customs" by Francis
Weiser at your library - it will open your eyes as to the
paganism in our Christianity.
9. From 554 A.D. to 1814 A.D. the Catholic Church had its biggest
"field day" as they say today. It ruled with great power, might
and prestige. From the fall of the Ostrogoths to the fall of the
Napoleon empire was 1,260 years.
10. The Roman Catholic Church is a government - it has offices,
ambassadors, representatives in all nations- it is not only
ecclesiastical in power it is also political in power-ruling and
guiding and influencing many a nation on this earth. The Roman
Catholic Church has been in EXISTENCE and ALONGSIDE the rise and
fall of each of these consecutive ten horns of the fourth beast
of Daniel 7.

The REMAINING SEVEN HORNS of Daniel chapter 7 tie in directly
with the first beast of Revelation chapters 13 and 17. The LITTLE
HORN of Daniel chapter 7 ties in directly with the second beast
of Revelation chapter 13.


v. 1 
A beast rises out of the sea- Daniel sees his beasts rise out of
the sea (Dan.7:3.) These two chapters (Rev.13 and Dan.7) are
John sees one beast - like a leopard, bear and lion - the SAME
ANIMALS that Daniel saw in chap.7:3-6. Again this is too similar
not to be connected. One beast comprising the strongest part of
each of Daniel's beasts.
The dragon - Rev.12:3,9 - is Satan - this Beast is Satan's tool.
This one beast has seven heads and ten horns, (v. 1).
v. 3 
We will come back to this later.
v. 4 This beast is a great war machine - the greatest war power
ever known.
Notice Dan.7:7 the fourth beast- dreadful and terrible - strong
exceedingly - iron teeth - devoured much. Dan.7:23- it devoured
the whole earth.
v. 5,6    
This beast of Rev.13 also speaks great things and blasphemies
(comp. to Dan 7:8,25). In Daniel chapter 7 the fourth beast
speaks great things and words against God AFTER three horns were
plucked up - when only seven horns remained. This beast of John
also continues for 42 months- 1,260 days or years (God's month
only has 30 days or 360 days a year) (see Dan.7:25). AFTER three
horns were destroyed, Dan. 7:24,25.
v. 7 
John's beast makes war with the saints - so does Daniel's. Dan
7:19-25. The similarities between John's beast (first one, and
Daniel's fourth beast) is striking.

It should be plain.

The beast that John sees coming up out of the sea IS the fourth
beast that Daniel sees coming out of the sea.
The Roman Empire swallowed up the empires of Babylon, Persia and
Greece - many of the pagan practices and customs or Rome can be
traced right back to Babylon, the first world empire.
John's beast is that of the Roman Empire mixed with the most
powerful aspects of the other three previous empires.
Daniel's fourth beast continues for 1,260 years after the first,
three horns are gone- when SEVEN HORNS were left.
John's beast continues 42 months or 1,260 years (a day for a year
Ezek.4:4) with seven heads and another ten horns.
Put it together:

of John's beast.

v. 3 
ONE HEAD WOUNDED TO DEATH - the original head of Rome was finally
put to death (so it seemed to the world) in 476 A.D. (as the
history books give the date, which is only approximately) with
the fall of the third horn - the Ostrogoths, IT WAS HEALED - Rome
was resurrected, by Justinian in 554 A.D. and continued for 1,260
years (42 months) until 1814 A.D., the end of Napoleon's reign.
John's beast has ten horns (kingdoms) ten crowns (kings) -
compare this to Daniel 2:34,41-44. The iron part of Daniel's
image was the ROMAN EMPIRE - the ten toes are TOGETHER when
Christ destroys them at His return. Compare this with
Rev.17:12-14 - ten kings (kingdoms - crowns - horns) fight Christ
at return.
The ten horns or crowns of John's first beast of Rev.13 are the
ten nations, kings of Rev.17:12 and the ten toes of Daniel's
John's beast of Rev.13 is the CIVIL part of the RESURRECTED ROMAN
EMPIRE AFTER 554 A.D. It is the last seven horns of Daniel's
fourth beast of Dan.7 and the FINAL ten kingdoms to join forces
to fight Christ upon His return.

Remember, John is MAINLY seeing the CIVIL-MILITARY power of the
continuing Roman empire in this first beast.
Notice v.4, who can make WAR with HIM- the Church of Rome never
went to war directly - the Church did not have an army of
soldiers- THIS BEAST DOES.
v. 7 
The beast - the civil military power was the one to DO the
KILLING of true Christians- not the Church - it only sanctioned
v. 8 
Worship the beast - yes, many of the civil military rulers of
were worshipped as gods by the people - the whole empire WAS and
WILL BE looked upon by the people as DIVINE- God's instrument in
dealing with mankind.


v. 11     
Two horns (a two fold government - Dan. 8:20-22). It LOOKS LIKE a
lamb (chap.14:1; Jn.1:29; Zech.14:3,4).
It looks like Christ, a representative of Christ, but it speaks
the things of a DRAGON (Rev.12:3,9). It is really a tool of Satan
the Devil.
v. 12     
This beast causes all to worship the first beast - the Roman
Empire and its rulers were worshipped as gods. 
v. 13     
This beast does GREAT WONDERS - Christ said in Mt.24:24 that JUST
BEFORE His coming "...false Christ's and FALSE PROPHETS..." would
arise "...and shew great signs and WONDERS..." Notice the similar
language used.
This beast can make fire come down from heaven - he can PERFORM
Notice Rev.16:13, three unclean spirits go out of the DRAGON
(Satan chap.12:3,9), the BEAST (we'll see this later) and the
FALSE PROPHET; v.14 these spirits are demons - working MIRACLES.
In 2 Thes.2:3-9, Paul describes an INDIVIDUAL - a single person
called "...THAT MAN of that HE as God (claiming he IS or
he is GOD'S REPRESENTATIVE) sitteth in the temple of God..." v. 9
this individual comes "...after the working of Satan with all
POWER and SIGNS and lying WONDERS."

John sees what Paul saw, in I Jn. 2:18. He tells us there must
come ONE supreme ANTI-CHRIST in the last days, before the return
of Christ.
So we have Christ's statement in Mt.24:24 of MANY false prophets
doing SIGNS and WONDERS narrowed down to ONE supreme individual -
the man of sin as Paul calls him in 2.Thes.2 - the ANTI-CHRIST as
John calls him in I Jn. 2:18 - and a FALSE PROPHET as John calls
him in Rev.16:13,14.
v. 14     
Let's let God nail it down for us - let's let the Bible interpret
Notice! This beast deceives people " the means of those
MIRACLES which he had power to do IN THE SIGHT OF THE BAST..."
Now, compare this with Rev.19:20, "and the beast was taken and
with him the FALSE PROPHET that wrought MIRACLE BEFORE HIM..."
And it goes on to say this false prophet DECEIVED people by those
MIRAGES - deceived those who received the MARK OF THE BEAST and
them who WORSHIPPED HIS IMAGE. The BEAST of Rev.13:11 also says
to those whom he deceives that they should make an IMAGE to the
beast and WORSHIP IT or be killed (v.14,15) AND he causes all to
receive a MARK OF THE BEAST (v.16,17).
The false prophet of Rev.19:20 is destroyed at Christ's return -
see v.11-20.
Paul's MAN OF SIN is also destroyed by Christ at His coming - 2
Oh! Can we see! The beast of Rev.13:11, IS the FALSE PROPHET of
Rev.16:13,14 and Rev.19:20.
He is the SUPREME FALSE PROPHET of Christ's statement in 
He is the MAN OF SIN in 2 Thes.2.
He is the ANTI-CHRIST of John in I Jn.2:18.

What about the IMAGE and TWO HORNS. We must answer these now.
IMAGE- the Greek is "ikone" (a likeness, i.e. literally, statute,
profile, or figuratively, representation, resemblance. Strong's
Con.). Christ was the image of God (2 Cor.4:4), the same Greek
word is used.
This second beast says to the world there should be an IMAGE, a
LIKENESS, a RESEMBLANCE made to the beast which was wounded by a
sword and yet lived, that is to the first beast of Rev.13 - see
v. 3.
The first beast is the CIVIL MILITARY ROMAN EMPIRE after 554 A.D.
and up to the return of Christ.
The image must also have existed from 554 A.D.
To create a LIKENESS it must come from the original.
What in history comes from- has its origin in - is patterned
after the ROMAN EMPIRE - and is LARGE enough to engulf the world.
And to make, force people to worship it or be killed (v.15)?
Why,only the Church that comes from the SAME CITY as the old
empire - that calls itself by the SAME NAME - the Church that is
UNIVERSAL - that RULED with the civil military power over the
same geographical area - the Church that during the Middle Ages
FORCED people to be killed if they did not worship its way.
That Church - that likeness of the civil power beast - is the
ROMAN CATHOLIC (universal - that's what Catholic means)


Many do not realize that the Roman Catholic Church has a twofold
Governmental system.
The Roman Church has a religious order from its Pope, Cardinals,
Bishops down to its Priests - it has a Church government. But it
also has a civil political organization - the Vatican city is a
state unto itself. The Church of Rome partakes with the
governments of this world. Christ said His followers would come
out of this world (Jn.17:14,16; Rom.12:2). It has offices and
embassies in countries around the world, much like civil nations
of this world have. Its form of Church organization comes from
the civil Roman empire, (see The Two Babylon by Hislop and
Babylon Mystery Religion by Woodrow).

It is more than significant that on certain occasions the Pope
wears a TWO HORNED MITRE.     
The following is from the book Babylon Mystery Religion, p. 87.

"The mitre is seen in the accompanying sketch of Pope Paul 
(I have not included any pictures in this study)as he delivered
his sermon on "peace" during his historic visit to the United
States in 1965. (The photo on page 92 also shows the Pope wearing
a highly decorated mitre of the same shape.)
As the noted writer Hislop puts it concerning the Papal mitre:   
"...the two horned mitre, which the Pope wears when he sits on
the high altar at Rome and receives the adoration of the
Cardinals is the very mitre worn by Dagon, the fish-god, of the
Philistines and Babylonians."



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