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The World at One with God

Savior of the World

                   THE WORLD AT ONE WITH GOD

                 Much Pain and Sorrow Beforehand


                           Keith Hunt

     As I sit here at my Computer on the Feast day of Atonement,
in the year 2007, I meditate on the meaning of this Feast day. A
wonderful day with its love, mercy, and sacrifice, then again a
Feast day that has physical sorrow and pain attached to it.
     I muse on the numbers - 2 for the Godhead - 7 for perfection
- the 0s make me think of eternity with no beginning and no
     I add together 2 plus 7 = 9, the fruits of the Spirit. This
Feast day is in the 7th months of God's calendar, and on the 10th
day - 10 for the commandments of the Lord. So we have the Godhead
making perfection with His commandments and fruits of His Spirit.
The world will one day be His perfection where only righteousness
will abound - no sin - no Satan and his demons. 

     I am reminded of the perfect sacrifice our Lord and Savior
undertook so we humans may have eternal life. In the background I
have the Sons of the Pioneers singing right now the gospel toe-
tapper "You Must Come in at the Door." It is about the sheep fold
wall, the Kingdom of God being too high, too wide, too deep, and
so you must come in at the door - the door is Jesus the Christ.
He is the only way into the sheep-fold of God's Kingdom.
     From before the world was, it was all planned out, the
second member of the Godhead would come to earth at the appointed
time, to rescue mankind from the penalty of sin. God the Father
knew that in creating mankind with human nature, sin they would
eventually commit, and so would all mankind, in one way or
another. Sin would be defined by the laws and commandments God
would set down for mankind to follow and to be well and happy (1
John 3:4). Righteousness is also defined by the commandments (see
Ps.119:172). The apostle Paul was inspired to say in the book of
Romans, that ALL have sinned and come short of the glory of God.
And the wages earned from sinning is DEATH (Romans 6:23).
     But God so loved the world, the sinners in it, that He sent
His only begotten Son, that whoever believed in Him as the
at-one-ment Savior, should not perish but should have eternal
life (John 3:16).

     To be the Savior of mankind, the Lord Jesus would have to
give His very life. He would have to come to earth as a human
person, be tempted in all points as we are, strive to remain so
close to the Father that He would not sin, not once, but live a
perfect life. Then, and only then, could he take all the sins of
all mankind upon Himself. He would have to be willing to die a
most horrible death, nailed to a wooden post or stake or cross.
The prophecy of Psalm 22 tells us it was a most horrific death.
     He was willing to do it, the Father decided it could not be
done any other way. Sin needed an atonement - someone who could
pay the penalty for all sins - only a member of the very Godhead
could pay for the sum total of all sins ever done. Jesus was God
in the flesh, He was Immanuel - God with us. He was at one with
the Father all His physical life, and He was our at-one-ment -
our reconciliation with the Father. Without the sacrifice of
Christ we would have no hope, we would be as dead men. Without
the resurrection of Jesus by the power of God, to glory and
immortality once more, we could not be saved. We are saved by the
death and the resurrection life of Christ.

     I think about all this on this special Feast day. I have
written in depth about all this, in many studies. There is
wonderful joy in this day and there is sorrow and pain in this
day. As we fast - no food no water - some of us have physical
discomfort, and certainly all of us get to appreciate, at the end
of the day, the physical food and drink our heavenly Father
provides us with. It all tastes really good after a day of
     This day also is extremely important in the plan of
salvation for human kind. It is the day that pictures the entire
earth at ONE with God. Satan will be chained up, for a thousand
years he will not be allowed to work his work of deception and
lies. The world and all nations upon it can them move into being
at one with God.

     Yet, before all that can happen, IF the nations will NOT
REPENT of sin and turn to God, then sorrow and pain and death
must first come. So, I am reminded of the book of Revelation (and
all the prophetic books of the Bible) that lays out a future for
this earth before Jesus comes back, that is mind-blowing, just
very hard to really envision, so terrible and horrible it will

     We see in Revelation 6 the WHITE horse of RELIGIOUS
deception sweeping the earth, it is very much here already. Then
there is the RED horse - WARS and fighting among the inhabitants
of the earth. It is also here already as it has been for
centuries. There is then the BLACK horse - FAMINE and drought and
hardship for people to just simply have enough food to live. That
horse had been around for a while also. We then have the PALE
horse - PESTILENCE and plagues of all kinds - including the sword
and famine and wild animals going crazy. This fourth horse or
fourth seal of the scroll, is responsible for killing ONE FOURTH
of the peoples on the earth.
     Such a plague HAS NEVER YET HAPPENED! It is YET to come. It
may be that by the time this fourth seal is opened the world
population could be 8 BILLION. If so, then this one horse alone
will take 2 BILLION in death!

     After all these seals or horse have climaxed, the FIFTH seal
is opened - a GREAT killing of God's children will take place.
They will have to wait a spell before they can be revenged, but
they will be given white robes - they will, with all saints, be
dressed in the robes of white righteousness for the wedding of
the Lamb, when they will have the long awaited wedding ceremony
with their Lord and Savior and Bridegroom - Jesus the Christ

     It is now time for the SIXTH seal to be opened. The mighty
heavens are shaken, the sun becomes black, the moon as blood, the
stars fall here and there, the heavens depart as a scroll. The
shaking of the heavens is like nothing man has ever seen. Then,
just before the GREAT DAY of the WRATH of God is to come, there
is the sealing of the servants of God, a protection given to
them, a supernatural seal of protection, from the things that are
yet to come. Also there are 12,000 persons sealed from the tribes
of Israel.
     The Day of the Lord is at hand. So terrifying will be this
day or time, that a short silence is in heaven. It may just be
significant of a short time when all the heavens is holding its
breath so to speak, for now the CLIMAX of the universe, the
battle of sin and righteousness, the final fight between good and
bad is about to begin and to end.

     The 7th seal is made up of SEVEN TRUMPETS! The FIRST trumpet
sounds - hail and fir - mingled with blood - a third part of the
trees burn up, and all green grass. What and how of all this is
not given to us in any detail, only enough to tell us the outcome
of the blowing of this trumpet. Certainly it is yet future,
certainly the earth has never experience a THIRD of its trees
being burnt up.
     The SECOND trumpet sounds - the outcome is a THIRD part of
the sea becomes blood - a third part of the creatures in the sea,
died, and a third part of all the ships on the sea were
     This again, has never happened in the history of the earth
and mankind. What exactly this trumpet is we are not told in any
detail. But it will happen! Your mind should be already getting a
little dizzy from what God says is yet to come on this earth
before mankind can be at one with Him.

     The THIRD trumpet sounds - a star falls from heaven,
burning, it falls on a third part of the rivers and fountains of
water. Its name is WORMWOOD - a poison of some kind - it kills
     Nothing like this has ever been on this earth - it is yet to
take place.

     The FOURTH angel sounded - a third part of the sun is
smitten - a third part of the moon - a third part of the stars -
so a third part of them was darkened. The day and night shone for
only two thirds - one third was darkness.
     Exactly HOW and this will all unfold in the literal aspect,
is not revealed. It is enough for us to know it WILL happen as
God has written. Nothing like this has ever come on the earth.
Within the whole context of this passage in Revelation 8, all
these trumpet sounds and what is to take place when they do
sound, has YET to come to pass. The earth and its people have
NEVER experienced the totality of what these four trumpet
declare. As you meditate on just these trumpets (let alone what
has already in this prophecy of Revelation, taken place) it is
really impossible for the human mind to contemplate the horror of
it all. Surely there is sorrow and pain and death to yet come
before the world is at-one-ment with God.

     There are STILL THREE trumpets to sound - called WOE, WOE,
WOE in verse 13 of chapter 8.

     The FIRST WOE or 5th trumpet sounds in chapter 9. It is an
army that can TORMENT men for five months, not killing but
tormenting enough that people wish they were dead. This army
comes from the bottomless pit. The king over them is Satan (see
chap.12:3,9). This power is the end time power that has its
beginning way way back in time. Other studies of mine, give
details of Revelation 13 and the Beast. Here I will simply say it
is the LAST resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire, to arise (as
it is now doing so) in Europe. It is the power that will kill
many of God's people, that will establish the mighty RC church
over the western world. It will have a "beast" political man and
"the false prophet" of Revelation. This power will determine who
buys and sells - who lives and who dies - it will have its own
"christian" religion and those alive and those it reigns over
will have to follow its religion. It will have the power to
torment people for a specific time of 5 MONTHS during the period
known as the DAY OF THE LORD - the time of about ONE YEAR after
the heavenly signs appear, and leading up to the coming of

     The SIXTH angel sound (Rev.9:13) - they have been preparing
- an army mighty in population. This power comes from the east
side of the Euphrates river. It is the power of the EAST - China,
India, Japan, Russia.  This army will kill a THIRD of mankind - a
third that is still left of earth up to this time. This power
will attack the mighty Roman religious power of Europe.

     It is at this juncture in the day of God's wrath - the day
of the Lord - that Jesus said, if it was not shortened, NO FLESH
would remain alive on planet earth (Mat.24:21-22).

     So wicked and deceived are the inhabitants of the earth by
this time, that with all the sorrow, suffering, pain, and death,
going on before them, the majority STILL will NOT REPENT!!

     It is mind-numbing to contemplate the wickedness and utter
deception that Satan will rule with in those last days of this
age. God will send Elijah (a man coming in the power and spirit
of Elijah) to bring the restitution of spiritual knowledge and
truths of God as Jesus clearly said (Mat.17:9-13), John the
Baptist being the first time, for Christ's first advent. A man
will come and restore all things before the coming of Christ in
power and glory. And there will be TWO witnesses of God's truths
in the city of Jerusalem during the last three and one half years
of this age (Rev.11).
     The word and truth of God will be proclaimed around the
world. The two witnesses in Jerusalem will have power to kill
their enemies right up to the very near end of the age. With all
that, the majority of people left on earth will NOT TURN TO
REPENTANCE and forsake their false and evil ways.

     The THIRD WOE will come quickly after the second woe. The
SEVENTH angel will SOUND the SEVENTH TRUMPET! And the Kingdom of
God will now come to earth. The saints will be resurrected and
rewarded, and the time will come when God will destroy those who
are destroying the earth (Rev.11:14-19).

     The SEVENTH trumpet will be comprised of SEVEN LAST PLAGUES
(Rev.16). Once more to blow your mind, there will be mighty signs
on earth and in heaven - grievous sore upon men - the sea
becoming blood, every living thing in the sea dies - rivers and
fountains of water become blood - the sun scorches men with fire
- darkness comes on the headquarters of the "beast."  And still

     Then the SIXTH plague angel pours out his vial. The great
BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON - the "battle of that great day of God
Almighty" (verse 14) is to finally come and the "beast" man and
"false prophet" and their 10 nation army (Rev.17:12-14) from the
Europe nations will discover who the true God is.
     Jesus will RETURN (Rev.19) and with him the saints who have
been resurrected or changed to glory, who have met Jesus in the
clouds, the air, and who now come down to the Mount of Olives
(Zech.14), and those who have been destroying the earth will be
themselves destroyed. Jesus will come and be KING and LORD over
all the earth. The "beast" man and the "false prophet" will be
cast into the lake of fire and the remnant "were slain of Him
that sat upon the horse" (Rev.19:11-21).





Written on the Feast day of Atonement, 2007

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