Keith Hunt - Armageddon and the Age To Come Restitution of All Things

Armageddon And The Age To Come

     Armageddon has become a term associated with destruction.
World leaders and scientists use this term when speaking of the
inevitability of nuclear warfare and World War III.
     The word Armageddon IS found in the Bible! Yet few really
understand what Armageddon is all about. When World War I broke
out, many excitedly proclaimed: "This is the war of Armageddon."
Again the phrase was used at the onset of WWII,  during the
Korean War, after he was relieved from duty, General  Douglas
MacArthur in his farewell address to the United States Congress
stated very clearly that if we did not solve the problems of war
that OUR ARMAGEDDON is at our doorsteps.
     Today, over thirty years after General MacArthur's warning,
the entire world is faced with certain destruction. There have
been over 50 wars since WWII! People are tired of war and the
cost in terms of human lives, property damage and money are
absolutely staggering! There seems to be no end in sight.
     The daily threat of nuclear holocaust has given birth to a
tremendous grass-roofs "peace" movement around the world. Yet,
the Bible shows that mankind does not know the way to peace, nor
is he able to attain it. If God would not intervene and send
Jesus Christ back to the earth, all life on earth would be
     Jesus Christ Himself prophesied that this would be the
condition of the world. "For then shall be GREAT TRIBULATION,
such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no
nor ever shall be. And except those days should be shortened (by
God's intervention) there should be NO FLESH saved:but for the
elect's sake (the true Christians) those days shall be shortened"
(Mat. 24:21-22).

     Now it is commonly taught that Armageddon will be the last
battle between the Western Democracies and Communism, before the
return of Christ. Is this  really what Bible prophecy foretells?
Who will be fighting whom at Christ's second coming, and where?
     World War 3 is on the way! Most world leaders agree, it is
only a matter of when and not if. Right now the nations of the
world are attempting to prepare their citizens for survival of a
nuclearattack. Military leaders have hinted that nuclear war,
that is, a "small limited nuclear war," in Europe or the Middle
East could be survived!
     Only God has the power to stop mankind from committing
     How will He do this and what lies beyond? Will the earth
remain a hulk of total destruction for a thousand years? Or, will
there be a NEW AGE?
     If so, what will that age be like? The Bible, the inspired
Word of God gives us the answers to these questions. In this
lesson we shall see what
     God tells us about ARMAGEDDON and THE NEW AGE to come.

                         THE DAY OF THE LORD

     Most people have heard little about the DAY OF THE LORD, yet
the Day of the Lord is described in more than 30 different
prophecies in the Old and New Testaments.  In  this  lesson  we 
will cover many important  scriptures about the Day of the Lord. 
To  add  to  this  study, you are encouraged to use  a
concordance of the Bible as an aid. This will help you delve more
deeply into each topic. An excellent concordance is Strong's
Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible (e.i. Then you will be able
to look up each reference for yourself).

     Rev. 6:16-17    
     What question is asked in verse 17? Is this the day of God's

        Jesus Christ came the first time as a meek lamb to  be 
slain  for  the sins  of  the  world. (Isa. 53:1-12; John 1:29;
Rev. 13:8). But, when He comes again, He will be  wrathful,
angry, and against all evil!

     Do these scriptures also tell us about the DAY OF GOD'S
WRATH? Isa. 2:10-21; Jer. 30:6-7; Joel 2:1,11; Zeph. 1:14-18;

     The wrath of the Day of the Lord  will be manifested 
through the seven   trumpet  plagues which will  occur 
consecutively  over  a  period of months. Rev. 8:1-13; 9:1-  21.
This will culminate with the seventh trumpet.  When  it  is 
sounded  the  dead  in  Christ are resurrected to eternal life.

     1.  Is this the seventh trumpet sound?
     2.  Who is to take over the kingdoms of the world and reign
         and rule?
     3.  Is God wrathful?
     4.  Are the nations angry?
     5.  Will God destroy many people?

         The Day of  the  Lord  and  the  wrath  of  God  will 
not  be finished with   the  sounding  of  the  seventh  trumpet 
plague.  Revelation  15:1-16:21  shows  that there  will be an 
outpouring  of the  SEVEN  LAST PLAGUES,  WHICH  WILL  END  IN 

     Rev.19:11-16; 17:14; John 1:29.
     1.  Will Jesus Christ make war?
     2.  What are some of His titles?
     3.  Is this the same one who is called the Lamb of God?

         These  verses  show  plainly  that  Christ  will come
with  the  armies of  resurrected  saints and will conquer the
rebellious nations.

     Zeph. 1:17; Rev. 11:18; 9:20-21; 16:11.
     Why will God have to punish the rebellious?

         God will be angry because of the sins  of  mankind.  
Jesus  Christ will have to come to save the human race alive
(Mat. 24:22). But, because God is love,  He will punish in love!
It might seem like a contradiction to some, that God, who is 
love, will punish so severely.
         But  the  nations  and   people of  the  world  will 
have  reached  a  point  that  they will listen to nothing else. 
God   will   have  to   punish   this   world  to   bring   it 
to repentance.     

     Rev. 11:18.
     When Jesus returns will the nations of the world be
cooperative and accept Him as Savior, or will they be angry and
determined to fight Christ?

         The people and nations of the earth want peace.  The
Americans want peace, the Russians want peace, the Jews want
peace, the  Arabs want peace, the Chinese want peace, the
Europeans want peace. But they all want peace their way!
     However, the history of the world has conclusively proven
that mankind does not know the way to world peace - man's peace
always leads to war.
     When Jesus Christ comes the nations will be angry and at war
with each other, but on seeing Christ and His armies, they will
stop fighting among themselves. They will all see the coming of
Jesus Christ  and  convince the rest of the world that the earth
is being invaded  by  aliens from outer space. Then they will
join forces together to fight against Christ. In turn Jesus will
deal with them in the only language that these rebellious nations

     Rev. 15:1,6-7.
     In what is the wrath of God filled up?

         The seventh or last trumpet, Rev. 11:15, completes the
trumpet plagues and announces the SEVEN LAST PLAGUES. THIS IS THE

     I.  Upon what and whom will these seven last plagues be      
         poured out?
     2.  Will there be great suffering upon the rebellious?
     3.  Will the people repent of their sins, of their Satan     
         worship? Or will they continue to be deceived?


     1.  What will happen when the sixth vial of God's wrath is   
         poured out?
     2.  From which direction do the kings come? 

         Look at any map of the world and notice what nations -  
kings and kingdoms - lie east of the Euphrates River.

     Who will the nations of the earth fight against? 

         Verse 14 shows that it is the Lamb of God.  Jesus       
Christ, as we have seen, is the Lamb of God.

     Rev. 16:13-16.
     1.  Who incites the nations to fight against Christ?
     2.  Will the kingdoms that war against God only come from   
         the east? Or, will it be all nations?
     4.  What is the place called where the armies of the world  
         are gathered?

         The Bible interprets for us who the dragon is. It is
Satan (Rev.12:9). The spirits are Satan's angels or demons. The
word devils in the KJV ought to be translated demons. There is
one fallen archangel (Isa.14:12-14; Ezk. 28:12-17) called the
Devil, but there are many fallen angels (Jude 6; Rev. 12:7) now
called demons in the Bible.
     These demons are responsible for gathering the armies of all
nations together to  fight against the returning Jesus Christ.
The proper translation of the Greek in verse 16 should be "...and
they gathered them together..." See other translations  such as:
RSV, Living Bible, Phillips, etc. Additionally, verse 14 proves
it is many evil spirits that gather these armies together.
     The Bible shows that these demon spirits directly control
the world now by influencing the leaders of the nations. 
"For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but 
against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the 
darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places."
     Just before the final battle of the nations against the
returning Christ, these demons will deceive the nations again
with miracles and they will be gathered into one place.
     The nations will assemble their armies at a place called    
     The word Armageddon is the Greek rendering of the Hebrew
name Har Megiddo, meaning, hill or mountain of Megiddo. Megiddo
was a strong fortification dating from ancient times, situated
approximately 60 miles Northwest of Jerusalem. The mound that
remains is a few miles south east of Haifa, a natural port which
is ideal for landing troops. The Plain of Megiddo is an oval
shaped valley once called the Plain of Esdraelon, but now is
often called the Valley of Jezreel. It is a large flat area ideal
for the gathering together of large armies.

                       THE BATTLE OF THE GREAT
                         DAY OF GOD ALMIGHTY

     Rev.16:14; 19:11-21.
     1.  What is the name of this climactic battle?
     2.  Who will fight whom?
     3.  Will it be a battle between the Western Democracies and 
         Communism? Will it be between the Arabs and Jews?

     Joel 3:1-2, 9-14; Zech. 14:2; Rev. 14:18-20.
     In what exact areas of Palestine does this battle take      

         The word Jehoshaphat means Judgment of Jehovah. The
focal point of the battle will be in this valley at Jerusalem.
This valley is  also called in the Bible The  Valley of Decision.
It borders the city of Jerusalem on the east. The Pictorial Bible
Dictionary states that this valley situated between Jerusalem and
the Mount of Olives is now called the Kidron Valley (P.408).
This battle is likened to the "great winepress of the wrath of
God"(Rev. 14:19) which is trodden without the city. God says in
Zechariah 14 that He will fight against the nations of the world
at Jerusalem. The blood of these enemies, represented by the
juice of grapes being pressed out in a winepress, will flow, 
"without (outside) the city."       
    There will be so much blood flowing that it will rise, in
some areas, as high as the horses bridles.
    The river of blood will flow for 1,600 furlongs. According to
E.Leslie Carlson, under money, weights, and measures in the
Teachers'Heritage Edition of the Bible published by World
Publishing, a furlong is 606.5 English feet. 1,600 furlongs would
be approximately 183 miles.
     There is a land depression running from the plain of Megiddo
down passed  Jerusalem and continuing south to the ancient land
area of Edom. The distance of this depression from Megiddo to
where it ends, south of Jerusalem, is approximately 180-200

     1.  How will the battle of Armageddon end?
     2.  What are the "natural" forces God uses against the      
     3.  Will the surface of the earth be changed?

         The hail stones will weigh one talent, which is
approximately 180 lbs.

                    WILL THE EARTH BE DESOLATE
                      DURING THE MILLENNIUM?

     We have seen some important passages of the  Bible  that 
tell  us what  Jesus  Christ and the saints will do after His
return to the earth. As we shall see there are literally dozens
of passages in God's Word which clearly show that God will 
restore the earth for human beings and have a glorious reign of
1,000 years here on earth. During this time all people will be
blessed and prosper. There will be peace and love.
     But we need to stop and consider the teachings of some, who
say that the earth will be completely desolate during the 1,000
year period. Christ and the saints. it is alleged, are
transported to be in heaven and are not on the earth. The
teaching of a desolate uninhabited earth during the 1,000 years
is based on a few scriptures.
     We shall examine these scriptures and read their setting in
the context of the meaning of the passages in which they are
found. As we shall see, the Bible reveals that the earth will not
be desolate and uninhabited.
     We are admonished by God's Word, "...To prove ALL THINGS and
hold fast to that which is good!" (I Thes. 5:21). To prove means
to test and try, and in this case by SEARCHING THE SCRIPTURES
(Acts 7:11).
     To help clarify the misunderstanding about the earth being
desolate for 1,000 years, we will see that there are two renewals
of the earth and heavens. The first one is when Jesus Christ
returns to the earth and the second one is when God the Father
comes to the earth.

     Just to review: When Jesus Christ returns, the saints will
be resurrected. They will be given eternal life (1 Cor. 15:51-54;
1 Jn.3: l-3; Jn. 3:16-17; 6:51-58; Rom.6:23). They will reign as
kings and priests  under Christ, who will be king over all the
earth (Rev.1:6,5:10,20:6).

     As we have already seen there will also be human beings, who
will survive these horrible end time events. So what we find is
this: There will be two types of people on earth. 1) The spirit
beings, Jesus Christ and the resurrected saints, who will be
those in God's government.        
     They will rule the world. 2) Human beings, who have lived on
over into the New Age and carry on as the beginning generation of
people at the start of the Millennium.

     There will be two renewings of the earth and heaven. 

     1). When Christ returns it will be renewed for human life.
This  means that the atmosphere will have to also be cleansed - a
new heaven.  This is the new heaven and earth in which there are
human  beings,  who are under the government of God. Those in the
positions of the government of God will be spirit beings.
     2). The renewal of the earth and heaven when human life has 
ceased to exist. All who have qualified for eternal life will be
spirit beings. All who have rejected God's salvation will be
burned up in a lake of fire (Rev. 20:14-15). This is at the end
of the Millennium and   God's final judgment. This final lake of
fire will consume the entire surface of the earth and atmosphere
(II Pet. 3:10- 14). Then will come the second new heaven and
earth. In this setting it is apparent that it is for spirit life
only, not human life. "And I saw a new heaven and new earth: for
the first heaven and first earth were passed away: and there was
no more sea" (Rev. 21:1). Human life could not exist without 
oceans. This is where the confusion has come in the minds of
some, because they could not distinguish between the renewing of
the earth  at the return of Jesus Christ, and the renewing of the
earth in preparation for the habitation for spirit beings and the
coming of God the Father to the earth.

     As we go through these scriptures it will become clear that
where there are references to human, flesh and blood beings, it
is talking about the restoration at the return of Jesus, and not
the restoration at the end of the Millennium, which will be for
spirit beings.


         Is this a prophecy for the end time? Yes. Please read
chapters 25,26 and 27, and you will see that these also talk
about the end time. Does verse 1 of Isa. 24 show that the
inhabitants are scattered? Does verse 6 show that the earth will
be desolate? But does it also show that a curse has devoured the
earth, the inhabitants are burned, and show that there will be
few men (human beings) left?

all human life is destroyed and the earth is uninhabited and left
desolate for 1,000 years!

     Isa. 26:21

         This verse nowhere says that every last single soul will
be slain, the entire context before and after disprove any such

     Isa. 31:1-10.
     Does this not show that there will be human life? 
     Also, animal life?

     Isa. 11:1-12.

         This shows a world of peaceful human and animal life,
not desolation. Please study the rest of the chapter and the next
chapter,12, as well. These clearly show this is a time when
Christ is on the earth just after His return.

     Isa. 65:21,22.

         This clearly shows that there will be human life at the
restoration at the return of Jesus Christ. The new heaven and
earth spoken of in verse 17 is the restoration for human flesh
and blood life. There will be birth and death. The second
restoration, or the new heavens and earth, for spirit beings will
usher in a time when there will be no more death (Rev. 21:4-7).

     Jer. 4:23-26.

         This is not a prophecy against the entire earth, but
against Judah and Jerusalem. See the preceding verses: 5-6, 10,
14, 16, 22. Verse 20 says: "the whole land," yes, the land of
Judah. Verse 23 where the Hebrew is translated "earth," can also
be translated "land." The Amplified Bible renders it "land" as in
verse 20. Verse 27 shows that there will not be total
destruction, "...yet I will not make a full end."

     Jer. 25:33.

         This verse nowhere says every single soul will be stain
- only that there will be slain people all over the earth.

     Jer. 25:30-32.

         God will plead with all nations, many will repent, (Jer.
23:3-6; 16:14-21;  Isa. 25:7-9; 29:18-24). The wicked are the
ones whom God will slay - verse 31.


         When this entire chapter is read it shows that it
applies only to the house of Israel and Judah, including the city
of Jerusalem, not the entire world.
     Other references are used by those who believe that the
earth will be desolate and uninhabited during the Millennium such
as: Mat.24:36-44; II Thes. 1:7-9; 2:8. But in everyone of these
instances when the entire context of the verses and chapters are
closely examined it is apparent that it is a misunderstanding of
the Bible. So it is apparent from the Bible that the earth will
not be a desolate wilderness and uninhabited during the
Millennium, the 1,000 year  reign of Christ. Let us now look at
more scriptures that show us what  the conditions of this earth
will be like during the New Age of the Kingdom of God.

     Part II

                    THE KINGDOM OF GOD
                         on Earth

The NEW AGE of the Kingdom of God will be headed by Jesus Christ
who will be King of Kings and Lord of Lords. The Bible shows
that there will be survivors of this final holocaust who will
live and begin the new generation of human beings under the rule
and government of the Kingdom of God. What happens after this
final battle of Armageddon?

     1.  After the great battle of the wrath of God, as it is    
         popularly called the Battle of Armageddon, where will    
         Christ go?
     2.  Who will come with Christ?
     3.  Will it be one literal day?
     4.  Who will be king over all the earth?
     5.  Will the physical land be reclaimed?
     6.  Will the city of Jerusalem be inhabited in safety again?
         See Zech.8:1-5.
     7.  How will God deal with those who will still be          

         The Bible shows in Zech. 14, that He is going to require
all nations to keep the Feast of Tabernacles. This is one of the
Feasts of God, which the true Church of God should be keeping
today. (For a complete listing of the sacred feasts of God please
study Lev. 23). Here God is showing how He will deal with those
nations which refuse to keep the Feast of Tabernacles during the
I ,000 year rule of Jesus Christ.

     1.  Is this passage referring to the battle of the great    
         day of God's wrath and what shall occur there and       
     2.  Will some be sent out to tell others about God?
     3.  Will gifts be sent up from all nations to the Lord God  
         at Jerusalem?
     4.  Will all people who live through the end time holocaust 
         into the millennium (the 1,000 years rule), called flesh 
         in verse 23, come to worship the Lord?
     5.  Will they worship God on His designated days? The New   
         Moon days and the Sabbath days are even today, part of  
         God's sacred calendar. If all people will  worship God  
         on those days at that time in the future, should not    
         True Christians  be worshipping God on those days now?
     6.  Will God continue to punish the rebellious?

     Micah 4:1-5; Isa. 2:1-4.
     1.  Will most people and nations want to learn about the    
         True God and His laws after Christ has returned?
     2.  Will there be any more wars?

     Habakkuk 2:14; Isa. 11:9.
     1.  Will the glory of God eventually cover the whole world?
     2.  Will the knowledge of God be readily available? To what 
         extent will it be known?

     Rev. 20:1-6. This setting is at the beginning of the        
     1.  What will happen to Satan the Devil, the author of all  
         evil, and for how long?
     2.  Are the saints, now resurrected spirit beings, given    
         thrones of authority and judgment and co-rule with Jesus
     3.  Does all this occur after the first resurrection?
     4.  How long do they reign with Christ?
     5.  In what capacity will they function?

         This I ,000 year reign of Jesus Christ and the saints is
commonly known as the Millennium. The word millennium does not
appear in the KJV Bible. But the word millennium means "a
thousand." The Bible reveals that the resurrected saints of God,
who are raised to eternal spirit life at the first resurrection,
have the promise of being kings and priests to reign and rule
with Jesus Christ (Rev. 1:6; 5:10).
     True Christians today are qualifying for these positions,
see Rev.2:7; 2:11; 2:17; 2:26-29; 3:5; 3:10-13; 3:21.
     What does Jesus Christ promise the overcoming Christians?
     The rewards are tremendous! This is why God demands that
Christians keep the commandments of God! The rebellious who
refuse to keep the commandments of God will never inherit the
Kingdom of God! Read Rev. 22:14. What does commandment keeping
insure?  I John 2:3-6; 5:1-3; 3:4 and 22; Mat. 19:17.
     Are there blessings of knowing God's love, and eternal life
at the resurrection because we keep the commandments of God and
do those things that are pleasing in His sight?
     What will happen to those who will not obey God and keep His
commandments? Will they suffer the second death in a lake of
fire? (Rev. 20:13-14; 21:8,27; 22:15).

                    THE LAND RECLAIMED

     Isa.27:6; Ezek.36; Jer.23:1-6; 30:1-9; 31:1-14.
     1.  Will God gather the descendants of Israel and Judah?
     2.  To where will He bring them?
     3.  Will the land again blossom and produce?
     4.  Will the cities be rebuilt?

         When this gathering and rebuilding occurs, Israel and
Judah will never again practice heathen ways or go into war or
captivity. This has not happened yet.

     Jer.33:1-13; Zech.8:1-8.
     Will there be peace and safety and happiness in the cities  
     of the New Age?

     Jer.3:17; Zech.8:3; Isa.62:1-7.
     1.  Will Jerusalem be the capital city of the whole earth?
     2.  Will it be a fine example to the rest of the world?

     Isa.41:8-20; 35:1-2, 7-10.
     Will the desert lands become productive and forests reappear
     and spread during the Millennium?

     Will God transform Zion and the land of Palestine into a    
     veritable garden of Eden?

                    A TIME OF MIRACLES

     Isa. 11:1-9; 35:l-7.
     1.  Will the nature of the animals be changed so even wild  
         flesh-eating beasts will eat grass and be household pets
         for children?
     2.  Will those who have great physical handicaps, such as   
         blindness, deafness and lameness be healed by God?

         There will be no need for hospitals in the New Age of

     Isa. 33:20-24; 61:1-3; Jer. 30:10-22.
     Will God also free mankind from sickness and disease?

         There will be no need for health insurance in the New
Age of the Kingdom of God.

                    A PERFECT CLIMATE

     Ezk. 34:26; Isa. 30:23; Jer. 31:12; Amos 9:13.
     1.  Will God cause the rains to come at the right time?
     2.  Will there be rejoicing over the abundance of crops that
         God will bestow during  the Millennium?
     3.  Will there be a super abundance of food?

         Most of the land surface of the earth is unproductive,
today only about 7% of the land is actually tillable. The exact
opposite will be true in the utopia of the New Age of God as He
begins to bless the entire world.

     Micah 4:l-4; Isa 2:1-5.
     1.  Will there be economic reform from a war based economy  
         to a peaceful agricultural economy?
     2.  Will there be land reform so every one will have his own
         land and produce his own food?

         Farmers will no longer have to gamble with the weather;
their work will always be successful, as long as they obey God.

                    THE GREATEST RIVERS

     Zech. 14:l-8; Ezk.47:1-12.
     1.  What happens when Christ's feet touch the Mount of      
     2.  Will a mighty river flow through this new channel?
     3.  Will one half of this water flow east to the Dead Sea   
         and the other half flow west into the Mediterranean Sea?
     4.  Does this living water produce life, fish and health to 
         the barren places of the earth?
     5.  Does this living water proceed from the very sanctuary  
         of God - from the spot where God's temple will stand?   
         (Joel 3:18).

         The Dead Sea is 1286 feet below sea level. It is the
lowest spot on earth. The Jordan River constantly empties into
the northern extremity of the Dead Sea. It has no natural outlet,
but the level of the water remains fairly constant, because the
hot weather causes the water to evaporate at about the same rate
as the inflow of water. Because of this, the water is extremely
salty. So much so, that no plant or marine life can live in it
today. But when this new river begins to flow into it, its waters
will rise until they overflow southward through the desert
regions. There is an indication that the Dead Sea Valley as it is
known today, will actually be raised. Then the pure healing
waters from God's throne will flow out into this area and south
to what is now the Gulf of Aqaba and the Red Sea and on into the
Indian Ocean and circulate towards the east. It will heal every
thing as it goes. The waters which flow out towards the west will
do the same thing in that direction, until the entire earth is
healed. This is how God will heal the entire world from the
pollution and destruction described in the book of Revelation.

                    A PURE LANGUAGE AND
                     PROPER EDUCATION

     A major barrier to mutual understanding and cooperation
between peoples of the world has been the barrier of language.
This was caused by God at the tower of Babel, right after the
Flood, as a result of the sins of mankind. God will remove that
curse and restore the entire world to one pure language.

     Zech. 3:9.
     Will God institute one pure language for the whole world?

         As well as one common language for all people, the
language of the New Age will be free from any pagan ungodly
words. There are many words we use everyday that are derived from
heathenistic sources - the days of the week and months of the
year are mainly of pagan origin- derived from the names of false


     Proper God-oriented education will be one of the top
priorities during the Millennium. During the New Age of the
Kingdom of God people will be taught the laws that will produce
peace, happiness, safety, productivity and blessings. God will
still give each person the choice of whether to obey Him or not.
The majority will want to obey God's way, but mankind will have
to be re-educated out of the false deceptive harmful ways as
inspired by Satan the Devil. Mankind will learn that there is a
way that seems right to him, which only lead to death, misery and

     Isa. 11:9.
     In this re-education, how much knowledge of the Lord will be

     Isa. 25:7.
     Is wrong education like a veil that hides the truth from the
     mind receiving it?

         Rev. 12:9 shows that Satan the Devil is the one who has
deceived the world and is the author of the false education of
the world today.

     Rev. 20:1-3.
     Will the Devil be allowed to do his work during the age to  

     Hosea 4:6.
     What knowledge and education is most lacking today?

     I Cor. 3:19.
     What does God think of the wisdom of the world?

     John 17:17; Ps. 119:142,151,172. 
     What is God's truth?

         God's truth is a way of life based on love. Jesus Christ
said that all the law and prophets were based on love (Mat
22:37-41). In the Book of Acts 19:9, 23 it is called That Way.
Most of the world today does not approve and rejects God's way,
just as they did in the early apostolic days (Acts 24:14). God's
way is based on His divinely revealed will and laws, based on
love. He has given to us His foundation of right knowledge and
education. It is found in His inspired Word - the Bible.

     Jer. 16:19.
     After the climax at the close of this age of mankind's rule 
     under the sway of  Satan the Devil, what will people         

         By the time Christ has finished His intervention to save
mankind from complete annihilation, they will, for the most part,
be willing to confess their false ways and ignorance of God's
Truth. At that time humanity will be teachable and will be taking
the first step to repentance and reconciliation to God through
Jesus Christ.

     Isa. 55:6-9; 30:21-26.
     Will mankind be receptive? Will they listen to their        
     teachers as they are shown the right way to live?

     Jer. 30:7-9; Ezk. 34:23-24; Luke 22:29-30; Mat 28:19-20.
     1.  Will the resurrected King David rule over all Israel?
     2.  What were the 12 apostles promised in the New Age of the
         Kingdom of God?
     3.  What will they teach?

     Rev. 2:26; 5:10.
     Who else will help teach the nations of the world in the New

         Then the resurrected immortal saints will be priests as
well as kings. The function of a priest is to teach (Mal. 2:7).
The glorified children of God will teach people the Word and the
ways of God, His laws, commandments, statutes and judgments. They
will be able to appear in visible form at will (Isa. 30:20-21).
They will be ever present to teach or to stop any open crime or
rebellion. Because they will be like Christ is now, they will be
able to come and go as necessary, pass through walls or instantly
disappear, such as Christ was able to do after His resurrection
(John 20:17, 19,25-27; Luke 24:31).

     Eventually through God's system of proper education and true
worship of the True God, the world will be full of the knowledge
of God as the waters cover the oceans. There will be peace, joy,
happiness and a truly abundant life for all people.

     Zech. 14:16-19; Isa. 66:19-23.
     Will the nations of the world keep the appointed feasts and 
     holy days of God?

         The world today, including most of professing
Christianity are following the pagan Babylonian mystery religion
customs, festivals, celebrations, which were derived from the
pagan philosophies, customs and beliefs of Babylon, Egypt and
Rome. In the New Age of the Kingdom of God all people will be
taught the right and proper way to worship God and what are the
right and proper days of worship.

                    MANKIND'S NEW NATURE

     Mat 12:35.
     Is the heart and nature of mankind a mixture of good and    
     evil, with the evil dominating?

         Mark 7:21-23 shows that sin originates from within the
minds of human beings.

     Jer. 17:9; Mat 15:19.
     Does the nature of man lean towards being deceitful and     

     Rom. 8:5-7.
     Is the natural mind of man enmity and hostile to the law of 
     God? Is it possible for it to be subject to it?

         This way of mankind seems right and natural but it
results in death (Pro. 14:12; 16:25).

     Ezk. 36:22-27; Jer. 31:31-34; Heb. 8:10; 10:16.
     1.  Will God change the hearts of people during the         
         Millennium age?
     2.  What will God add to the minds of people that will      
         enable them to be at peace and reap the blessings of    
         serving God?




Written in 1982
by Keith Hunt

All articles and studies by Keith Hunt may be copied, published,
e-mailed, and distributed as led by the Spirit. Mr. Hunt trusts
nothing will be changed without his consent.

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