A.D.   4OO

THE Confession of St. Patrick was written by himself and directly copied in A.D. 807 by a scribe, 'Ferdomnach'. It is preserved in the Book of Armagh. It begins:

"I, Patrick, a sinner, the rudest and least of all the faithful and the most despicable among most men, had for my father Galpornius, a deacon, son of the late Potitus, a presbyter, who was of the town of Bonaven Taberniae; for he had a farm in the neighbourhood where I was taken captive. I was then sixteen years old. I knew not the true God, and I was carried into captivity to Hiberio with many thousands of men according to our deserts, because we had gone back from God and had not kept His commandments, and were not obedient to our priests, who used to warn us for our salvation."


A.D.   417

EXTRACT from a letter of Zosimus the Pope to the bishops of Gaul, stating: 

"One must not derogate from the old privileges of the metropolitan of Aries, to which Trophimus, a bishop of the first rank, was first sent from this see and from whom the faith spread like a river through the whole of Gau" (Epistola Zosimi Papae ad Episeopos Galliae de privilegiis ecclesiae Arelatensi, A.D. 417).

"....Sane quoniam metropolitanae Arelatensum urbi vetus pnvi-legium minime derogandum est, ad quam primum ex hac sede Trophimus, summus antistes, ex cujus fonte totae Galliae fidei rivulos acceperunt" ('Mansi, vol. iv, pp. 359, 360).