A.D. 250-254


"FAUSTINUS, our colleague, stationed at Lyons, has . . . written to me . . . informing me . . . that Marcianus, who is stationed at Aries, has joined himself to Novatian . . . Wherefore it behoves you to write a very full letter to our fellow-bishops established in Gaul, that they no longer suffer the froward and proud Marcianus who this long while boasts and publishes that . . . he has separated himself from our communion.

Let letters be addressed from thee to the Province and to the people dwelling at Aries, whereby Marcianus being excommunicated, another may be substituted in his room and the flock of Christ, which to this day is overlooked, scattered by him and wounded, be again collected together. Suffice it that many of our brethren in those parts have in these last years departed without the peace . . . at all events, let the rest who survive be holpen, who both groan day and night, and, entreating the mercy of our God and Father, implore the solace of our help . . . Signify plainly to us who has been substituted at Aries in the place of Marcianus that we know to whom we should direct our brethren" (Letters of S. Cyprian, No. 68. Library of Fathers, Parker, Oxford, 1884).

Note.—'This epistle (No. 68) is found in six old MSS., and is ascertained to have existed in four others of which one was the very oldest. Its style is throughout Cyprian's, so that the question of its genuineness raised by Launoy was a mere theory' (Library of Fathers).