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Angels Are HERE!

The Quiet Protectors


The Quiet Protectors

The Angels keep their ancient places Turn but a stone and start a
wing! 'Tis ye, 'tis your estranged faces
That miss the many splendored thing.


     Impulses. Aren't they just intuition? Sometimes. But the
following stories suggest something more specific at work.

     As a travelling businessman, Frank was often away from home
for the whole week, returning only on Saturday. Many times he
sent his guardian angel to watch over his young family in his
     One Friday afternoon about five, Frank had an overpowering
feeling that something was wrong at home. Guardian angel, go to
my family and protect them, he prayed. The apprehension
immediately left him.

     The next day Frank arrived home. "How was everything while I
was gone?" he asked his wife, still remembering that strange
ominous moment.
"Oh, Frank, we almost had a tragedy!" his wife burst out. She'd
taken her eyes off Timmy, their four-year-old, for only a few
seconds, and the child had run out into the street At that very
moment a car was speeding along the lane toward him. Horrified,
Frank's wife saw that she could never reach her son in time.
But when the car was about thirty feet away, the driver saw the
child and braked, with such force that the car turned around in a
complete circle twice, then came to rest directly in front of
Timmy, who had been frozen to the spot in terror. The driver,
instead of giving vent to anger, leaped from the car and shouted,
"It's a miracle! A miracle that I was able to stop in time!"
"What time did this happen?" a shaken Frank asked. "Yesterday,"
his wife answered. "Just at five o'clock."


     Sister Martha had a similar experience. She was on night
duty in a hospital and had to go to the cellar to fetch some
medicine from the walk-in freezer. As she was searching the
shelves, the door closed unexpectedly behind her.
     "Oh, no!" Sister Martha murmured in dismay. The freezer had
no interior security handle, and she was locked in.
     At that late hour, it was useless to call, for no one would
hear her. So instead, Sister Martha began to beseech the angels
to help her. "I was mainly concerned because the patients in my
ward would be unattended all night," she says today. "My own
danger - death by freezing - had not yet registered in my mind:"

     Just a short time passed and Sister Martha heard something
on the other side of the door. Before she could call out, the
handle turned and the door swung open. On the other side was one
of the nursing sisters.
     The women stared at each other, astonished. Sister Martha
was amazed that her prayer had been answered so swiftly. But her
companion was even more dumbfounded.
"I had gone to bed;" the other nun explained, "but I kept feeling
that I was supposed to go down to the cellar and make sure
everything was in order." She tried to ignore the prod, but
finally, when it would not go away, she gave in. "I just opened
the freezer door for a last check," she told Sister Martha. "I
had no idea anyone was locked in."



We in the 7th day Sabbath keeping Churches of God, often think
God hears and answers ONLY us. That is a HUGE mistake. MOST who
go under the name of "Christian" are blinded to the truths of God
that we know, those people have not yet be called to the full
light of God's word. If God leaves them in blindness, He
certainly can answer the prays of anyone, yes, even serving and
helping people in the Roman Catholic religion - Keith Hunt

     Andrew Smith had been hunting in a wooded, undeveloped
pocket of Jefferson County, Missouri, about thirty-five miles
southwest of St.Louis, with a friend, Joe (not their real names).
     It was a dreary, chilly day in late autumn.
     Andrew is very much an outdoorsman, thoroughly grounded in
safety procedures. He would never carelessly handle a gun or
permit anyone else to do so. He had never hunted with Joe before,
although the two men sometimes fished together.
     "There are several 'givens' in firearms handling;" Andrew
explains. "A gun is never pointed at anything other than what one
wishes to shoot. When two hunters walk side by side, with guns
cradled, each points his muzzle in the direction away from the
other. When one is walking with a loaded gun, the safety is
engaged to prevent accidental discharge. One does not walk with a
finger on the gun's trigger. When hunting or otherwise carrying
firearms, one must be constantly alert to positions and movements
of others in relation to oneself." These rules were second nature
to Andrew and, he assumed, to Joe.
     The two men had hunted the periphery of a plot of small
fields and thick woodland, and they were walking back to the car
up a rough road. Joe was on Andrew's right with his gun properly
cradled and pointing away from Andrew.
     "An ingrained awareness about safety factors was probably
what alerted me that Joe had changed position in some subtle
way," Andrew recalls. "I glanced to my right and saw that Joe's
gun was now cradled on the wrong side, with the muzzle pointing
toward my head. I was about to ask him to change the gun back to
its proper place. Under normal circumstances, that's what I would
have done." Instead, Andrew heard a voice inside his head. It was
not a familiar voice, and he knew immediately that it was not
audible, because Joe didn't look up or react to the sound. And
yet it was as loud and as clear - and as infused into his
consciousness - as if the speaker had been standing on Andrew's
left side.
     And perhaps the speaker was. For he said, "Andrew! Take two
quick steps forward."
     Andrew does not ordinarily respond to others without
question. But he obeyed instantly. He had just taken the second
step when Joe's shotgun discharged into the space he had
     The two men stood dazed at the near miss. "What happened?"
Andrew, shaken, demanded.
     "I don't know." Joe shook his head, appalled. "Didn't you
have the safety engaged?"
     "I thought so. And my finger certainly wasn't on the
     "It must have been. And why was the gun pointing at me?"

     Joe had no answer. He was bewildered and ashamed at what
appeared to be three unconscious violations of safety rules. How
could such a thing have happened? The men were never able to
reach a satisfactory explanation.
     "On many occasions I have realized that I was in dangerous
situations," Andrew reflects. "Sometimes I have failed to react
quickly enough, resulting in an injury of one sort or another.
And I've never had any indication that I'm exempt from the
consequences of my own carelessness or attention lapses.
"But could it be only chance that I had a sudden
once-in-a-lifetime compulsion to move away from a gun?"

     Ordinarily Andrew is able to find natural explanations for
unusual happenings. But this event exceeds the limits of
coincidence. He has concluded that it was direct intervention, on
his behalf, by his guardian angel.

     In none of the above or similar episodes that people shared
with me, did participants see benevolent beings. "It would be
hard - yes, impossible - to 'prove' that anything supernatural
was at work;" one wrote. "But do I believe that I was touched and
protected? Yes, oh a thousand times, yes!"


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