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Winged Warriors

Mighty and Powerful



     The people of a small village had fervently prayed that they
would avoid bloodshed and injury perpetrated by war raging in
their country. But one night an army came to surround the village
and capture it. The next morning, the people looked out, saw the
gathering soldiers, and were terrified. "We shall all be killed,"
they told one another in panic.
     But one of their number, a young man who often led evening
prayers, seemed unconcerned. "We needn't be afraid," he told his
friends. "After all, our army is bigger than theirs."

"But we don't have an army!" the villagers protested. The young
man prayed: "Lord, let their eyes be opened"

     And suddenly the villagers saw another army - soldiers
everywhere upon the mountainside, poised for action and glowing
with a heavenly light.
     The enemy soldiers apparently saw them too. Within minutes,
they had broken up and raced to safety. From that point on, the
villagers were left in peace. This exciting story is from the
Bible. It is related in the Second Book of Kings (6:15-17). Many
incidents like it have occurred in our times too, especially to

     Corrie ten Boom liked to recount a happening during the
Jeunesse Rebellion in the Congo, when the rebels advanced on a
school where two hundred children of missionaries lived. "They
planned to kill both children and teachers," she writes. "In the
school, they knew of the danger and therefore went to prayer.
Their only protection was a fence and a couple of soldiers, while
the enemy, who came closer and closer, amounted to several
     When the rebels were close by, suddenly something happened:

     They turned around and ran away! The same thing happened on
the second and third day. One of the rebels was wounded and was
brought to the missionary hospital. When the doctor was busy
dressing his wounds, he asked him: "Why did you not break into
the school as you planned?"
"We could not do it," the soldier said "We saw hundreds of
soldiers in white uniforms, and we became scared. . ."
"In Africa," Corrie explains, "soldiers never wear white
uniforms. So it must have been angels. what a wonderful thing
that the Lord can open the eyes of the enemy so that they see


     Sometime around 1950, missionaries named Egbert and Hattie
Dyk went to work at Tseltal, an Indian village near Santo
Domingo. All but one resident eventually became a Christian, but
since there was much persecution from neighbors, the entire
village packed up, walked for a day, and established a Christian
community in the new place. The Dyks eventually left this
settlement, but they heard about what transpired later from the
missionary who took their place.
     It seems that a man named Domingo Hernandez lived near this
area and hated his Christian neighbors. He was determined to burn
their settlement and slaughter all its inhabitants. Late one
night he organized his fellow villagers, prepared pitch-pine
torches and canoes and led them stealthily down the hill and
across the river.
     But before they had a chance to attack, they saw a bright
light shining through the windows of every home in the Christian
village. Then a strange luster shone over the entire area.
     Domingo Hernandez and his men were so frightened that they
turned and scrambled down the hill, plunged into the river, swam
across, and ran, soaking wet, the half-mile to their homes.
The next morning, as the women from Hernandez's village were
washing their clothes in the river, they called across to the
Christian women on the other side. "What were those strange
lights in your huts last night?" they asked. "What lights?" the
Christian women replied. "We had no lights burning. We were all


     Finally, there is the story told by a pediatric nurse and
member of an evangelical sisterhood who was serving in Danzig in
1945 after Russian troops had overrun many German towns. Local
women were being abused, and nights were filled with terror.
Nurses gathered as many women and children as they could and
found temporary lodging in a small makeshift school. They often
worked at night and, because of the lack of electricity, used
candle stubs. Since theirs was the only lighted building, they,
too, faced the danger of being invaded by the Russians. Yet the
people called their building "the island of peace," because
nothing bad ever seemed to happen there. Gradually, the stream of
those seeking shelter increased.
     One day a woman brought her children and begged the nurses
to take them. The children had had a completely secular
upbringing and had never seen anyone pray. That evening, as the
community held a worship service, the new boy, instead of folding
his hands with the rest, stared into the distance with wide eyes.
The community sang a familiar song, asking God to send angels to
"place golden weapons around our beds."
"When we said Amen, the boy came up to me and drew me out of the
building," the nurse reported. "He kept tapping his breastbone
and saying, 'Up to here. It came up to here on them.'"

     The nurse asked him what he meant. Pointing to the gutter on
the roof of the building, he repeated his statement. "The gutter
came up to here on them!"
"What are you talking about?" the nurse asked.

     The child told her that while everyone had been singing, he
had seen a man ablaze with light at every corner of the budding.
The men were so tall that they towered above the roof.

"Now it was clear to me," the nurse noted, "why this house could
be called 'the island of peace.'"



There are many stories told by those going through the Second
World War, about various miracles, and obvious situation that
cannot be answered by any rational human logic or "luck of the
draw." A Divine hand was at work, to make sure the outcome was
not on Adolf Hitler's side or terms. You may know people who can
tell you those stories, maybe it involved you personally.
Certainly some Hollywood movies have been made on such miraculous
situation and the outcome, that took place during the Second
World War - Keith Hunt

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