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He will send Angels

At times they come!


How many angels are there? One who transforms our life - is

     There are many points of view about guardian angels. Some
scholars believe that each of us may have two. But in telling the
following story, Hope Price of Portland, Oregon, obviously
believes that one is indeed plenty.
     If it is true that we each have a guardian angel, then mine
has been seen three times that I know of - each time by a
different person.
     My mother, Minnie Metcalf Miller, said that when I was three
weeks old, and very tiny because I was premature, she was
awakened in the night by a beautiful young girl bending over her.
Mother somehow understood from this beautiful visitor that her
new baby, asleep in the next room, needed her. Mother also seemed
to know that she would be facing a long ordeal, so she dressed
carefully and went in to me. She found me blue in the face and
struggling for breath.
     There followed a long battle with pneumonia in which Mother
did not have her clothes off for several nights. She said the
beautiful girl was there beside her every minute of the fight
with death.
     A kind neighbor also saw the girl and asked my mother, "Who
is the beautiful lady staying with you since the baby has been so
sick? I see her come out on the front porch sometimes." The
beautiful lady disappeared when I was completely out of danger.

     Years later, in 1934, she returned to rescue me again. I now
had small children of my own and had just gotten a divorce. I had
been told by my doctor that I must have a serious operation, and
an intensely religious woman named Lude was doing my housework.
She was to stay with my three young children while I went to the
     However, Lude seemed dissatisfied with conditions in our
house, as she was used to working in wealthy households with
other servants. One afternoon, as Lude entered the mom with a
vacuum cleaner, a cat, who was calling on my cat, jumped through
the window, breaking the glass. This was the last straw for Lude.
She gave notice rather sulkily, saying she would leave in the
morning as she simply couldn't stay on.

     I wondered what I would do! I couldn't leave three little
children alone in the house while I was in the hospital. I
finally decided I would have to call the doctor the next morning
and tell him I could not have the operation.
     However, early next morning Lude entered my room fairly
beaming with good humor. She was wearing a white uniform.
"Breakfast is ready." She smiled. "Why, Lude, how nice of you to
get breakfast before you go," I said. "Mrs. Price;" Lude replied,
"I've changed my mind. I'm not going. I had a vision last night.
A beautiful young girl, an angel, came flying in to my bedside
through that window the cat broke. She was all in shining white
and surrounded with light. It lit up my whole room. She asked me
not to leave you because you needed me. I'm going to stay just as
long as you need me"

     So I went to the hospital comforted by the thought that the
children were safely watched over by Lude.

     In each case the angel was seen by a kind person with a good
deal of spiritual understanding. They were the kind of persons
able to see angels, obviously. The lovely angel seems to appear
when I need her most. I hope she always will. Perhaps someday I
will see her myself.


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