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Angels ARE here #6

Angels on the Highway


"See, I am sending an angel ahead of you to guard you along the
way... "
EXODUS 27 20

     One of the first things I noticed as I opened my mail was
that my son Tim had plenty of company - many people seemed to
meet angels when driving! When you consider how much trouble we
can get into in traffic, it's reasonable that our angels would be
kept busy. For example, a minister's wife told me of a trip she
took across central Kentucky. On one two-lane stretch she found
herself stuck behind a coal truck, and after carefully peeking
around, she swung out to pass. Horrified, she saw a huge semi
coming toward her.

     "The coal-truck driver saw my dilemma and inched over to the
right as far as he could go, but there was not going to be enough
space for three vehicles to pass, nor was there enough time for
me to get back in my lane," she recounts. Frozen, she waited for
the inevitable crash.
     But as the truck approached her, it melted from view.
Shocked, she moved back behind the coal truck, checking her
rearview mirror. The semi wasn't there. "There were five of us in
the car," she told me. "All of us saw the truck coming. None of
us saw what happened to it."

     There were other stories as well:

     Sharon W (not her real name) doesn't drive often, so when
she set out one rainy evening for a coworker's house, her
roommate gave her explicit directions. But the rain turned to
snow, and Sharon became nervous. She knew she didn't have enough
experience driving in rough Michigan weather.
     Travelling too fast through an intersection, Sharon tapped
the brake, but her car skidded dangerously toward a light pole
instead. "Oh, angels, help me!" she cried. Immediately the car
righted itself.
     "It was as if it had actually been picked up and turned
around," she says. "I found myself on the right side of the
street, heading in the right direction." None the worse for wear,
Sharon drove on to her destination.
     When she arrived home, Sharon told her roommate about the
near miss. "I'm not surprised," her friend replied. "After you
left, I began worrying about you driving in this weather. So I
sent my guardian angel to accompany you."

     Bernadine Jones was driving north on a two-way street in
Denver, and approached an intersection where she could either
continue on a straight path or go left into a curve. She was
planning to turn left, but she was unfamiliar with the avenue, so
when she heard a voice command her to "Slow down now!" she
responded without thinking.
     Coming almost to a stop, Bernadine was astonished to see an
oncoming car speed across the left-hand curve, just where she
would have been had she not stepped on the brake.
     It was only later that Bernadine realized the voice had come
from within her car. But she was alone.

     Mae Warrick left the optometrist and walked toward her car.
As she opened the front door, she heard a man's voice say,
"Fasten that seat belt!" Mae turned and looked back, expecting to
see someone, but the street was deserted.
     Was someone playing a trick on her? Puzzled, she fastened
the belt. She drove to her favorite highway cafe and started to
turn left into the driveway. Too late, Mae realized that a truck
was in the driveway and she couldn't complete her turn. A
westbound car, unable to stop in time, plowed into Mae's
     "Even with my seat belt on, I sustained a cracked rib and
bruises," says this eighty-year-old. "I wonder what shape I would
have been in, had I not obeyed my angel's orders!"

     Janet Notte-Corrao obeyed orders too one night. She was
sitting in the passenger seat next to her husband, their two
children in the back. Janet was not really alarmed to hear a
voice as the car went around a curve - she has heard her angel
before. Although the message was not audible to the others, Janet
heard: "Pray, Janet! There is a car coming that will hit you as
you turn into your driveway. Pray!"
     As she heard the words, Janet also received a vision of the
vehicle hitting her family's car. Oh, God, she prayed, please
surround our car with Your heavenly host of angels!
     Janet's husband was driving carefully. Without warning,
there was the sound of screeching tires, and then a jolt as he
slammed on the brakes.
     "I was still so deep in prayer that the motion was almost a
surprise," Janet says. "It thrust me forward - thanks to my seat
belt, not through the windshield but the cars hadn't crashed. We
were so close that their headlights were shining into our eyes"
     Before Janet's astonished husband could react, the other car
sped off, as quickly as it had appeared. But her prayer had been
answered. "There was just a tiny space between the two cars," she
notes with a smile. "A space the width of an angel."

     Finally, driving home on a St.Louis freeway one rush hour,
Andrew (not his real name) had almost reached his exit. Checking
his mirrors, he turned the steering wheel to move into the
right-hand lane. But the wheel didn't budge. What was happening?
Andrew attempted to swerve again, but the wheel seemed stuck.
He would have to force it in order to get off the freeway and
find a service station right away. Trying not to panic, Andrew
looked back to see what was behind him. Directly at his rear, in
the blind spot, was a compact car. "It was too far back to be
picked up by peripheral vision, too far forward to be seen in my
rearview mirror. Had the steering not locked, I would have turned
directly into the other vehicle, at fifty-five miles per hour."
     Andrew braked a little, to let the other vehicle pass,
before forcing his steering wheel to the right. But as soon as
the little car went by, Andrew's wheel responded normally. There
was no reason to find a service station after all.
     Andrew drove the car another eighteen months, and his son
and daughter-in-law are now driving it. No one has found any
abnormalities in the steering, or anything else.


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