Keith Hunt - Fallen angels have sex with Women? Restitution of All

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Fallen Angels and SEX with Women

A racist teaching Exposed


I gave my answer to this question on a Bible Forum in 1996.
Here it is.

by Keith Hunt

Joy-Ann, here is my reply to the above issue for posting, thanks.

Concerning "Fallen Angels" HAVING SEX WITH WOMEN.

     Five readings were given to support this idea. The five
readings I could not find in the Bible. No books or authors by
those names last I looked at my Bible index. The LXX (Septuagint)
is very unreliable at times and should be taken with a pinch of
salt, sometimes with a whole bag of salt.    Josephus and the
Pharisees (he was one of them) ..... well you know what Christ
thought about them... I need say no more.    The other three are
all just as faulty, some truth, much error. That's the way it is
with the evil one. He can quote scripture, knows it very well,
can even appear as an angel of light. He is very cunning and
     Now you want to see how FAR OUT this above idea can become,
then see the COMPANION BIBLE, APPENDIXES 23 etc. I now handle the
Companion Bible with kid gloves and reservation. It blows my mind
with unthinkable nightmares to imagine that God would create
Spirit Beings (angels) to be allowed and able to have sexual
relations with physical women and produce offspring. It is one of
the weirdest, strange, mind bending, doctrines and teachings I
have ever heard of. The ramifications of such an idea can hardly
be contemplated. Well it has been. For yesterday and today are
people going around teaching such to the point that they say some
physical persons on this earth are the very "seed of Satan." it
leads to all kinds of crazy racist teachings and propaganda
against some nationalities and peoples.

     Look the Bible is full of direct teaching and examples that
fallen angels (demons) can "influence" and even come and dwell
"within" physical humans. The Bible talks about this over and
over again, leaving us in no doubt whatever that this is so and
does happen. God wants us to know our enemies and how they work.
He even tells us they can appear as angels of light, as wolves in
sheep's clothing. Now if angels (good or bad ones) had been given
the power to reproduce through physical women, with all the
consequences it would have on human kind, THE BIBLE WOULD BE FULL
MATTER!! Moses did not talk about it. David did not talk about
such an thing. The prophets never mentioned it. They sure talked
about all other kinds of evil God's people could get into, but
never a word about our women having sex with fallen angels and
producing children from them. Jesus never mentioned such a sin,
and He did talk about the human heart and its sins. Peter never
mentions the idea.  James does not. And Paul .... in all the
things he wrote about .... does not come close to ever saying it
can be done, fallen angels reproducing through physical women,
nor does he come close to saying that it DID HAPPEN once, even if
it does not today. And Paul was famous for quoting the OT.

     If the world before the flood became so evil because fallen
angels had reproduced so much offspring through women, that that
was the main reason God had to destroy the earth (according to
some who teach this bazaar doctrine of demons), then you can bet
your life that Paul would have spoken about it somewhere in his
14 epistles. It would have been one of the greatest evils and
sins to have ever been on this earth, but Paul is completely
silent about any such historic happening, as are all the other
writers of the books of the Bible.

     One of the main purposes God created man and women was so
they could reproduce. This is clearly seen from the words of the
opening chapters of Genesis. God invented sex and marriage. He
brought woman to man to be his partner, but sex and reproduction
was tied together in the original design for marriage. When Jesus
said to the Sadducees that they did not understand the Scriptures
nor the power of God in regards to the resurrection, concerning
her that had 7 husbands in this life time, He went on to give
them a truth about angels. They were created NOT TO MARRY. And
marriage comes tied together with sex and reproduction. In the
resurrection this woman will not be married to any of her
previous 7 husbands. She will not enter a marriage with them as
on this earth. There will be no sexual union with them, no
children born to them. And she will be AS THE ANGELS in that
regard. They are and were never created to have sex with anyone,
or to reproduce. They were not created with a sex drive, or sex
hormones. If they were then you can bet your bottom dollar they
would be as busy as bees reproducing themselves with our women.
     If this idea was true then God would plainly tell us, so our
women could be "on their guard." It would be frightening to be a

     Angels were created to be servants, to be sent forth to
serve them who shall be heirs of salvation (Heb.1:14). They were
not created to reproduce themselves through physical women.

     So what about Gen.6? Let's look at it and just read it as it
is, simply, with childlike mind. Let's ask a few questions.
Who is the main focus on? Verse one says "MAN began to multiply."
Verse 3, "My spirit shall not always strive with MAN..." Verse 5,
"God saw the WICKEDNESS OF MAN...." Verse 6, "it repented the
Lord that He had made MAN...." Verse 7, '....I will destroy MAN
whom I have created...." Verse 12 says it was ALL FLESH that were
corrupt upon earth.
     Back to verse one,  "man began to multiply .... daughters
were born..." Verse two, the sons of God, men who were
multiplying (all men are sons of God via creation) took wives as
they chose based on the physical(fair and surface beauty)
and not on the ways of the Lord. We are not given all the
details. Obviously God had His ways and laws and commandments
governing all walks of life, including marriage. We are not given
the details of how man was messing up marriage but he sure was,
for God in verse 3 says He would only give 120 years to man
before He would bring that age to an end. The family is the bed
rock of civilization. Strong godly families following and living
according to the laws of the Lord, will produce godly persons and
a fine society, in the majority, well pleasing to the Lord. The
world we see here in verses 1-3 was far from God because
marriages were based upon only the physical and not the spiritual
and whatever other ways God had laid down at that time, which we
are not specifically told about.

     The "sons of God" may well refer to those men who were in
the knowledge of God and His way of life that was best for all to
live, but now they wanted to depart from it, in this aspect of
marrying women that were not godly. Something like Solomon did,
when he married women outside the faith of God, and then they
turned his heart to their pagan gods. He did not stay strong and
faithful to the true God of his father David.

     Now verse 4. The original Hebrew had no punctuation. The
first part is only telling us a FACT, no more and no less. "There
were giants in the earth in those days, and ALSO AFTER THAT." So
we had at that time some giants in the earth, and also some
giants after that time, after the flood. Moses was writing this
after the flood and knew there were still some giant persons
living. The Israelites came across some when entering the
promised land. David killed one called Goliath. No big deal, we
have some people today who are giant in size, many play for the
NBA, some for the NFL.
     Start a new sentence. "When the sons of God came in unto the
daughters of men (we have seen this was humans marrying in such a
way as to displease God), and bare children to them (that is one
result of marriage) the same became mighty men which were of old,
men of renown." In what way were they "mighty" men and of
"renown"? Was it in a good way or bad way? You can be mighty and
renowned for either GOOD or for either BAD. Hiller was mighty and
renowned for EVIL! The answer is given in verse 5. "And God saw
that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every
imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil
continually." Nimrod in chapter 10 was a "mighty one" - "a mighty
hunter" and he was evil.

     There it is, the answer. The children born to marriages that
were not based upon God but only the physical, produced over
time, people who did not follow God but only their evil thoughts
and the way that seemed right unto them, but ended in sin and
death. Do you remember the Proverb that says that? Proverbs
     God saw how all this family structure of society had
perverted the mind and heart of man form God's way of life to
utter wickedness and evil continually. He was sorry He had
created man on the earth (verse 6). God was determined to erase
all this evil and wickedness of mankind (verse 7), from the
society of Noah, from the hub of the world at that time.

     Correct Godly marriages, based upon much more than just
"they are fair" to look upon, is vital for any nation to keep
from eventually being overtaken in all out wickedness. But this
society and world of Gen.6 had left God out of the picture, they
were "doing their own thing" and they were entering marriage
based upon lust of the flesh and the physical only. Soon the
"earth was corrupt before God, and the earth was filled with
violence .... for all flesh had corrupted his way upon the
earth" (verses 11,12).

     Could anything be plainer? This was not the result of some
demonic angels not controlling their sex hormone drive, and
coming to co-habit with physical women, so producing "devil-men"
and "devil-women" as some demon influenced minds would have you
believe. The wickedness of the earth became so great because men
and women "did that which was right in their own eyes." They
threw God out of the window, just as we are doing today. They did
not take God into their marriages, but looked only to the
physical. They did not train their children in the "fear and
admonition of the Lord." Their schooling system was based on the
physical with no spiritual content. All the working of their
lives was without the Lord and so hence wickedness grew and grew,
until all the earth was corrupt before God and full of violence.

     Some want to argue that Noah being "perfect" meant that he
alone and his wife etc. had not succumbed to demon sex, hence had
no half man half fallen angel offspring in their generations.
They like to quote you where the Hebrew word "tahmeem" here used
means "without blemish" for the physical perfection of
"sacrifices" in the Israel community.
     What they do not do is quote you the rest of the passages in
the Bible where this same word is used, which would SHATTER their
pet idea about this doctrine of demons having sex with women.
     To see the WHOLE TRUTH about this Hebrew word I refer you to
OT, page 1350, where every place in the OT is given where this
word "tahmeem" is used.
     Noah and his family of all the families on the earth were
the only ones to have not corrupted themselves into wickedness
and so they were saved by grace. Ah, grace was not just for the
NT believer.

     As Jesus said, just as it was in the days of Noah, they were
eating and drinking, MARRYING and GIVING IN MARRIAGE (but as we
have seen, the wrong kind of eating and drinking and marrying -
devoid of God and His ways and laws, so they became full of
wickedness, evil thoughts continually and violence, until the day
that Noah entered into the ark, and they were all taken away by
the flood (Mat.29:36-39).

     So it will be when the Son of man comes again. The world
will be eating and drinking, they will be marrying (having sex
and reproducing, but not with fallen angels), they will be doing
their own thing, doing it "their way" or "my way" as a well known
song was called. They will be again full of wickedness, evil
thoughts continually and violence. When the Son of man comes they
will not know it.

     So as Jesus told us saints of the light, we are to "Watch
therefore for you know not what hour your Lord does come."



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